Most hand grenades have proof of production markings, often as a few combined letters, stamped or engraved on the body and/or on the lever on the hand grenade. These markings, can with this list, be interpreted to its manufacturer. Press ctrl+F (on PC) or cmd+F (on Mac) to open up the search field. Alternately use these links to jump to the different nations manufactures:  Australia     Austria    Belgia    Britain     Canada    Czehia    France    Germany    Italy    Japan    Netherland     New Zealand    Norway     Pakistan     South Africa     USA

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DNWDynamit Nobel WienWien
ArgesRheinmetall Waffe Munition Arges GmbHRüstorf
CWCook & WilliamsVictoria, Australia
RBDR.B. Davies & Co.Victoria, Australia, & Sydney, New South Wales
MYMunitions filling Factory, St. Marys (later Australian Defence Industries)NSW, Australia
F.L.H.F.L.Hudson & Co.Brisbane, Australia
FLHF. L. Hudson & Co.Brisbane, Australia
UCCUnion Can Co.Melbourne, Australia
DCCDominion Can Co.Melbourne, Australia
CPP in triangleColton, Palmer, & PrestonAdelaide, South Australia
RING-GRIPRing Grip CompanyAdelaide, Southern Australia
EWBEschweiler Bergwerks-Verein 
PRBPoudreries Réunies de BelgiqueWetteren
MecarMecar SAPetit-Roeulx-lez-Nivelles
1 M.BMetal box CoAtkin’s Branch (F Atkins & Co, Ltd), Hull
10 M.BMetal box CoHenry Grant, Boutle, Bermondsey, SE1
11 M.BMetal box CoHodgsons, Newcastle
12 M.BMetal box CoHudsons, Scott & Sons, Carlisle (Milk can) factory
13 M.BMetal box Co(E C Barlow & Sons Palmers Green Factory),London
14 M.BMetal box CoG HWilliamsons Worcester
15 M.BMetal box CoWest Glamorgan , Clydbech
16 M.BMetal box CoCork Eire
2 M.BMetal box CoRobinson branch, Hull
3 M.BMetal box CoBarclay & Fry (Printing works), London  SE1
30 M.BMetal box CoNeath Factory Neath
4 M.BMetal box CoPortslade Factory
5 M.BMetal box CoE C Barlow & Sons, Hackney, London
6 M.BMetal box CoBarringer Wallis & Manners Mansfield, Notts
9 M.BMetal box CoManchester Factory
A W & CoAllen West & Co Ltd. 
A&FPA & F PearsIsleworth
A.Anderson Engineering, Christchurch NZ 
A.B.& S. Ltd.A. Bullows & Sons LtdLong Street Works, Walsall
A.LAsa Lees & Co Ltd.Soho Iron Works, Oldham
A.L.& CoAsa Lees & Co Ltd.Soho Iron Works, Oldham
A.M. & Co.A. Marston & Co.Wolverhampton
A.W CoAllen West & Co 
A.W.O.Albright & Wilson, OldburyOldbury
A.W.S.Albright & Wilson, StourportStourport
aaJAMES CYCLE. Co. Birmingham.The James Works, Gough Road, Greet, Birmingham
aaMESSENGER & SONS.Broad Street, Birmingham
AB&SAlfred Bullows & Sons Ltd 
ACMAmes Crosta Mills.Heywood, Lancs
ALLEN WEST or AW&Co or AWCoAllen West & Co.Brighton
AM & Co.A. Marston & Co.Wolverhampton
APAstra PyrotechnicsKent
AP.DP and a large Z  
APXRoyal Ordnance Factories 
AWAcme WringersGlasgow
B & DBrooks & DoxeyManchester
B LDBullers LtdTipton, Staffordshire
B&G LDBrown & Green LtdLuton
B. LdBullers Ltd 
B.& G. Ltd.Brown & Green Ltd.Iron founders & Engineers, Windsor Street, Luton
B.B.C. C&H.British Bath Co.Sub Contractor C&H ?
B.E. CoBirmingham Engineering & Co 
B.E.C Lld.Birmingham Engineering Co. Ltd.The Kings Road, South Yardly, Birmingham
B.G.L No DateBirmingham Guild Ltd. 
B.Ld.Bullers Ltd. 6, Laurance, Pountney Hill, London E.C.4. 
B.MBooth McDonald ChristchurchNew Zealand
B.S.British United Shoe Manufacturing Co. Ltd. 
Barber & Sons LtdBarber & Sons LtdWest Bromwich
BBCBritish Bath Co.Greenford
BEC LD`Birmingham Engineering Co. LdBirmingham
BGLBirmingham Guild Ltd.Birmingham
BMP New Zealand
BRYANTBryant & SonsBirmingham
BS or HBSRoyal Ordnance BishoptonStrathclyde, Scotland
BurmanBurman & Sons LtdBirmingham
Burman & SonsBurman & SonsBirmingham
BURMAN & SONS. Ltd.Ryland Road Birmingham. 
BW LTDBowden WireLondon
C in pentagon.Castings Ltd, Selbourne Street, Walsal 
C&H. B,HamChamberlain & Hookham LtdSolar works, 4 New Bartholomew Street B,ham
C.A.V.C.A. Vandervell & Co. 
C/A. Mc D.Callenders Abbots Foundry Co Ltd GlasgowMc Dowall Steven & Co Falkirk
C1Compayne Ltd. 
CCCarron CompanyFalkirk, Scotland
CMCo or CALTHORPE MOTOR CO (1912) LTDCalthorpe Motor Co. (1912) Ltd.Birmingham
CYRoyal Ordnance Factory, ChorleyChorley, Lancashire
DDover Ltd Northampton X 
D & BDobson & Barlow Ltd.Bolton, Lancashire
D F CDudley Foundry Co 
D in a diamondDavis Gas Stoves 
D L N XDover Ltd Northampton Cycle Makers 
D&B.Dobson & Barlow.Bolton Lancashire
D&M or DAVIS & MAWSONDavis & MawsonBirmingham
D.B.Dobson & Barlow,Kay Street, Bolton Lancashire
D.F.C. XDerwent Foundry Co Ltd.Exeter Place, Derby
D.F.Co.Derwent Foundry Co Ltd.Exeter Place, Derby
D.L.N.Dover Ltd Northampton X 
D.M.Davis & Mawson.Plume Street Aston, Birmingham. 
DFC or DFCoDudley Foundry Co. 
DLRThomas De La RueLondon
E & SEdison & Swan Ltd. Edison & Swan United Electric Light Co. Ltd. 
E S H / L ?E.S. Hindley & Sons, Bourton, Dorsetshire 
E.A.R & CoE.A.Randle & Co 
E.S.H.& S.E.S. Hindley & Sons,Bourton, Dorsetshire
E.T.& S.W.E. Tonks & Sons Willenhall.Temple Works, Willenhall, Staffs
E.T.A.S.W.E. Tonks & Sons Willenhall.Temple Works, Willenhall, Staffs
EAR &Co or E A RADNALL & COE.A. Radnall & Co.Birmingham
EBWEdwards Bros., Excelsior WorksSampson Road North, Birmingham
EBW XEdwards Bros., Excelsior WorksSampson Road North, Birmingham
EECoEnglish Electric Co. 
Elmbank FoundryElmbank FoundryGlasgow, Scotland
Elmbank Glasgow  
ESH&SE.S. Hindley & SonsBourton, Dorset
ET&SWE. Tonks & SonsWillenhall, Staffordshire
Ewart Chainbelt Ltd.Derby 
F & SForrest & SymManchester
FALCO or FICL or FALKIRKFalkirk Iron Co. Ltd.Scotland
FALKIRK.Falkirk Iron & Co Ltd. Scotland 
FARRIER.William E. Farrer Ltd.Star Works, Livery Street, Birmingham
FBFallows & BatesManchester
FPF Parramore, Caledonian Works, Sheffield. 
FREMOFrederick Mountford (Birmingham) Ltd.Birmingham
G & Co.Gabriel & Co.Birmingham
G & M L.Glover & Mail Ltd. 
G H & Co  
G&Co + B.D XGarland & Co. Brook Forge, Bennet Street, Ardwick, Manchester.Brooks & Doxley
G&Co M 1  
G&MLGlover & Mail Ltd. 
G.& Co.Garland & Co. Brook ForgeBennet Street, Ardwick, Manchester
G.D.P.GD Peters of London and Slough 
G.H.&Co.G, Hopkins & Co.46, Camden Street, Birmingham
G.M. & Co Ltd.George Mills & Co Ltd.Globe Iron Works, Radcliffe, Near Manchester
GDRoyal Ordnance Factory, Glascoed. 
GDP G Pain & Sons BirminghamJJ Bent Birminghan X 
GEGreenwood EngineeringLondon
GEGeorge Edmunds LtdBirmingham
GTLGestetner Ltd. LondonLondon
H & B Ltd.Howard Bullier. 
H & B.HOWARD & BULLOUGH Ltd. Accrington. 
H & WHaley & Weller Ltd. 
H Hope & Sons Ltd.  
H& T.V.H&T Vaughan.Standard Works, Willenhall Staffordshire
H& T.V.LtdH & T Vaughan, 
H&B LtdHoward & Bullough Ltd.Accrington
H&TV or H & T VAUGHANH & T VaughanWillenhall, Staffordshire
H. HOPE & SONSH. Hope & Sons 
H.B.SHoward & Bullough Ltd.Accrington
H.G.B P.S.C.Parkinson Stone Co Ltd. 
H.S.C.Hudson Scott & Co 
Hand Of UlsterBarbour Mills FoundryComber, County Down, NI
HawkinsT.P.Hawkins & Sons, 75 Dean Street, Birmingham. 
HinksJas. Hinks/ H.HOPE. & SONS.55, Lionel Street, Birmingham
HopesHenry Hope & Sons Ltd 
I.B.R.Ideal Boilers & Radiators.London
I.C.L.International Combustion Ltd, Sinfin Lane, Derby 
IBRIdeal Boilers & RadiatorsHull
J Allen Senior & Sons Ltd.Twickenham Works 
J. L .& Co. LldJ. Legge & Co.Stafford Street, Willenhall
J.A.P. or J.A. PhillipsPhillips & Co.Birmingham
J.A.S & S. LdJames Allen Senior & SonsGlasgow
J.C.CoJames Cycle & CoBirmingham
J.G.James Gibbons, Hand Grenade WorksNelson Street, Wolverhampton
J.G.W.James Gibbons, Hand Grenade WorksNelson Street, Wolverhampton
J.H.W.John Harper,Willenhall Staffordshire
J.L &Co LdJ. Legge & Co.Stafford Street, Willenhall
J.L.& Co.J. Legg & Co Ltd. 
J.M.D.&.S. L.J.M. Doughty & Sons Ltd. 
J.P.& S.Josiah Parkes & Sons,Willenhall Staffordshire
J.P.& S. W.Josiah Parkes & SonUnion Works, Willenhall
J.W.BJ Wilson Brown & Sons. 
JCCo or James Cycles BirminghamJames Cycle Co. Ltd.Birmingham
JHWJohn HarperWillenhall, Staffordshire
JL & Co.  
JMD&SLJ.M. Doughty & Sons Ltd. London 
JMS Ltd BM  
Joseph SteerJoseph SteerBirmingham
JP&SJosiah Parkes & Sons. Union Works, Willenhall. 
JP&S or JPSJohn Pilling and SonsColne Lancashire
JP&S WJoseph Parkes & SonsWillenhall, Staffordshire
JPSJohn Pilling and Sons Ltd of Colne Lancashire 
JWBJ Wilson Browne & Sons Ltd 
KA.Kenrick & Sons,West Bromwich
K in stars.A. Kenrick & Sons.Hall Street South, West Bromwich
Large CAV.C.A.Vandervell & Co.Warple Way, Acton Vale, London W3
LEGGEJ Legge & Co. LtdWillenhall
Lucy & Co.Eagle Iron Works, Oxford. 
Lucy Ltd  
MMontreal Munitions 
M & C  
M & Co.Morum & Co. Ltd.Clock Tower Works, Lewersham, London
M & PMay & Padmore 
M or M & Co.Morum & Co. LondonLondon
M&Co M..Morum & Co. Ltd. 
M&LCCo Ltd GyMunitions & Light Castings LtdGrimsby
M&P.May & Padmore Ltd.118/123, Leopold Street, Birmingham
M&SMessenger & SonsBirmingham
M.& C.Morum & Co Ltd.Clock Tower Works, Lewisham, London
M.& Co/LMorum & Co Ltd.Clock Tower Works, Lewisham, London
M.& L.C. Co. L. GY.Munitions & Light Castings Ltd.Granville Street, Grimsby
M.B. CoMetal Box Co. 
M.D.S.& CO Ltd.  
M.F.G.R.A.Main FalkirkScotland
M.L.Co GMunitions and Light CastingsGrimsby
M.M &Co.Mills Munitions 102, Bridge Street West, Birmingham. 
M.M. Co.Mills Munitions Company /Mills Manufacturing CompanyBirmingham
M.P.Mason & Porter, Mt Wellington, Ackland NZ 
M.P. Mason & Porter,Mt Wellington, Ackland NZ 
MAPMay & Padmore 
MBMoore Bros LtdBirmingham
MDS & Co.  
Messenger & SonsBirmingham 
MFMunitions Footscray (later Australian Defence Industries) 
MF (Joined) or R&AMR & A MainFalkirk Scotland
MGMMetropolitan Gas Meter Co.London & Nottingham
MMMills Munitions 
MM Ltd  
MOORWOOD’SMoorwoods Co.31 Eagle Street, Holborn, London
MOTOR EQUIPMENTMotor Equipment Co.Birmingham
N-AIRAirzoneSydney, New South Wales
NICWallop IndustriesNIC might be NICO sold through Wallop
O.M. Co.Oriture Manufacturing Co. 
P F Pheonix Factory South Africa  
P.B. & CoPlatt Bros & Co Ltd 
P.S.C.Parkinson Stone Co Ltd. 
Pains Wessex or PWPains Wessex Ltd. 
PB & Co.  
PDCPatent Die Castings Co Ltd.Greenford, Middlesex
PDCPeterborough Die CastingsPeterborough
PEPeebles Co. Ltd.Glasgow
PERFECTAThe Perfecta Seamless Steel 7 Conduit Co Ltd 
PR & CO  
PSCParkinson Stone Co. Ltd. 
PSC Parkinson Stone Co. Ltd.  
R.DResearch Department, Gerrards Cross, London 
R.E.C.Read Engineering Co Ltd.Zoar Street, Wolverhampton
RAMFR. A Main Falkirk 
REL in an ovalRevo Electric Co.Birmingham
REVORevo Electric Co Ltd.Tipton Street
RFC Ld  
RLRoyal Laboratories Woolwich 
ROF(P)Royal OrdnancePatricroft
RONEORoneo LtdLondon
S.B.Scott Bros Christchurch NZ 
S.B. & Co.Siemens Bros & Co 
S.G.B.Stourbridge Glazed Brick & Fireclay Co Ltd. 
S.G.B.Stourbridge Glazed Brick & Fireclay Co 
S.W. With “”””” above letters or SWNRoyal Ordnance FactorySwynnerton
SchermulyPains Wessex Ltd. 
SDRStrebor Die-Casting Co LtdManchester
SQBrocks Explosives LtdSandquhar, Scotland
T Turnbull & Co Ltd.Heaton Junction,Newcastle
T&STweedales & Smalley LtdCastleton
T.& S.Tweedsdales & Smalley Ltd.Castleton, Lancs
T.A & S.T. Ashead & Sons.Dudly Worcestershire
T.A.& S. Ltd.Thomas Adshead & Sons.Paragon Works, Angle Street, Dudley
T.A.& S.DT. Adshead & SonsDudley Worcestershire
T.G.& C.Thomas Glover & Co 
T.H.LdThomas Holt, Rochdale. 
T.H.R.T Holt of Rochdale. 
TA & ST.  Adshead & SonsDudley Worcestershire
TG & C.   or TGACThomas Glover & Co 
TH LdThorpe Arch 
THL LtdThomas Holt, Rochdale. 
TSTweedales & Smalley Ltd 
Two woodscrews forming “H” and HAWKINS & CO LTD BIRMINGHAMHawkins & Co. Ltd. 
V.P. Ld .L.Vickerys Patents Ltd London.10, Devonshire Grove, Old Kent Road London SE15
V.P.L.Vickerys Patents Ltd10, Devonshire Grove, Old Kent Road, London SE15
V.P.LtdVickory Patents Ltd 
VADISDavis & BrocklesburyManchester
VECVilliers Engineering Co.Birmingham
VMLVickers Marine Limited 
VP LdVickerys Patents Ltd.Devonshire Grove, London SE
VP Ltd LONDONVickerys Patents Ltd.Devonshire Grove, London SE
W & Co.Wilkins, JohnLondon
W Ayrton & Co.London 
W EWilliam Edgar Ltd. 
W Edgar  
W J L XW. J Lawley 
W & CoW Ayrton & Co 
W.A & CoW Ayrton & Co 
W.E.Wedmore Engineering & Co.Eaton Grove Wedmore Street, Upper Holloway, London
W.E.B.W.E.Blake Ltd, London. 
W.E.B.LtdW.E Blake Ltd, London.RoseBank Works, London SW6
W.M.L.Wilson & Mathiesons Ltd of Leeds 
W.M.W. & S LtdWm Whitley & Sons Ltd. 
W.S.B.Willam Smith Bros Ltd.Sun works, Heywood Near Manchester
W.W.& S. Ltd.Wm Whiteley & Sons, LtdProspect Iron Works Lock wood, Yorks.
WA & CoWm Ayrton & Co.Manchester
WBWestinghouse Brake Co. Ltd. 
WE Co. LtdWestern Electric Co LtdLondon
WEBW.E. Blake Ltd.London
WEB Ltd.W.E. Blake Ltd.London
WEB or WEB LTDWE Blake LtdLondon
Willam E Farrer LtdStar Works, Livery Street, Birmingham. 
WmW & S Ltd.Wm Whiteley & Sons, Ltd.Prospect Iron Works Lock wood, Yorks X
WS&SWilliam Suckling & SonsBirmingham
WSBW Smith Engineering & Bros LtdManchester
WW&S LtdWm. Whitley & Sons Ltd / W Weatherhead & SonsProspect Iron Works Lockwood Yorks   / Dumfries St Luton
HFIHand Fireworks IncOntario
ROSCORoofers Supply CoToronto Ont. Canada
F.W.Frost & Woods.Canada
CILCanadian Industries LimitedCanada
FWFrost & WoodsCanada
IVIIndustries Valcartier Inc.Canada
GGalt Metal IndustriesOntario Canada
S (in circle)Joseph Stokes Rubber CoOntario, Canada
CChatham Co.Chatham Ont. Canada
avmNovoborské strojírny Nový Bor, machine works
aymPovážské Strojárne, národný podnik, Povážská Bystrica
bntVihorlat Snina
bxnBlanické strojírny, Sellier & Bellot, Vlašim
croChronotechna Šternberk
czoWeapons factory Zbrojovka Vsetín
dtpVlárské strojírny, Slavicín machine works
enaPolicské strojírny, Policka machine works
esrSandrik Dolní Hamry
evrKovohute Nýrany, powder filling plant
futAdamovské strojírny, Adamov
gtsZávody všeobecného strojárstva Dubnica nad Váhom, filling&assembling plant
hsuKovohute Rokycany
irvZbrojovka Bojkovice, nyní Zeveta Bojkovice, Bojkovice weapon factory
jpwZbrojovka Vsetín, závod Jablunka
mvs53. VZ Mikulovice military base
nmaSynthesia, Pardubice-Semtín, powder manufacturer
tnoArmádní municní závod Týnište nad Orlicí, munition maintenance
uxaZbrojovka Vlašim, národní podnik, Vlašim
vnbVZ Bohuslavice nad Vlárí, military base
whxVOP Nováky, Filling and recalibrating plant
wziChemko Strážské
zyjUnknown Czech factory (code found on fuzes)
ARSAtelier de Construction de Rennes
ECPEcole Centrale de Pyrotechnie de Bourges
LU, LULEts. Luchaire S.A., La Chapelle, St. Ursin
LXTSociete E. Lacroix
PBSociete des Acrieres de Pompey / Poudreries nationales de Pont de Buis
PSMPoudreries de St-Medard
RMSRuggieri Technologie Mazares
RYNEtablissements Rey a Nimes
SAESAE Alsetex, Paris
SERATSociete d’Etudes de Realisations et d’Applications Techniques
STRIMSociete Technique de Recherches Industrielles et Mecaniques
TNPSociete des Artifices Titan
RTEEts Ruggieri, Toulouse
ETSEts poutrait-morin, Aubervilliers (seine-saint-denis)
Marking Earlier marking Waffenamt (WaA) Manufacturer
 ЯR 510WaA582Galler, Hamburg-Altona
aaa  C. August Wagner, Kirschau in Sachsen
aac  Mannesman-Roehrenwerke, Komotau, Sudeten Germany
aaj  Obenhuetten, Vereinigte Oberschlesische Huettenwerke AG
aak  Waffenwerke Bruenn AG, Prague, Wrsovice plant, Czechoslovakia
aan  Mitteldeutsche Metallwarenfabrik, Erich Frank, Glauchau, Saxony
aar  Metallwarenfabrik Geba, Breslau
aaw  Metallwarenfabrik Gebr. Schmidt, Idar-Oberstein
aaz  Landeshandwerksgenossenschaft fuer Eisen u. Metall im Treuhaenderbezirk III G.m.b.H., Berlin
aba  Hermann Schubert, Zittau / Sachsen
abb  Friedrichsthaler Eisenwerk, Jennewein u. Gapp, Friedrichsthal (Saar)
abc  Deutsche Metallwerke, Weinstrasse, Neustadt
abh  Koch u. Soehne, Frankenthal-Plomersheim
ac  Carl Walther, Zella-Mehlis, Thuringia
acu  Brause u. Co., Iserlohn
acw  Gold- u. Silberscheideanstalt Oberstein, Jdar-Oberstein
ad  Patronen-, Zuendhuetchen- und Metallwarenfabrik AG, Schoenebeck on the Elbe (formerly ‘Sellier u. Bellot’)
adc  William Prym, Stolberg , Rheinland
aek  F. Dusek Waffenerzeugung, Oppeln near Nachod, Czechoslovakia
afb  Metabowerk Closs, Rauch u. Schnitzler, Nuertingen
afu  August Winkhaus, Muenster
agf  Pohlschroeder & Co., K.-G., Geldschrank u. Stahlmoebelbau, Dortmund
ago  E. Luft, Eisen u. Metallwarenfabr., Tetschen a/Elbe
agv  Berg&Co, Solingen-Ohligs
ai  Unknown
aj  Soerensen u. Koester, Neumuenster
ajf  Junker u. Ruh AG, Karlsruhe, Baden
ajn  Union Sprengstoff- und Zuendmittelwerke, Alt-Berum
ak  Munitionsfabriken, Vlasim, Czechoslovakia (formerly Sellier u. Bellot, Prague)
akp  Deutsche Roehrenwerke, Poensgen plant, Duesseldorf-Lierenfeld
akv  Berg und Huettenwerksgesellschaft, Werk Radotin bei Prag (renamed 1943 ‘Prager Aktiengesellschaft fuer Berg und Huettenwerksgesellschaft’)
al  Deutsche Leucht- u. Signalwerke, Dr. Feistel AG, Berlin-Charlottenburg
am  Gustloff Werke, Otto Eberhardt Patronenfabrik, Hirtenberg, Niederdonau
ama  Herdfabrik Imperial GmbH, Buende in Westfalen
amh  Hans Buellman-Werke, Gablonz / Schlag, Sudetengau
amj  Waggonfabrik L. Steinfurt, Koenigsberg
amn  Mauser-Werke KG, Neuwied plant
amo  Mauser-Werke KG, Waldeck-Kassel plant
amp  Dortmund Hoerder Huettenverein, Dortmund
an  C. Beutemueller u. Co. GmbH, Metalwarenfabrik, Bretten-Baden
and  Magdeburger Pumpenfabrik, Otterburg u. Co., Magdeburg
anj  J. Kienzle-Uhrenfabrik AG, Komotau, Sudeten Germany
anx  Koenigs-Laura-Huette, Koenigshuette
anz  Maschinen- u. Armaturenfabrik, formerly L. Strube, division of Polte, Magdeburg-Buckau
aoa  Ernst Saupe Maschinenfabrik, Limbach
ap  Deutsches Leucht- u. Signalmittelwerk, Dr. Feistel KG, Werk Wuppertal-Ronsdorf.
apc  J. Andersen, Neckarsulm
aqe  Deutsche Kabelwerke, Berlin
aqjЯR 789WaA80 WaA291S. Elster, Gassmesser- u. Gasapparatefabrik, Wien 101/XV, Felberstrasse 80.
aqk  Miele u. Co., Bielefeld
aqr  Lux, R. u. O., Metallwaren- und Maschinenfabrik A.-G., Marienthal-Bad Liebenstein/Thuer.
aqs  Johannes Erhard, Jnh. H. Wandenmaier, Sueddeutsche Armaturenfabrik, Bronze u. Eisengiesserei, Heidenheim/Brenz
aqt  Otto Grusen u. Co., Magdeburg
aqx  Rheinmetall-Borsig, Tegel plant (eventually replaced by ‘hhg’)
ar  Mauser-Werke, Berlin-Borsigwalde
arb  Vereinigte Oberschlesische Huettenwerke, Andreashuette
arlЯR 90WaA244Bergmann Elektrizitätswerke AG, Berlin Wilhelmsruhe
asb  Deutsche Waffen- u. Munitionsfabriken AG, Berlin-Borsigwalde
ash  August Enders A.G., Oberrahmede, Westf.
aso  Fichtel u. Sachs, Schweinfurt
asr  HAK Hanseatisches-Kettenwerk GmbH, Hamburg-Langenhorn
asw  E. & F. Hoerster, Solingen
asx  Hoesch AG, Dortmund plant
at  Kloeckner-Werke, Div. Hasper Eisen- u. Stahlwerk, Hagen-Haspe
atb  Hydrometer AG, Breslau, Czechoslovakia
atl  Kloeckner-Humbold-Deutz, Ulm
atr  Langbein-Pfannhauser-Werke AG, Leipzig
atw  Mannesman-Roehrenwerke AG, Witten plant, Ruhr
aty  Maschinenfabrik fuer Massenverpackung, Luebeck-Schlutrup
au  Guteoffnungshuette Oberhausen, Sterkrade plant
auc  Mauser-Werke AG KG, Cologne-Ehrenfeld
aud  Modell u. Maschinenfabrik Meissner & Kraemer, Wallau
aue  Metall u. Eisen GmbH, Nuernberg
auf  Metall-, Guss- und Presswerk, H. Diehl, Nuernberg
auj  Monheimer Ketten- u. Metallwaren-Industrie Poetz u. Sand, Monheim-Duesseldorf
auu  Patronenhuelsen- u. Metallwarenfabrik AG, Rokycany plant, Pilsen, Czechoslovakia
aux  Polte-Werk, Magdeburg
auy  Polte-Werk, Grueneberg
auz  Polte-Werk, Arnstadt
av  Vereinigte Deutsche Metallwerke AG (VDM), Zweigniederlassung Carl Borg Messinghalbfabrikate, Werdohl (renamed ‘VDM-Halbzeugwerke GmbH’)
ave  Preuss u. Heinrich, Doebeln in Sachsen
avk  Ruhrstahl AG, Brackwede-Bielefeld
avm  Rheinhuette GmbH, Wiesbaden (formerly Beck u. Co.)
avt  Silva-Metallwerke GmbH, div. of Polte, Magdeburg
avu  Silva Metallwerke GmbH, Werk Genthin
awg  struck from the code book and replaced by ‘aud’
awj  The Yale u. Towne Manufacturing u. Company, Velbert
awl  Union-Gesellschaft fuer Metallindustrie, Sils van de Loo u. Co., Werl plant, Froendeberg, Ruhr
awt  Wuerttembergische Metallwarenfabrik AG, Geislingen (Steige)
ax  Feinmechanische Werke GmbH, Erfurt
axq  Erfurter Laden Industrie, North Erfurt
axs  Berndorfer Metallwarenfabrik, Arthur Krupp AG, Werk Amstetten
axw  Billeter & Klunz, Werkzeugmaschinenfabrik und Eisengiesserei, Aschersleben
axx  Linden & Funke K.-G., Jserlohn, Zweigwerk Burg bei Magdeburg
ay  Alois Pirkel, Elektrotechnische Fabrik, Reichenberg
ayc  Wagner GMBH, Esslingen a.N.
aye  Olympia Bueromaschinenwerke AG, Erfurt
ayf  ERMA – Erfurter Maschinenfabrik B. Geipel GmbH, Erfurt
ayg  Julius Maurer, Oberstein an der Nahe
ayk  M. Rudolf Jahr, Gera
aym  Carl Hoffmann, Aue in Sachsen
ayr  Moritz Perthel, Gera
ayw  Aktien-Maschinenfabrik Kyffaeuserhuette, vorm. Paul Reuss, Artern/Sachsen
az  Vereinigte Deutsche Metallwerke AG, Zweigniederlassung Basse u. Selve, Altena (renamed 1943 ‘VDM-Halbzeugwerke GmbH, Zweigniederlassung, Altena’)
azg  Siemens-Schukert-Werke AG, Berlin
azo  Knott, jun., Valentin, Maschinenfabrik, Eggstaedt/Chiemsee
azy  Maschinenfabrik Sangershausen AG
ba  Sundwiger Messingwerke, Iserlohn, Westphalia (formerly Gebr. von der Becke KG)
bau  Bauermeister, Hermann, Maschinenfabrik und Muehlenbauanstalt, Hamburg-Altona
baz  Netersener Maschinedfabrik, M. Hatrase, Netersen
bb  A. Laue u. Co., Werk Reinickendorf
bbm  Armaturenfabrik Johann Fischer, Werkzeug- und Maschinenbau, Lohmar (Bez. Koeln)
bc  Kupfer- u. Messingwerke AG, Becker u. Co., Langenberg, Rheinland
bcb  Otto Graf, Leipzig
bcd  Wilhelm-Gustloff-Werke, Weimar
bch  Augsburger Federnfabrik, Hans von Schwartzenberg u. Georg Oberploederl, Augsburg
bck  Brueninghaus, Versmold
bcm  Fritz Hussmann, Guetersloh, a maker of electric motors
bcn  Kordt & Rosch, Press-, Stanz- u. Hammerwerk, Wipperfurth/Rhld.
bcu  Gutehoffnungshuette, Oberhausen (formerly Maschinenfabrik Naniel u. Lueg, Duesseldorf-Grafenberg)
bd  Metallwerke Lange AG, Bodenbach plant, Sudeten Germany (formerly ‘Krizik-Chaudoir-Metallwerke AG, Bodenbach / Elbe’)
bda  Uhrenfabrik Villingen
bdb.ЯR 784 A. Grothe & Söhne GmbH Elektrotechnische Fabrik, Köln-Zollstock
bdp.ЯR 791WaA136Friedrich Maurer Söhne, Eisenwerk und Kesselschmiede, München / Freimann
bdq  Ehrhardt u. Kirsten, Koffer- u. Lederwarenfabrik, Leipzig
bdr  Richard Ehrhardt, Lederwarenfabrik, Poessneck, Thuringia
bdy  Pittler Werkzeugmaschinenfabrik AG, Leipzig
be  Berndorfer Metallwarenfabrik, Arthur Krupp AG, Berndorf, Austria
bed  MIAG-Muehlenbau und Industrie AG, Braunschweiger Lutherwerk, Braunschweig
bef  Riefler, Clemens, Fabrik, mathematischer Jnstrumente, Nesselwang/Bayern.
beh  Ernst Leitz GmbH, Wetzlar
bej  Maschinenfabrik Buckau, R. Wolf AG, Magdeburg
bek  Hensoldt-Werk fuer Optik und Mechanik, Herborn
bf  Deutsche Roehrenwerke AG, Muehlheim, Ruhr
bfn  New York-Hamburger Gummiwaren Co., Hamburg
bg  Gebr. Boehler u. Co. AG, Zweigniederlassung Edelstahlwerke, Berlin
bgp  Ettig & Soehne, H. Sitzmoebel u. Tischfabrik, Geringswalde/Sachsen
bh  Bruenner Waffenfabrik AG, Bruenn, Czechoslovakia
bhy  Kochs-Adlernaehmaschinenwerke A.-G., Eisengiesserei, Bielefeld
bj  Neibecker u. Schumacher, Iserlohn, Westphalia
bjm  Kloeckner-Humboldt-Deutz AG, Werk Deutz, Koeln
bjp  Bosch, Robert, GmbH, Stuttgart
bjv  Boehmisch-Maehrische Kolben-Danek AG, Vysocan plant, Prague
bk  Metall-, Walz- u. Plattierwerke Hindrichs Auffermann AG, Wuppertal
bkg  Maerklin & Cie., Gebr., GmbH, Spielwarenfabrik, Goeppingen
bkh  Werbig, Hermann, Waggonfabrik, Nossen/Sa.
bkp  Roehrenwerk Johannes Surman GmbH, Arnsberg
bkq  K. Urbanovsky GmbH, Werk Zastavka bei Bruenn und Segen Gottes (Rosice) bei Bruenn
bky  Boehmische Waffenfabrik AG, Prague, Ung. Brod plant, Moravia, Czechoslovakia
bkz  Johannes Schaefer, Gartzer Schraubenwerk GmbH, Gartz / Oder
bl  Radio H. Mende u. Co., Dresden
bla  E. G. Leuner GmbH, Bautzen
blc  Carl Zeiss, Military Division, Jena
bld  Hofbauer & Kopp, Skifabrikation, Murnau, Oberbayern
bln  Brueder Assmann, Leibnitz in Steiermark
blp  Grazer Maschinen- und Waggonbaufabrik AG, Graz (renamed ‘Simmering-Graz-Paucker AG, Werk Graz’)
blr  Oskar Krieger GmbH, Dresden
blu  Sprengstoffwerke Blumau AG, Blumau near Felixdorf
blx  Michael Seidel, Zirndorf bei Nuernberg
bm  AEG-Allgemeine Elektrizitaets-Gesellschaft, Abeteilung Zaehlerfabrik, Berlin
bmb  Metallwarenfabrik Reichertshofen, Inhaber Karl Binder, Reichertshofen
bmc  Geithainer Emaillierwerk, Graessler & Schmidt, Geithain/Sa.
bmd  Max G. Mueller, Fabrik fuer Lederwaren u. Heeresbedarf, Nuernberg
bmf  Maehrische Stahl- und Eisenindustrie AG, Olmuetz
bmh  K. Jirasek Fabrik fuer Feinmechanik und Optik, Prague
bmj  Hensoldt u. Soehne, Mechanisch-Optische Werke AG, Wetzlar
bmk  Srb & Stys, Fabrik praeziser Messinstrumente, Prag
bml  Hans Roemer, Neu-Ulm / Donau
bmu  Carl Kuntze, Sattlerwarenfabrik, Penig, Saxony
bmv  Rheinmetall-Borsig AG, Soemmerda plant, Soemmerda
bmw  Aluminiumwerke Nuernberg GmbH, Nuernberg (often confused with the trademark “BMW” for Bayerische Motoren Werke)
bmz  Minerva-Naehmaschinenfabrik AG, Boskowitz, Czechoslovakia
bn  AEG-Allgemeine Elektrizitaets-Gesellschaft, Annaberg in Erzgebirge
bnd  MAN – Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nuernberg, Nuernberg plant, Nuernberg
bne  Metallwerke Odertal GmbH, Odertal
bnf  Metallwerk Wolfenbuettel GmbH, Wolfenbuettel
bnn  Suedbahn-Werke, A.-G., Wien X 75
bnz  Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG, Steyr, Austria
bo  Ing. Nikolaus Eltz, Wien
boa  Venditor, Kunststoff-Verkaufs GmbH, Troisdorf
bod  Tedloff-VAMAG, Vereinigte Armaturen- und Maschinenfabriken AG, Wien
bot  Metallwerke Neheim, Goeke u. Co. KG, Neheim
bp  Otto Goessel u. Co., Glashuette in Sachsen
bpd  C.P. Goerz GmbH, Wien
bpl  Klepper-Werke, Rosenheim (Bayerische Alpen)
bpr  Johannes Grossfuss, Metall- u. Lackierwarenfabrik, Doebeln, Saxony
bpt  Telefon- und Telegraphenfabriks AG, Kapsch u. Soehne, Wien
bq  Roland Brandt, Berlin
bqo  Friedrich Krupp Grusonwerk AG, Magdeburg-Buckau
bqs  Frank u. Co. KG, Kuestrin N.
bqt  Eugen Mueller, Pyrotechnische Fabrik, Vienna, Austria
br  Mathias Baeuerle, Laufwerke GmbH, St. Georgen, Black Forest
brbЯRWaA65Richard Rinker GmbH, Menden, Kreis Iserlohn
brcFW & CoWaA847Fritz Weber & Co. Metallwaren- und Laternenfabrik, Berlin.
brd  HAGENUK – Hanseatische Apparaetebau-Gesellschaft Neufeldt u. Kuhnke GmbH, Kiel
brg  H.W. Schmidt, Doebeln in Sachsen
brh  Schaltbau GmbH, Muenchen
bsf  Wilhelm Binder GmbH, Silberwarenfabrik, Schwaebisch-Gmuend.
bsu.  Guettler & Comp., Maschinenfabrik, Brieg Bez. Dresden
bsv  Toenshoff, Horn in Lippe
bsz  Hutschenreuter & Co., C.F., Metallwarenfabrik, Aue/Sachsen
bt  Radiowerk Horny AG, Wien
btc  Honsel Werke A.-G., Meschede
btd  Richard Sieper & Soehne, Luedenscheid/Westf.
bte  Frank’sche Eisenwerke AG, Adolfshuette, Niederscheld / Dillkreis
btk  Otto Honsel, Werdohl
btn  Ernst Goesser, Iserlohn
bu  Heinrich Henry & Co., Wien
buc  Metallwerke Windelsbleiche near Bielefeld
buh  Roechling’sche Eisen- und Stahlwerke GmbH, Abteilung Stabfedernfabrik, Wetzlar
bv  Dr. techn. Otto Fritz, formerly Max Groten, Wien
bvc  Zimmermann, G., Metallwarenfabrik, Zirndorf/Nuernberg
bvd  Waggon- und Maschinenfabrik AG, vorm. Busch, Bautzen
bvl  Theodor Bergmann u. Co., Abteilung Automaten- u. Metallwarenfabrikation, Hamburg-Altona
bvu  Kuhlmann, Franz, Werkstaetten fuer Praezisionsnmechanik u. Maschinenbau, Hauptwerke Wilhelmshaven
bvv  Rothmueller-Mewa, Wien
bw  Minerva Radio, W. Wohlleber u. Co., Wien
bwc  B. Maier KG, Brackwede in Westfalen
bwn  Friedrich Krupp AG, Essen
bwo  Rheinmetall Borsig AG, Duesseldorf
bwp  BAMAG – Berlin-Anhaltische Maschinenbau AG, Dessau
bwq  Brinker Eisenwerke Max H. Mueller, Hannover-Brink
bwr  Mitteldeutsche Stahlwerke AG, Lauchhammerwerk, Groeditz / Riesa
bwx  Ruhrstahl AG, Henrichshuette-Hattingen
bwy  E. Becker, Kranfabrik, Berlin-Reinickendorf-Ost.
bwz  Auer-Gesellschaft AG, Werk Oranienburg
bxb  Aktiengesellschaft vormals Skodawerke, Pilsen, Czechoslovakia
bxe  Bochumer Verein fuer Guss-stahlfabrikation AG, Bochum
bxg  Fahrzeug- und Geraetebau GmbH, Berlin-Hermersdorf
bxm  VZK – Vereinigte Zuender- u. Kabelwerke AG, Meissen
bxn  Bayrisches Kabelwerk, Riffelmacher u. Engelhardt AG, Roth bei Nuernberg
bxo  Deutsche Telephonwerke und Kabelindustrie A.-G., Berlin SO 36
bxx  Askania-Werke A.G., Berlin-Friedenau
by  Ernst Grunow, Muenchen
byc  Aug. Kloenne, Dortmund
byd  Draegerwerk, Hein. & Bernh. Draeger, Luebeck
bye  HANOMAG-Hannover’sche Maschinenbau AG vorm. Georg Egestorff, Hannover
byf  Mauser-Werke KG, Oberndorf on the Neckar
byg  Johann Wyksen KG, Optische u. Feinmaschinen, Kattowitz, Poland
bym  Genossenschafts-Maschinenhaus der Buechsenmacher, Ferlach, Austria
byq  M. Pohlmann u. Co., Hammerwerke, Wetterburg, Hessen-Nassau
byr  Ruhrstahl AG, Annener Guss-stahlwerk, Witten-Annen
bys  Ruhrstahl AG, Guss-stahlwerk, Witten
byw  Johann Schaefer, Stettiner Schraubenwerk, Stettin
bza  Bigerl, Georg, Mechan. Gurtenweberei und Seilerwarenfabrik, Freisling / Bayern
bzk  Wagner & Keller, Metallwaren, Ludwigsburg (Wuerttemberg)
bzs  Witkowitzer Bergbau u. Eisenhuetten Gewerkschaft, Sudetenland
bzt  Fritz Wolf, Gewehrfabrik, Zella-Mehlis, Thuringia
bzz  IG-Farbenindustrie, Camerawerk Muenchen
ca  Vereinigte Deutsche Nickelwerke (formerly ‘Westfaelisches Nickelwalzwerk Fleitmann, Witte u. Co.’), Schwerte, Ruhr
cag  Swarowski, D., Glasfabrik u. Tyrolit, Wattens, Tyrol, Austria
cap  Adolf Völker, Zangenfabrik. Schmalkalden
cau  Kodak Aktiengesellschaft Dr. Nagel-Werk, Stuttgart-Wangen
cbl  Vereinigte Deutsche Metallwerke AG, Zweigniederlassung Sueddeutsche Metallindustrie, Nuernberg W.
cbr  Gebr. Boehler u. Co. AG, Boehlerwerk bei Waidhofen an der Ybbs, Niederdonau
cby  Gussstahlwerk Carl Boennhof KG, Wetter / Ruhr
ccb  Stahlwerke Bruenninghaus AG, Westhofen, Westphalia
ccd  DEMAG, Wetter
ccw  Kuttroff, Gebr., Doubleketten- und Bijouteriefabrik, Pforzheim
ccx  Optische u. Feinmaschinenwerke, Hugo Meyer u. Co., Goerlitz
cdc  Kern, Klager u. Co., Lederwaren, Berlin
cde  Hornkohl, Theodor, Metallwarenfabrik, Bremen 10
cdg  Auwaerter u. Bubeck KG, Lederwarenfabrik, Stuttgart
cdo  Theodor Bergmann u. Co., Waffen- u. Munitionsfabrik, Velten plant, Velten on the Main
cdp  Theodor Bergmann u. Co., Waffen- u. Munitionsfabrik, Bernau plant, Berlin
cqd  Pranaefa-Werke GmbH, Solingen
cdv  Metallwarenfabrik Ludwig Maybaum, Sundern, Westphalia
ce  J.P. Sauer u. Sohn, Waffenfabrik, Suhl, Thuringia
ces  “Austria” Vereinigte Emaillierwerke, Lampen- und Metallwarenfabriken A.-G., Werk 1, Wien
cey  Karl Budischovsky u. Soehne, Oesterreichische Lederindustrie AG, Vienna
cf  Westfaelische Anhaltische Sprengstoff AG, Oranienburg plant
cg  Finower Industrie GmbH, Finow, Mark
cgn  Rohrbacher Lederfabrik, Josef Poeschels Soehne, Rohrbach
cgt  Josef Stefsky, Stockerau, Niederdonau
ch  Fabrique Nationale d’Armes de Guerre, Herstal, Liege, Belgium
chd  Deutsche Industrie-Werke AG, Berlin-Spandau
chh  Deutsche Edelstahlwerke AG, Zweigniederlassung, Hannover plant, Linden
chn  Reingold, Gebr., Maschinenfabrik u. Eisengiesserei, Gera
cht  Ruscheweyh, Tisch- und Moebel-Fabrik A.-G., Langenoels Bez. Liegnitz
cja  Gebr. Junghans AG, Schramberg / Schwarzwald
cjg  Bartelmuss u. Suchy, Bielitz / Oberschlesien
cjn  Franz Lipowsky, Wien
ck  Metallwerk Neumeyer, Munich
ckc  Deutsche Eisenwerke AG, Muehlheim, Ruhr
ckl  Eisen- u. Huettenwerke, Thale, Harz
cko  Huettenwerk, Eisengiesserei u. Maschinenfabrik, Michelstadt, Odenwald
ckw  G. Staehle K.G., Stuttgart Bad-Cannstadt
ckx  G. Staehle K.G., Werk Hamburg-Wandsbek
cl  Metschke, Karl, Auto- u. Maschinenreparatur, Berlin plant
clb  Dr. F.A. Woehler, Kassel
clg  Ernst Melzig, Liegnitz
clk  F.W. Breithaupt & Sohn, Kassel
cll  Baumgart, August, Feinmechanik und Praezisionsmaschinenbau, Rathenow
cma  Vereinigte Oberschlesische Huettenwerke, AG, Gleiwitz
cme  Wichmann, Gebr., Zeichengeraete, Vermessungs-Jnstrumente, Berlin
cmg  Union-Fabrik chemischer Produkte AG, Werk Stolzenhagen-Kratzwieck / Pommern
cms  Konrad Lindhorst, Berlin
cmw  Dr. Ing. Rudolf Hell, Berlin
cmz  Zuenderwerke Ernst Bruen, Krefeld, Linn
cnd  Krupp-National-Registerierkassen (cash registers) GmbH, Berlin plant
cnx  Gustav Appel, Berlin-Spandau
cob  Netzschkauer Maschinenfabrik, Stark u. Soehne, Netzschkau, Saxony
coe  Luebecker Maschinenbau-Gesellschaft
cof  Waffenfabrik Carl Eickhorn, Solingen
con  Franz Stock, Maschinen- u. Werkzeugfabrik, Berlin
cop  Carl Urban Stanzwerk u. Metallwarenfabrik, Velbert/ Rheinland
cos  Gebrueder Merz, Merz-Werke, Frankfurt, Main
cow  Wintershall AG, Spritzgusswerk, Berlin
cp  Chemnitzer Strickmaschinenfabrik A.-G., Chemnitz
cpa  Ostertagwerke, Vereinigte Geldschrankfabriken AG, Aalen in Wuerttemberg
cpg  Doll & Co., Spielwarenfabrik, Nuernberg
cpj  Havelwerk GmbH, Brandenburg / Havel
cpn  Rheinmetall-Borsig AG, Werk Apolda
cpo  Rheinmetall-Borsig AG, Berlin-Marienfeld
cpp  Rheinmetall-Borsig AG, Breslau plant
cpq  Rheinmetall-Borsig AG, Guben plant
cq  Warz u. Co., Zella-Mehlis, Thuringia
cr  Zander u. Opitz, Berlin, succeeded by W. Sasse, c.1943
cra  ALKETT – Altmaerkische Kettenwerke GmbH, Werk II, Berlin-Tegel (renamed ‘MAGET – Maschinenbau und Geraetebau GmbH’ 1942-43)
crm  ‘Phy-We’-Physikalische Werkstaetten AG, Goettingen
cro  R. Fuess, Optische Industrie, formerly J.G. Greiner u. Geissler, Berlin-Steglitz
crs  Paul Weyersberg u. Co., Waffenfabrik, Solingen
crt  Clora Atemschuetzgeraete Schleich & Co., Schwaebisch Gmuend
crv  Fritz Werner, Plant II, Berlin
crw  Maschinenfabrik F.W. Hofmann GmbH, Breslau
csa  J.G. Schwietzke, Duesseldorf
csd  Duerkoppwerke AG, Werk III, Bielefeld
csq  Pollux, Ludwigshafen, Rhein
csx  Gothaer Metallwarenfabrik GmbH, Gotha
cte  Kloeckner Maschinenfabrik, Manstadt division, Troisdorf
ctf  Eisenwerke Gaggenau GmbH, Gaggenau, Baden
ctg  Carlshuette Maschinen- u. Stahlbau GmbH, Waldenburg, Altwasser, Silesia
ctn  Koelner Werkzeugmaschinenfabrik von Wilhelm Quester, Koeln,
cts  Maerkische Werke, H. Wilmsmann GmbH, drop forge plant, Halver
ctu  Christ u. Co., Gruenberg in Schlesien
cty  Zwickauer Maschinenfabrik, Zwickau in Sachsen
cue  Roechling-Buderus-Stahlwerke, Finowfurt plant, Brandenburg
cuf  Roechling-Buderus-Stahlwerke, Melle plant, Hannover
cuy  Emil Adolff, Reutlingen
cuz  Eisenwerk [sic] Gesellschaft Maximilianshuette, stamping plant, Thuringia, Unterwellenborn
cva  Eisenwerke Gesellschaft Maximilianshuette, iron mongery division, Fronberg
cvb  Otto Sindel, Lederwarenfabrik, Berlin
cvc  Zeschke Nachf. Gebr. L. Zueschner, Koffer- u. Lederwarenfabrik, Muellrose near Frankfurt on the Oder
cvg  Vereinigte Deutsche Metallwerke AG, Werk Hedderheim, Frankfurt-Hedderheim
cvl  WKC Waffenfabrik, Solingen Wald
cvo  Stocko Metallwarenfabriken, Wuppertal-Elberfeld
cvs  Boeckhoff u. Co., Leer
cvv  B. Holthaus AG, Dinklage Kreis Vechta / Oldenburg
cvy  Gebr. Kamm, Werkzeugfabrik, Remscheid
cwa  Jung & Dittmar A.-G., Metallwarenfabrik, Bad Salzungen
cwb  Brandenburger Eisenwerke
cwg  Westfaelisch-Anhaltische Sprengstoff AG, Coswig plant
cww  Karl Weiss, Lederwarenfabrik, Braunchweig
cxa  Ruhrstahl AG, Stahlwerk Krieger, Duesseldorf-Oberhausen
cxb  Moll, Lederwarenfabrik, Goch, Rheinland
cxd  Maschinenfabrik Becker u. Co., Madgeburg
cxe  Britzer Eisenwerk Paul Szubinski, Britz Kreis Angermuende
cxg  Saechsische Maschinen- u. Schraubenfabrik GmbH, Leipzig
cxh  Kienzle Uhrenfabriken AG, Schwenningen on the Neckar
cxj  Godesia-Werk, GmbH, Bad Godesberg a. Rhein
cxm  Gustaf Genschow u. Co., Berlin
cxn  Emil Busch AG, Optische Industrie, Rathenow
cxq  Liegnitzer Eisengiesserei u. Maschinenfabrik Teichert u. Sohn, Liegnitz
cxs  J.M. Voith, Maschinenfabrik, Heidenheim/Brenz
cxw  Ludwig Braun, Schmalkalden in Thueringen
cyd  Nottebohm, Luedenscheid
cyh  Huettenwerk Siegerland AG, Abteilung Eichener Walzwerke, Eichen Kreis Siegen
cyq  Metallwarenfabrik Spreewerk, Berlin-Spandau
cyw  Saechsische Guss-stahlwerke Doehlen AG, Stahlwerke Freital / Sachsen
cyx  Allgemeine Elektrizitaete Ges. Abt. Schiffbau Flug u. Heerwesen, Berlin NW 40
czf  Maschinenfabrik Steubing u. Co., Berlin
czm  Emil Kirst, Backofenfabrik, Stettin 11
czn  Klaus Nueske, Mech. Werkstaetten, Stettin
czo  Heereszeugamt, Geschosswerkstatt, Koenigsberg
czq  F. Schichau GmbH, Elbing, Abteilung Koenigsberg Werkstatt B, Koenigsberg in Preussen
czs  Brennabor Werke AG, Brandenburg
dah  Junkers, Dessau
dar  Metallindustrie Schoenebeck AG, Schoenebeck on the Elbe
daz  Eisenwerke-Gesellschaft Maximilianshuette, Abteiling Maschinenfabrik Werk II, Unterwellenborn / Thueringen
dbg  Dynamit AG, Dueneberg Plant (formerly ‘Alfred Nobel u. Co.’)
dbh  Mannesmann -Roehrenwerke, Duesseldorf plant, Rath
dbkЯRWaA560Richard Rinker GmbH, Neubrandenburg in Mecklenburg
dc  Uta-Werkstaetten Uta u. Co., Auerbach
dco  Gerhardt & Schubert, Amberger Kuehlmaschinenfabrik, Amberg (Bayer. Ostmark)
dct  Krumm & Co., Gesenkschmiede, Hammerwerk, Werkzeugfabrik, Remscheid-Vieringhausen
dde  Robert Larsen, Fabrik fuer Leder u. Stoffwaren, Berlin
ddf  Lohmann-Werke, A.G., Bielefeld
ddl  Remscheider Hobelmesser-Fabrik, Josua Corts Sohn, Remscheid
ddt  SUMAK – Sueddeutsche Maschinen- u. Metallwarenfabrik Wilhelm Weckerle, Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen
ddx  Voigtlaender u. Sohn AG, Braunschweig
de  Unknown
dea  Frankfurter Maschinenbau, Pokorny u. Wittekind, Frankfurt
dec  Bleiwerk Goslar
dej  Schwelmer Stahl- u. Eisen-Giesserei Gustav Schubeis, Schwelm in Westfalen
den  Rogo-Werke, Robert Goetze, Oberlungwitz/Sa.
dev  Kelle u. Hildebrandt GmbH, Niedersedlitz Bezirk Dresden
dfb  Gustloff Co., Waffenfabrik, Suhl
dgb  Georg Stamm u. Hofmann, Weidhausen bei Coburg.
dgl  Louis Siegel, Sonneberg in Thueringen.
dgz  Gebr. Boehler, Kapfenberg, Austria
dha  Georg von Goelln GmbH, Abteilung Stahlbau, Hannover (renamed 1943, ‘Krupp Stahlbau, Friedrich Krupp AG, Werk Hannover’)
dhn  Kaemper-Motoren AG, Berlin-Marienfelde
dhp  H. Burgsmueller, Gewehrfabrik, Kreiensen-Harz
dhq  Moeller G.m.b.H., J.D., Wedel (Holst.)
djf  Draht-Bremer, Rostock, Mecklenburg
dkb  Zeitzer Eisengiesserei u. Maschinenbau-Aktien-Ges., Zeitz
dkk  Friedrich Offermann u. Soehne, Lederwarenfabrik, Bensberg
dkl  Josef Schneider, Kreuznach
dla  Karl Barth, Militaereffekten-Fabrik, Waldbroehl, Rheinland
dld  Kromag, Hirtenberg, Austria
dlg  Holzwerk Neumarkt, Hauck & Lang, Neumarkt/Opf.
dlu  Ewald Luenenschloss, Militaereffekten-Fabrik, Solingen
dma  Herres Munitionsanstalt u. Geschosswerkstatt, Zeithain
dmk  Ilseder Huette, rolling mill, Peine
dmo  Auto-Union, Chemnitz
dms  Nuernberger Schraubenfabrik GmbH, Nuernberg
dmy  Fritz Werner, Berlin-Marienfeld
dmz  Gesellschaft zur Verwerfung chemischer Erzeugnisse mbH, Werk Doemitz
dn  Unknown
dna  Mettmanner Britanniawarenfabrik W. Seibel, Mettmann / Rheinland (renamed ‘W. Seibel, Metallwarenfabriken’ )
dnb  Borck u. Goldschmidt, Berlin
dnf  Rheinische-Westfaelische Sprengstoff AG, Stadeln plant near Nuernberg
dnh  Rheinische-Westfaelische Sprengstoff AG, Durlach plant, Baden
dnv  Fahr AG, Stockach
dnz  Schwarzwaelder Apparate-Bauanstalt, August Schwer u. Soehne, Villingen, Black Forest
dolЯR 802WaA200Domininghaus, Heinr. Fabrik f. Baubeschlage, Brügge/Westfalen
dom  Westfaelische Metall-Industrie , Lippstadt
dot  Waffenwerke Bruenn, Bruenn plant, Czechoslovakia
dou  Waffenwerke Bruenn, Bystrica, Czechoslovakia
dov  Waffenwerke Bruenn, Wsetin plant, Czechoslovakia
dow  Waffenwerke Bruenn, Prerau plant, Czechoslovakia (renamed ‘Opticotechna GmbH, Werk Prerau / Protektorat’ in 1943)
dox  Waffenwerke Bruenn, Podbrezova plant, Czechoslovakia
dpf  B. u. H. Reinert, Speigelau / Bayersicher Wald
dph  I.G. Farbenindustrie AG, Autogen plant, Frankfurt
dpk  Gebrueder Sachsenberg AG, Dessau-Rosslau
dpl  C.F. Plasser, Neheim-Huesten (after 1943 only)
dpm  Poldi-Huette, Komotau, Sudeten Germany
dps  Union-Werk AG, Mittweida, Saxony
dpu  C. u. F. Schlothauer, GmbH, Metallwaren, Ruhla
dpv  Zeiss-Ikon, Dresden
dpw  Zeiss-Ikon, Goerz plant, Berlin-Zehlendorf
dpx  Zeiss-Ikon, Stuttgart
drh  Gebr. Thiele GmbH, Ruhla
drk  Erich Reckzeh, Einrichtungshaus, Jnsterburg
drv  Eisenhuette Tschenstochau, later HASAG-Eisen- u. Metallwerke GmbH, Tschenstochau
drz  Eltron, Dr. Dipl.-Ing. Theodor Stiebel, Berlin-Tempelhof
dsb  Alexander Beck, Schmalkalden in Thueringen
dsh  Ing. F. Janecek, Gewehrfabrik, Prague
dsj  WAMA Metallwerke Johannes Ahner, Oberlungwitz, Saxony
dsx  Roechling-Buderus, Wetzlar
dta  A. Waldhausen, Inh. M. Bruchmann, Sattler u. Kofferfabrik, Cologne
dtf  Elektro-Feinmechanische Werke Preh, Bad-Neustadt / Saale
dtp  Kraus, Joseph, Holzbearbeitung, Kommanditgesellschaft, Bad Koesen
dtu  G.J. Ensink u. Co., Spezialfabrik fuer Militaerausruestung, Ohrdruf, Thuringia
dtv  C. Otto Gehrckens, Leder- u. Riemenwerke, Pinneberg
dun  Poldihuette, Kladno plant, Czechoslovakia
dut  Spindel- u. Spinnfluegelfabrik AG, Neudorf
duv  Berliner-Luebecker Maschinenfabrik, Luebeck plant
dvc  Adolf Knoch AG, Saalfeld
dvr  Johann Froehlich, Lederwarenfabrik, Vienna
dvu  F. Schichau GmbH, Elbing
dvw  Schoeller u. Co., Frankfurt am Main
dvy  Landeslieferungsgenossenschaft Pfaelzischer Sattler- und Tapezier eGmbH, Sitz Speyer an der Rhein, a maker of military leatherware.
dwc  Dr. Ing. Boehme u. Co., Werksleitung Luedenscheid, Werk Minden in Westfalen
dwm  Liefergemeinschaft Dornbirn, Ludwig Rigger, Dornbirn
dwxЯR 217WaA331 WaA744Schmöle & Comp. Werk Immelborn, bei Bad Salzungen
dxs  August Thyssen-Huette AG, Duisburg-Hamborn
dye  Erste Alpenlaendische Pyrotechnikfabrik Ed. Pitschmann u. Co., Innsbruck
dym  Runge u. Kaulfuss, Rathenow
dyq  Deutsche Edelstahlwerke AG, Werdohl plant
dza  Bleiwerke Dr. Schuelcke, Hamburg
dzl  Optische Anstalt Oigee, Berlin-Schoeneberg
dzw  Metallwerke v. Galkowsky u. Kielblock, Finow
eaf  Mechanoptik-Gesellschaft fuer Praezisionstechnik, Aude u. Reipe, Babelsberg
eah  Stahlwerke Brueninghaus AG, Werdohl
eak  Deutsche Werke Kiel AG
ean  Lippstaedter Eisen- u. Metallwerke, Lippstadt
eba  Metallwarenfabrik Scharfenberg & Teubert GmbH, Breitungen-Werra
ebd  Fatra AG, Napajedl / Maehren
ebf  Huettenwerke Siegerland, Charlottenhuette plant, Niederschelden
ebk  Maschinenbau u. Bahnbedarf AG (formerly ‘Orenstein u. Koppel, Werk Spandau and Werk Babelsberg’ after 1943 only)
ebu  Eckhardt & Co., Fabrikerzeugung von Auto-gen u. Atemgeraete, Chotebor
eca  Oskar Fischer GmbH, Markdorf in Baden
ecc  Oskar Luenig, Pyrotechnische Fabrik, Moehringen
ecd  Carl Lippold, Pyrotechnische Fabrik, Wuppertal-Elberfeld
ecf  H. Nicolaus & Co., Meiningen in Thueringen
ecv  Vogel u. Schlegel GmbH, Dresden
edg  J.A. Henckels, Zwillingswerke, Solingen
edk  Auto-Union AG, Zschopau plant, Saxony
edo  Franz Viegener II K.-G., Armaturenfabrik, Metallgiesserei, Attendorn
edq  Deutsche Waffen- u. Munitionsfabriken AG, Luebeck- Schlutup
edr  Sachsenwerk Licht u. Kraft AG, Radeberg
eds  Zuendappwerke GmbH, Nuernberg
edw  Karl Metzler GmbH, Iserlohn
edy  Gebr. Mueller, Luchenwalde
edz  Pickhardt u. Gerlach GmbH, Werdohl in Westfalen
eea  H. Weihrauch, Zella-Mehlis
eec  Gebr. Buehler Nachfolger, Triberg
eed  Kuerbi u. Niggeloh, Radevormwald in Rheinprueussen
eef  X. Heine u. Sohn, Voehrenbach
eeg  Schuerhoff u. Co., Gevelsberg
eeh  F. Soennecken, Bonn
eej  Maerkisches Walzwerk, Staussberg, district Potsdam
eek  Deutsche Star-Kugelhalter GmbH, Schweinfurt
eel  Metallwarenfabrik vormals H. Wissner AG, Werk Brotterode / Hessen-Nassau
eem  Selve- Kronbiegel, Dornheim AG, Munitionsfabrik, Soemmerda, Saxony
eeo  Deutsche Waffe- u. Minitionsfabriken AG, Posen plant
eet  Ulmer Schraubenfabrik C. Rauch, Ulm an der Donau
eeu  Lieferungsgemeinschaft westthueringische Werkzeug- u. Metallwarenfabriken GmbH, Schmalkalden in Thueringen
eev  Fr. Braun, Tembach-Dietharz / Thueringen
eey  Metallwarenfabrik Treuenbrietzen GmbH, Roederhof plant
egy  Ing. Fr. August Pfeffer, Oberlind, Thuringia
eh  Trierer Walzwerk AG, Burg Bezirk Magdeburg
ehs  Deutsche Kuehl u. Kraftmaschinen G.m.b.H., Scharfenstein
eky  Volkswagenwerk, Wolfsburg
ekz  Rich. Henkel, Viernau, Thueringen
ele  Ulrich, Fritz, Holzwarenfabrik, Holzminden a.d. Weser
elg  Westfaelisch-Anhaltische Sprengstoff AG, Werk Elsnig
els  Stadt Rokycaner Eisenwerke, Rocycany
emh  Georg Allgaier, Uhingen in Wuerttemberg
emj  Adalbert Fischer, Berlin
emp  Dynamit AG, Empelde plant (formerly Alfred Nobel u. Co.)
emq  Willi Stiefeling, Berlin (often identified wtih Carl Zeiss and Zeiss-Ikon, for whom Stiefeling may have been a sub-contractor).
emu  Friedrich Meuthe GmbH, Schwenningen am Neckar
enc  G. Eckhardt, Leipzig
enz  Gebr. Boehler u. Co. AG, Werk Enzesfeld / Niederdonau (later ‘Enzesfelder Metallwerk AG’)
eom  H. Huch, Metallwarenfabrik, Nuernberg
eov  Mueller-Schlenker Uhrenfabrik, Schwenningen am Neckar
eox  Jahresuhrenfabrik GmbH, August Schatz u. Soehne, Triberg / Schwarzwald
epf  Interessengemeinschaft fuer Bergbau u. Huettenbetrieb AG, Betriebsgruppe Bismarckhuette, Huettenwerk Falvahuette in Schwientochlowitz, Kreis Kattowitz (later ‘Koenigs- u. Bismarckhuette A G’)
eqe  Schmidberger, Heinrich, Fabrikation von Artikeln aus Kunststoff, Wien
eqf  Karl Boecker, Lederwarenfabrik, Waldbroehl, Rheinland
erg  A. Doeppert, Treibriemenfabrik, Kitzingen
erm  Possibly W.G. Dinkelmeyer of Nuernberg
ern  W.G. Dinkelmeyer, Werk Koetzling
erv  Fritz Hofmann GmbH, Erlangen
eso  Optische Werke G. Rodenstock, Munich
esu  Steinheil Soehne GmbH, Muenchen
etb  Steubing u. Co., Graslitz, Sudeten, Germany
etl  Krieger u. Faudt, Berlin
ety  Ringsdorf-Werke KG, Mehlem-Rhein
eue  Otto Reichel, Inh. Rudolf Fischer, Lederwarenfabrik, Lengfeld, Erzgebirge
eug  Optische Praezisionswerke GmbH, Warsaw, Poland
euh  C. u. W. Meinel-Scholer, Klingenthal in Sachsen
eun  Rana-Werke, Rudolf Danhardt, Klardorf in Oberpfalz
euo  Oskar R. Mehlhorn GmbH, Schweinsburg in Plauen
eup  Knaebel & Co., Metallwarenfabrik, Wallern (Boehmerwald) Bayern
evv  F.A. Anger u. Sohn, Joehstadt in Sachsen
evx  Baumeister, Ad., Metallwarenfabrik, Luedenscheid/Westfallen
evyЯR 564WaA832  WaA562Wilhelm von Hagen Metallwarenfabrik, Iserlohn Westfalen
evz  Bergbau AG, Salzgitter
ews  Akteingesellschaft vorm. Skodawerke, Werk Koeniggraetz
ewx  Franz u. Karl Voegels, Lederwarenfabrik, Cologne
exd  Auto-Union, Audi plant, Zwickau in Sachsen
exp  Landes-Lieferungsgenossenschaft des Tischlerhandwerks im Landeshandwerksmeister-BezirkWestfalen GmbH, Dortmund.
exq  Clemens Kreher GmbH, Marienberg in Sachsen
exs  Union Gesellschaft fuer Metallindustrie, Sils, van de Loo u. Co., Hameln (Weser)
exw  Metallwerke Holleischen, Kreis Mies, Sudeten Germany
exx  Semprex-Werk, Reutenhau Post Winkelsdorf / Nord Maehren
eyc  Buderus’sche Eisenwerke, Wetzlar
eyd  Heidenreich u. Harbeck, Hamburg
eyuЯR 710WaA703Carl Winzerling K.G, Schloßfabrik. Volmarstein a.d. Ruhr
eywЯR 803WaA A5Georg Brandstätter, Metallwaren- und Spezialfabrik. Zirndorf bei Nürnberg
fa  Mansfdel AG, Hettstedt, Suedharz
faa  Deutsche Waffen- u. Munitionsfabriken AG, Karlsruhe
fb  Mansfeld AG, Rothenburg plant, Saale
fbc  Ilo-Werke H. Christiansen, Pinneberg bei Hamburg, a maker of electric motors
fbd  Juergens & Co., E., Berlin-Tempelhof
fbg  Knorr, Heinrich, Automobil-Material, Berlin N4
fc  Mansfeld AG, Alstedt plant, Thuringia
fcc WaA702Metallwarenfabrik Hermann Nier, Beierfeld bei Schwarzenberg, Erzgebirge
fcf  Armaturen-Apparate-Fabrik Preschona, Adolf Meyer, Berlin
fck  Rietberg-Werke, Rietberg in Westfalen
fcl  Konrad Rosenbauer, Feuerloeschgeraete, Linz an der Donau
fcn  Reichszentrale fuer Handwerkslieferungen e.G.m.b.H., Berlin
fco  Sendlinger Optische Glaswerke GmbH, Berlin-Zehlendorf
fcv  Schmidt, Kranz u. Co., Nordhaeuser Maschinenfabrik AG, Nordhausen
fd  Stolberger Metallwerke AG (formerly Asten, Lynen u. Schleicher), Stolberg
fde  Dynamit AG (formerly A. Nobel u. Co.), Foerde plant
fe  Unknown
fee  Augsburger Waagenfabrik, Ludwig Pfisterer, Augsburg
feh  Maschinenfabrik Donauwoerth GmbH, Donauwoerth
fel  Gross, C. Hermann, Metallwarenfabrik, Jserlohn
fem  Liebner, Paul, Schraubenfabrik, Luckenwalde
fer  Metallwerke Wandhofen, Schwerte, Westphalia
feu  Krone Presswerke GmbH, Berlin
ffc  Friedr. Abr. Herder Sohn, Solingen
ffo  Maschinenfabrik Tannwald, Tannwald / Sudentegau (renamed ‘Tannenwalder Textilwerke AG’ in 1943)
fhm  Metallwerk Max Brose & Co., Coburg
fhr  Parthaymueller, Andreas, Korbwaren-Korbmoebel, Waltmuenchen-Haselbach
fko  Bernhard Bruns, Bad Zwischenahn in Oldenburg
fkx  Gustav Sudbrack, Lederwaren u. Gamaschenfabrik, Bielefeld
flfЯR 513WaA594Vossloh-Werke GmbH, Werdohl/Westfalen
fll  Feinapparate-Bau GmbH, Werk Gablonz
flp  Heintze u. Blankertz, Erste Deutsche Stahlfederfabrik, Werk Oranienburg bei Berlin
flr  Draeger-Gesellschaft mbH, Wien
fnh  Boehmische Waffenfabrik, Strakonitz plant, Prague
fnj  Alexander Coppel GmbH (aka Alcoso), Solingen
fnk  Adolf Hopf AG, Tambach-Dietharz in Thueringen
fnq  Roetelmann u. Co .KG, Werdohl in Westfalen
fpx  Schaeffer u. Budenberg, Magdeburg-Buchau
fqn  Vereinigte Leichtmetallwerke, Hannover-Linden
fra  Himmen u. Stosberg, Gravieranstalt, Remscheid
frn  Rudolf Lang, Brandenburg an der Havel
frp  Stahlwerke Harkort -Eicken GmbH, Hagen, Westphalia
fsx  Albin Scholle, Lederwarenfabrik, Zeitz
ftc  Frost u. Jaehnel, Breslau, Czechoslovakia
ftdЯR 796WaA555Peter Schlesinger, Metallwarenfabrik, Offenbach a.M.
ftf  Vereinigte Cartonnagenfabriken Meyer u. Co., Magdeburg
ftt  Vereinigte Lederwaren-Fabriken Eugen Huber, Muenchen
fue  Aktiengesellschaft, formerly Skodawerke, Werk Dubnica
fuq  Cottbusser Lederwarenwerk Curt Vogel K.G., Cottbus
fuu  Wilh. Strube GmbH, subsidiary of Polte, Magdeburg
fva  Draht- u. Metallwarenfabrik GmbH, Salzwedel
fvs  Spindler & Hoyer KG, Goettingen
fwh  Norddeutsche Maschinenfabrik GmbH, main office, Berlin
fwr  Optische Anstalt Sallfeld GmbH, Saalfeld
fwz  Eisen- u. Emaillierwerke Wilhelmshuette, Sprottau-Wilhelmshuette
fxa  Assmann, formerly E. u. K. Assmann GmbH, Eisenach
fxo  C.G. Haenel, Waffen- u. Fahrradfabrik, Suhl
fxp  Hans Kollmorgen, Optische Anstalt, Berlin
fyd  Aktiengesellschaft, formerly Skodawerke, Adamsthal plant
fze  Waffenfabrik Hoeller, Solingen
fzlЯR 512WaA587Hermann Wuppermann AG, Stanz- u. Emaillierwerk, Pinneberg, Hamburg
fzs  Waffenfabrik Heinrich Krieghoff, Suhl
ga  Hirsch, Kupfer- u. Messingwerk AG, Finow
gal  Wagner u. Co. GmbH, Muehlhausen in Thueringen
gaq  Otto Stephan, Leder- u. Lederwarenfabrik, Muehlhausen
gau  Heinrich Sudhaus u. Soehne, Iserlohn
gb  Vereinigte Deutsche Nickelwerke AG (formerly Westfaelisches Nickelwalzwerke Fleitmann, Witte u. Co., Schwerte / Ruhr)
gbc  J.D. Reidel-E. de Haagen AG, Berlin-Britz
gbd  Hugo Bauer, Solingen-Wald
gbm  Viacowerk-Vereinigte Isolatorenwerke A.G., Berlin-Pankow
gbv  Ewald Witte u. Co., Velbert
gcb  Grohmann & Sohn Ad., Metallwarenfabrik, Wuerbenthal/Sud.
gcc  Fernsprech- und Signalbaugesellschaft Schueler & Vershoven, Essen
gcd  Gust. Imhaeuser, Olpe / Westfalen
gckЯR 517WaA480Metallwarenfabrik Siegwerk Gebrüder Schuppener, Siegen Westfalen
gcl  Reissner-Werke A.-G., Ofenfabrik, Nuernberg-O
gcq  Heinrich Jung & Sohn, Gesenkschmiede, Halver
gcw  Goehring-Hebenstreit, Radebeul near Dresden
gcx  Ing. Karl Brettschneider, Maehrisch-Schoenberg
gcy  L.O. Dietrich, Vesta-Naehmaschinenwerke, Altenburg in Thueringen
gdd  Hecker, Hermann, Kon-Ges., Metall- u. Lackierwarenfabrik, Bernsbach (Sachsen)
geu  Kuhbier u. Co., Praezisionspressstuecke, Wipperfuerth
gew  Berghaus Ww., August, Press- u. Stanzwerk, Oberbruegge/Westf.
gfa  Otto Fuchs Metallwerke, Meinerzhagen/Westf.
gfc  Julius Posselt, Gablonz an der Neisse, Sudetenland
gfg  Karl Hepting u. Co., Leder- u. Guertelfabrik, Stuttgart
ggb  I.G. Koenigshuette u. Laurahuette, Kattowitz, main office, Roechling, Koenigshuette, OS
ggk  Aktiengesellschaft fuer Cartonnagenindustrie, Dresden
ghf  Fritz Kiess u. Co., GmbH, Waffenfabrik, Suhl
ghg  Metallwarenfabrik Klett & Trapp, Zella-Mehlis
ghj  Mercedes-Bueromaschinenwerke AG, Zella-Mehlis
ghp  Deutsche Edelstahlwerke AG, Krefeld
ghsЯR 790WaA141Otto l. Schmidt, Ingenieur. Berlin Hohenschönhausen, Quitzowstr 14
ghx  Gebr. Baldauf GmbH, Marienberg / Erzgebirge
gil  Sometimes claimed to represent ‘Auto-Union, Werk Spandau.
gjd  Papier- u. Kartonnagen-Fabrik Richard Popper, Inh. Willy Dietzel, Prag
gjh  Rudolf Conte, Nachf. Theodor Seibod, Fabrik fuer Lederwaren, Offenbach on the Main
gjk  Budde u. Co., Otto, Stueckfaerberei u. Apreturanstalt, Wueppertal
gk  Mansfeld AG, Hettstedt, Suedharz
gll  Auto-Union AG, Werk Spandau, Berlin
gme  Clemen & Happich, Metallwarenfabrik, Schmalkalden
gmj  Apparatebau Gesellschaft Neumann & Borm K.G., Berlin W 35
gmo  Rahm u. Kampmann, Lederwarenfabrik, Kaiserslautern plant
gmx  Krause & Co., Adolf, Maschinenfabrik u. Eisengiesserei, Koeslin
gn  Aug. Wellner, Aue, Saxony
gna  Gustav Buchmueller, Lederwaren-, Koffer- u. Sattelfabrik, Stuttgart-S
gng  Auer-Gesellschaft A.-G., Werk Guben
gnh  Auer Gesellschaft AG, Danzig
gnt  Georgi, Ernst, Metallwaren-Fabrik, Beierfeld/Erzgeb.
gnxЯR 801 Nirona-Werke, Nier & Ehmer, Auto- und Fahrradzubehör, Beierfeld/Erzgebirge
gon  August Ruppel, Marktheidenfeld
gpe  Hugo Aurig GmbH, Engelsdorf
gpo  Froelich & Wolter, Metallwarenfabrik, Beierfeld/Erzgeb.
gpt  Gustav Bittner, Weipert / Sudetengau
gqm  Loch u. Hartenberger, Idar-Oberstein
grk  H. Pohl, Leipzig
grz  Gebr. Krueger, Lederwarenfabrik, Breslau (now Wroclaw, Poland)
gsb  SA del Ateliers de la Dyle, Louvain, Belgium (operated by Rheinmetall-Borsig AG as ‘Niederlassung Luettich, Betrieb Loewen’)
gsc  S. A. Belge des Mecanique et de l’Armemente, Monceau-sur-Sambre, Belgium
gsf  Cockerill Soceite Anonym, John, Seramg b. Luettich
gtb  J.F. Eisfeld GmbH, Pulver- u. Pyrotechnische Fabriken, Guentersberge plant
gtl  C. Plath, Hamburg-Bahrenfeld
gug  Ungarische Optische Werke AG, Budabest, Hungary
guj  Werner D. Kuehn, Optische Industrie, Berlin-Steglitz
gum  Bergisch-Maerkisches Eisenwerk, Velbert, Rheinland
guo  N.V. Nederlandsche Maschinenfabrick, Artillerie Jnrichtingen, Werk Hembrug
gut  Walter Schuermann u. Co., Lederwarenfabrik, Bielefeld
guy  Werkzeugmaschinenfabrik Oelikon, Buehrle u. Co., Zurich, Switzerland
gvj  Ruhrstahl AG, Gelsenkirchen
gvm  Staeding u. Meysel Nachfolger, Inh. C. u. H. Weeren, Niedersedlitz / Sachsen
gxl  Franke & Heidecke, Fabrik photograph. Praezisionsapparate, Braunschweig
gxx  Stepper u. Co., Hamburg
gxy  Gebr. Klinge, Lederwarenfabrik, Dresden Loebtau
gyb  Bauer, Wilhelm, Friedr., G.m.b.H., Lederwarenfabrik, Offenbach a.M.-Bieber
gyf  Deutsche Edelstahlwerke, Bochum plant
gym  Muenzerhuette, Eisen- und Metallwarenfabrik GmbH, Aussig/Sudetenland
gyo  Hans Dinkelmaeyer, Lederwarenfabrik, Nuernberg
gyp  Wilhelm Hansen & Braun, Solinger Etuis- u. Lederwarenfabrik, Solingen
gyq  Anton Wingen jr., Solingen
gyu  Gebr. Michera, Prag
gyx  Elektro-Mechanik GmbH, Reichenberg
gyy  Gladitz GmbH, Schwaebisch-Gmuend
gyz  Steatit-Magnesia AG, Dralowid-Werk, Teltow
gzf  Wilhelm Schellmann, Moebel-Fabrik, Vlotho-Bonneberg
gzo  Autoflug, Gerhard Sedlmayr, Werk Bernau, bei Berlin
gzqЯR 805 Kortenbach & Rauh K.G. Solingen-Weyer
gzy  Patin, Albert, Werkstaetten fuer Fernsteuertechnik, Berlin
ha  Wielandwerke AG, Metallhalbfabrikate, Ulm
hae  Goseberg & Grashoff, Kierspe-Bhf, i.W.
ham  Dynamit AG (formerly ‘A. Nobel u. Co.’), Hamm plant
has  Pulverfabrik Hasloch, Hasloch on the Main
hat  Gebr. Graefrath, Solingen-Widdert
hbg  Alfred Schwarz AG, Metallwerk Froedenburg on the Ruhr, Eisenach plant
hbu  Heinrich List, Elektrotechnik u. Mechanik, Teltow u. Steglitz
hck  Georg A. Lerch GmbH, Lederwaren u. Stanzwerk, Berlin
hcy  Max Ficker & Sohn, Remse/Muelde
hdc  Luftfahrtgeraetewerk Hakenfelde GmbH, Berlin-Spandau
hdk  Eugen Zerver, Remscheid-Reinshagen
hdt  Maerkischer Metallbau, Oranienburg
hdv  Optische Werk Osterrode GmbH, Osterrode, Harz
hec  Steinbach & Vollmann, Heiligenhaus Bez. Duesseldorf
hed  Ruberg & Renner, Jnh. Jos. Ruberg, Hagen/Westf.
hen  Ernst Beutler, Lahr-Dinglingen in Baden
hew  Ing. F. Janecek, Waffenwerke, Prague
hft  H. Becker u. Co., GmbH, Militaer- u. Feuerwehrausruestungen, Berlin
hgs  W. Gustav Burmester, Pyrotechnische Fabrik u. Signalmittelwerk, Hamburg
hgu  Friedenauer Technische Werkstaette GmbH, Berlin-Friedenau
hhc  Union Gesellschaft fuer Metallindustrie, Sils van de Loo u. Co., Froedenberg plant
hhg  Rheinmetall-Borsig AG, Tegel plant
hhj  Gebr. Thiel-Seebach GmbH, Ruhla / Thringen
hhk  Danner & Groeschel, Spritzgiesserei u. Formenbau, Nuernberg
hhr  Joseph Schwarz Sohn, Freilassing / Oberbayern
hhu  H.A. Erbe AG, Schmalkalden in Thueringen
hhv  Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG, Nibelungen plant, St. Valentin, Austria
hhw  Metallwerke Silberhuette GmbH, Andreasberg, Harz
hhx  M. Boehme, Grosshartmannsdorf in Sachsen
hhy  Louis Ulbricht, Rosenthal / Erzgebirge
hhz  Roechlingsche Eisen- u. Stalhwerke GmbH, Eisenwerkhuette, Voelkingen
hjg  Kimnach u. Brunn, Fabrik fuer Heeresausruestung, Kaiserslautern
hjh  Karl Ackva, Lederfabrik, Bad Kreuznach
hkb  J. Weisensee GmbH, Metallwarenfabrik, Fulda
hkm  Karl Braun AG KG, Optische Industrie, Nuernberg
hla  Metallwarenfabrik Treuenbrietzen GmbH, Sebaldushof plant
hlb  Metallwarenfabrik Treuenbrietzen GmbH, Selterhof plant
hlc  Zieh- u. Stanzwerk (wire pulling and stamping), Schleusingen
hld  C.F. Esser, Koeln
hle  Lilpop, Rau u. Loewenstein AG, Warschau.
hln  Henschel-Flugzeug-Werke AG, Schoenefeld Kreis Teltow
hlu  Gesellschaft zur Verwertung chemischer Erzeugnisse mbH, Werk Hessisch-Lichtenau
hlv  Maury u. Co., Lederwarenfabrik
hly  Krafft u. Schuell, Dueren
hmz  Arbeitsgemeinschaft Holz des Klingensthaler Bezirkes GmbH, Brunndoebra (Vogtland)
hnx  H. Walter KG, Kiel, Kiel plant and Tannenberg plant
hnz  Grosskopf, Ludwig & Co., Metallwarenfabrik, Jimenau i/Thuer
hpj  Wegner, Hugo, Flugmodelle, Naumburg/Saale
hqu  Markes & Co., K.-G., Metallwarenfabrik u. Apparatebau, Luedenscheid
hre  C.W. Motz u. Co., Brandenburg an der Havel
hrk  Schluermann u. Co. GmbH, Hemer in Westfalen (renamed ‘Hemersche Schrauben- u. Nagelfabrik GmbH’ in c. 1943)
hrl  Albert Ackermann Nachfolger, Pich u. Schulte, Iserlohn in Westfalen
hrn  Presswerk GmbH, Metgethen, East Prussia
hta  Dr. Koenig u. Co., Wien
htg  Polte Armaturen- u. Maschinenfabriken AG, Duderstadt plant, Westphalia
htl  Fritz Wengels, Berlin
htq  Gebr. Junghans AG, Schwenningen plant
hwd  Westfaelisch-Anhaltische Sprengstoff AG, Herrenwald plant
i  Elite Diamantwerke AG, Siegmar-Schoenau bei Chemnitz
j  Gebr. Langer, Schrauben-, Metallwaren- u. Federnfabrik, Chemnitz
ja  R. u. G. Schmoele, Menden
jan  Deutsche Versuchsanstalt fuer Luftfahrt, Berlin-Aldershof
jba  A. Wunderlich Nachf., Fabrik fuer Heeresausruestung, Berlin-Neukoelln
jfp  Dr. Karl Leiss, Optische Mechanische Instrumente, Berlin-Steglitz
jfr  Junkers Flugzeug- u. Motorenwerke AG, Zweigwerk Koethen
jfs  Junkers Flugzeug- u. Motorenwerke AG, Zweigwerk Koethen
jgz  BMW Flugmotorenbau GmbH, Werk Muenchen, Muenchen
jhg  Gustav Genschow u. Co., AG, Lederwarenfabriken, Alstadt-Hachenburg
jhv  Metallwaren, Waffen- u. Maschinenfabrik AG, Budapest, Hungary
jkg  Koenigl. Ungar. Staatliche Eisen-, Stahl- u. Maschinenfabrik, Budapest
jkh  Karl Busse, Ausruestungsgegenstaende, Mainz
jlj  Heeres Zeugamt, Ingolstadt
jln  Deutsche Lederwerkstaetten GmbH, Pirmasens
jme  Armeemarinehaus Berlin, Berlin-Charlottenburg
jmh  Heinrich Kopp, Inh. Theodor Simoneit, Sonneberg in Thueringen
jne  Presswerk Mollberg & Co., Hofgeismar Bez. Kassel
jnh  F. Tuetemann, Luedenscheid / Westfalen
jnk  Continental Gummiwerke AG, Hannover
jnw  Eisenwerke Steele, Essen-Steele
joa  Dresdner Koffer- u. Taschenfabrik, Karl Heinichen, Dresden
jpa  Comp. Generale, Belge de Jsolants, Loth b/Bruessel
jrn  Mitteldeutsche Motorenwerke GmbH, Taucha Bez. Leipzig
jrr  Gebr. Junghans, Renchen plant, Baden
jrs  Gebr. Junghans, branch office, Vienna
jry  Hermann Herold, Olbernhau-Gruenthal / Sachsen
jsd  Gustav Reinhardt, Lederwarenfabrik, Berlin
jse  Metallwerke Zoeblitz AG, Zoeblitz
jtb  S.A. Tavaro, Ghent, Belgium
jtt  Wezel u. Naumann AG, Leipzig
jua  Danuvia Waffen- u. Munitionsfabriken AG, Budapest, Hungary
jut  Vereinigte Wiener Metallwerke, Vienna
jvb  Wessel u. Mueller, Luckenwalde
jvd  Erste Nordboehmische Metallwarenfabrik, Adolf Roessler, Niedereinsiedel, Sudetenland
jve  Optische Werke Ernst Ludwig, Weixdorf, Anhalt, Saxony
jvf WaA41 WaA204Wilhelm Brand, Treibriemenfabrik. Heidelberg, Eppelheimerstr. 40
jvh  Presswerk Westfalen, Friedrich Hefendehl, Kierspe-Bahnhof/Westf.
jwa  Moritz Stecher, Lederwerk, Freiburg
jwh  Manufacture Nationale [Staatliche Waffenfabrik], Chatellerault, France
jxm  Nestler, A.-G., Albert, Lahr/Schwarzwald
jxn  Helmut Korth, Fabrik fuer Feinmechanik u. Optik, Berlin
jxy  Bastam, August, Eisfeld/Thueringen
k  Firma Luch u. Wagner, Suhl
ka  Gerhardi u. Co., Inh. K. Steinweg, Dr. H. Steinweg u. R. Neuerbourg, Luedenscheid, Westphalia
kam  Hugo Schneider AG, Werk Skarzysko Kamienna, Poland (renamed 1943 ‘HASAG Eiwen- u. Metallwerke GmbH’)
kaw  Weber u. Niezel, Dresden
kbg  Erwin Backhaus, Remscheid
kby  E. Richard Dietzsch, Geyer i. Erzgeb.
kce  Schneider u. Co., Le Creusot, France
kdj  Ungarische Metallplattenindustrie AG, Budapest
keb  Jiranek u. Co., Inh. Wenzel Jiranek, Bruenn
kfa  Staatliches Arsenal, Sarajevo, Yugoslavia
kfb  Gesellschaft zur Verwertung chemischer Erzeugnisse mbH, Werk Kaufbeuren
kfg  Gesellschaft zur Verwertung chemischer Erzeugnisse mbH, Werk Kaufering.
kfk  DISA – Dansk Industri Syndikat AS ‘Madsen’, Kopenhagen
kqd  Gebr. Junghans, Montagestelle, Exbruecke, Elsass
kjj  Askania Werke AG, Berlin-Friedenau
kjl  Graphische Werke Saarbruecken AG, Saarbruecken
kkd  Wilhelm Stern, Lederwarenfabrik, Posen
kkn  Papierwerke Adolf Brandt AG, Eulau ueber Bodenbach
klb  J.F. Eisfeld GmbH, Kieselbach plant
kle  Josef Junker, Berlin
klg  Philips Gloeilampenfabrieken, Hilversum
kls  Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG, Warsaw plant, Poland
koz  H.W. Casack u. Co., Froendeberg / Ruhr
kpe  Berchtold & Co., Metallwarenfabrik, Tuttlingen
kqc  Schneider & Co., Jos., Optische Werke K.-G., Goettingen
krd  Lignose AG, Werk Kriewald (renamed 1943 ‘Sprengstoffwerke Oberschlesien Gmbh’)
krg  Emil Nitzsche Moebelfabrik, Boehmisch Kamnitz / Sudetengau
krj  Messerschmidt, Augsburg
krl  Dynamit AG (formerly Alfred Nobel u. Co.), Kruemmel plant, Koblenz
krq  Emil Busch AG, Optische Werke, Rathenow, Brandenburg
kru  Lignose Sprengstoffwerke GmbH, Kruppamuehle plant
kry  F.A. Sening, Hamburg, sometimes misread as ‘kru’
ksb  Manufacture Nationale d’Armes de Levallois, Levallois, Paris
ksm  Gebr. Junghans, Braunau plant, Sudeten, Germany
kso  Pfaelzische Peitschenfabrik Strubel & Co., Schifferstadt/Pfalz
ktz  Deutsche Sprengchemie, Klietz plant
kum  Hartmann u. Braun AG, Frankfurt am Main
kun  J.F. Eisfeld GmbH, Werk Kunigunde
kur  Steyr-Daimler Puch AG, Werk Graz
kus  Fuellnerwerk GmbH, Bad Warmbruenn in Schlesien (renamed 1943 ‘Doerris Fuellner-Maschinenfabriken AG’)
kvu  Rudolf Fissler KG, Idar-Oberstein
kvz  Timmermann & Wollet, Heidelberg
kwc  Gamma Feinmechanische u. Optische Werke, Budapest
kwe  Herdfabrik Scholtes, Diedenhofen in Westmark
kwk  Schnellpressenfabrik AG, Heidelberg
kwm  Fiat SA, Turin, Italy
kwn  Donau-Flugzeugbau AG, Csepel-Budapest
kye  Ernst Hilker u. Co., Detmold
kyn  Astra, Kronstadt, Ruemanien (renamed 1943 ‘Astra, Fabrica Romana de Vagoae, Motoane, Arm ament si Munitiuni, Brasov’)
kyo  Voina, Kronstadt, Ruemanien. (renamed 1943 ‘Intreprinderil e Metalurgie, Dumitru Voina, Societate Anonima Romana, Fabrica de Armament, Brasov’)
kyp  Rogifor, Bukarest, Ruemanien. (renamed ‘Rumaenisch-Deutsche Industrie- u. Handels AG, Bukarest’)
kza  Emil Niethammer, Stuttgart-Vaihingen
kzn  Kienzle Uhrenfabrik GmbH, Dammerkirch plant
kzu  Thonet u. Mundus, Bistritz am Harz
l  Astrafabrik, Chemnitz
la  Duerener Metallwerke, Dueren
lac  Zuchthaus Coswig, Anhalt
lae  Heinrich Zeiss, Gastingen
lax  Lennewerk GmbH, Altena
ldb  Sprengstoff u. pyrotechnische Fabriken vorm. Lechfeld u. Depyfag GmbH, Werk Berlin-Malchow (renamed 1943 ‘Deutsche Pyrotechnische-Fabrik’)
ldc  Sprengstoff u. pyrotechnische Fabriken vorm. Lechfeld u. Depyfag GmbH, Werk Cleebronn (Deutsche ‘Pyrotechnische-Fabrik’ from 1943 onward)
ldn  Sprengstoff u. pyrotechnische Fabriken vorm. Lechfeld u. Depyfag GmbH, Werk Neumarkt / Oberpfalz (renamed 1943 ‘Deutsche Pyrotechnische- Fabrik’)
ldo  Heinrich Schumacher u. Co., Inh. August Jockers, Gruenstadt
lge  Kugelfabrik Schulte u. Co., Tente, Rheinland
lgs  Chr. Weiersmueller KG, Nuernberg O.
ljp  Karl Knauer KG, Lettingen bei Urach
lkc  Ernst Fischer, Wolfenbuettel
lkm  Munitionsfabriken (formerly Sellier u. Bellot), Veitsberg plant, Prague
lmg  Hermann Detjen, Bad Muenster am Deister
lmq  Carl Zeiss, Jena
loh  Emil Richter, Holzwarenfabrik, Nassau/Erzgeb.
lpb  Moebelfabrk Leonhard Beck jun., Nuernberg-N.
lpk  Servotechna AG, Prag
lpk  Servotechna AG, Prag
lpn  Vereinigte Aluminiumgiessereien Villingen GmbH, Villingen (Schwarzwald)
ltk  Robert Klass, Solingen-Ohligs
lwg  Optische Werke Osterrode GmbH, Freiheit near Osterrode
lww  Huet u. Cie., Paris
lwx  O.P.L. Optique et Precision de Levallois, Levallois, Paris
lwy  Societe d’ Optique et Mechanique de Haute Precision, Paris
lyf  Metallurgia Werke AG, Radomeko, Poland
lza  Mauser-Werke AG, Karlsruhe plant
ma  Metallwerke F.A. Lange AG, Aue, Saxony
mdr  Vereinigte Leichtmetallwerke, Bonn
mgc  Bayrische Werkzeug- u. Apparatebau KG, Hans Miller, Muenchen
mhk  Metallwerke Schwarzwald AG, Villingen
mhv  Finow Kupfer- u. Messingwerke AG, Finow
mjc  Feinmechanische Werkstaetten Warsitz, Amsterdam
mje  Bremer Silberwarenfabrik A.-G., Bremen-Sebaldsbrueck
mjg  Chiron-Werke GmbH, Tuttlingen, Werk Brackenheim
mjr  Union Gesellschaft fuer Met. Ind., Sils van de Loo u. Co., Thorn plant
mkf  Trierer Walzwerk AG, Wuppertal-Langerfeld
ml  Unidentified
mlc  Karl Schmidt GmbH, Neckarsulm in Wuerttemberg
mlr  Ducati, Societa Scientifica, Radio Brevetti Ducati, Bologna
mnf  VDM-Luftfahrtwerke AG Heddernheim, Frankfurt on the Main
mng  VDM-Luftfahrtwerke AG Heddernheim, Frankfurt on the Main
moc  Johan Springer’s Erben, Gewehrfabrikanten, Vienna
mog  Deutsche Sprengchemie, Moschwig plant
moo  Kloeckner-Werke AG, Duesseldorf plant
moz  Eisenwerk Gesellschaft Maximilanshuette, Maxhuette-Haidhof
mpb  Chiron-Werke GmbH, Tuttlingen
mpp  Metallwerk K. Leibfried, Boeblingen, Sindelfingen plant
mpr  S.A. Hispano Suiza, Geneva, Switzerland
mpu  Wlaschimer Mascinenfabrik GmbH, Prag
mpv  Schmolz u. Bickenbach, Neuss plant, Duesseldorf
mpy  Klockner-Werke AG, Georgsmarienhuette Osnabrueck
mrb  Aktiengesellschaft vorm. Skodawerke, Werk Prag-Smichow
mrd  Huettenwerke Siegerland, Wissen
mrf  Fr. Krupp, Berthawerk AG, Breslau
mws  Kabelwerk Wagner KG, Wuppertal
myx  Rheinmetall-Borsig AG, Soemmerda plant
na  Westfaelische Kupfer- u. Messingwerke AG, Luedenscheid, Westphalia
nas  Gebr. Junghans AG, Schramberg, Black Forest
nay  Dr. Th. Horn, Luftfahrtgeraetewerk Plauen GmbH, Plauen i/V.
nb  Unknown, reported on ammunition
nbe  Hasag, Eisen- u. Metallwerke GmbH, Tschenstochau plant
nbh  Friedr. Krupp AG, Essen, Werk Mariupol / Ukraine
nbr  Metallwarenfabrik Hubert Pruente, Neheim-Huesten
ncr  Krupp-Germaniawerft, Kiel-Gaarden
ndn  Heinrich Bluecher, Fabrik techn. Buersten, Spremberg
ndr  Fried. Krupp, Essen
nea  Walther Steiner, Eisenkonstruktionen, Suhl
nec  Waffenwerke Bruenn AG, V Gurein plant, Prague
ned  Fried. Krupp, Essen
nfw  Berlin-Neuroder Kunstanstalten AG, Berlin
nfx  Rheinisch-Westfaelische Munitionsfabriken GmbH, plants in Warsaw and Prague
ngk  Luftfahrt-Apparatebau GmbH, Berlin
nhr  Rheinmetall-Borsig AG, Soemmerda plant
nmn  Koenigs- u. Bismarckhuette AG, Walzwerk Bismarckhuette-OS (rolling mill)
nn  Unidentified, reported on ammunition
nrh  Johannsen u. Ziegner, Oranienburg
ntf  Metzenauer u. Jung, Werk Gross-Heilendorf in Ostsudetenland
nwk  Heinrich List, Rheinau, Elsass
nxc  Jan Hubalek, Prag
nxr  Anschuetz u. Co., Kiel-Neumuehlen
nyv  Rheinmetall-Borsig AG, Unterluess plant
nyw  Gustloff-Werke, Otto Eberhard, Meinigen plant
oa  Eduard Hueck, Metallwalzwerk, Luedenscheid
oao  Albert von Heede, Priorei
obn  Hanseatische Apparatebau-Gesellschaft, Neufeld u. Kuhnke GmbH, Reichenbach plant
ocw  Heinrich List, Berlin-Steglitz
odg  Deutsche Sprengchemie GmbH, Oderberg plant
odp  Gerhard Jaeck vorm. A. Dembinski, Moebelfabrik, Werk I: Kattowitz
oeq  Balde-Werk Max Maldeweg, Dresden
oes  Karl Diehl, Peterswaldau
oey  Elberfelder Metall- u. Lackierwarenfabrik, vorm. Dittmer & Voss GmbH, Werk Meseritz
ofh  Metall- u. Kunstharzwerk GmbH, Komotau
ols  Union Ges. fuer Metallindustrie, Sils van de Loo, Auschwitz plant
ona  Boulonnerei Calibree, Valence
oss  Gebr. Bachert, Karlsruhe-Muehlburg
osy  Werf Wilton Fijenoord, Schifftswerft u. Maschinenfabrik, Schiedam
oub  Anton Jelinek & Sohn, Leder-Fabrik, Gross-Meseritsch
ouj  VDM-Luftfahrtwerke AG, Werk Sackisch, Krs. Glatz
oxo  Teuto-Metallwerke GmbH, Osnabrueck
oyd  Harburger Gummiwarenfabrik Phoenix AG, Werk Prag-Sabechtlitz
oyj  Ateliers de Construction de Tarbes, France
p  Polte Armaturen- u. Maschinenfabrik AG, Magdeburg (later renamed ‘Polte-Werke’)
pcdp  See ‘p’ and ‘cdp’ separately
pjj  Staatliche Munitionsfabrik, Kopenhagen
pla  Unknown.
pmf  Unknown.
pmq  Allegedly ‘Gevelot, Paris’ – Societe Francaise des Munitions, Paris
pmt  Unknown
pmu  Unknown
ptv  Sometimes confused with a letter code, but actually a ‘PTV’ monogram applied by the Zeugamt der Polizeischule fuer Technik und Verkehr, Berlin, in the Reichswehr period
pvf  Optische Werke C. Reichert, Vienna
pyy  Unknown, probably in Solingen. Probably superseded the code agv for Berg&Co, Solingen-Ohligs, per the BCN
qa  William Prym, Stollberg, Rheinland
qlv  Unknown.
qnw  Unknown.
qrb  Pirotecnico di Bologna, Italy
qve  Karl Walther, Zella-Mehlis, Thuringia. Possibly a subsidiary factory in Czechoslovakia” (per John Walter). “Berliner-Luebecker Maschinenfabrik, Luebeck plant” (see ‘duv’, per Claus Espeholt)
r  Westfaelische-Anhaltische Sprengstoff AG, Reinsdorf plant
ra  Deutsche Messingwerke, C. Eveking AG, Berlin-Niederschoenweide
rbp  Unknown
rde  Unknown
rdf  Westfaelische-Anhaltische Sprengstoff AG, Werk Reinsdorf
rfo  Unknown
rhs  Rheinmetall-Borsig AG, Soemmerda
rln  Karl Zeiss, Jena
rtl  Unknown.
s  Dynamit AG, Lambrecht plant (formerly A. Nobel u. Co.)
sb  Pre-1939 trademark of Sellier & Bellot in Prague
sgx  Believed to be a subsidiary of E. & F. Hoerster, Solingen (see also ‘asw’)
she  Unknown (Czechoslovakia?)
sta  Rheinische_Westfaelische Sprengstoff AG, Stadeln bei Nuernberg.
suk  Believed to be a subsidiary of the Karlsruhe-Durlach factory of Deutsche Waffen- u. Munitionsfabriken
sup  Unknown
svq  Gustloff-Werke, Suhl
svw  Mauser-Werke, Oberndorf on the Neckar. It either superseded or supplemented ‘byf’
swd  Maget (Maschinen-und Geraetetbau GmbH)
swj  Waffenfabrik Steyr
swp  An unidentified subsidiary of Waffenwerke Bruenn AG, Bruenn, Czechoslovakia
t  Dynamit AG, Troisdorf plant
ta  Duerener Metallwerke AG, Berlin-Borsigwalde
thg  Allegedly used on ammunition made by Polte-Werkem AG in Duderstadt
tjk  Unknown
tko  Unknown
tpk  Unknown
tpn  Unknown
tvw  Unknown. See ‘tpn’ above
ua  Osnabruecker Kupfer- u. Drahtwerke AG, Osnabrueck
unt  Unknown
uxa  Unknown (Czechoslovakian small arms factory operating under German control?)
va  Kabel- u. Metallwerke Neumeyer AG, Nuernberg
vs  Unknown.
w  Gesellschaft zur Verwertung Chem. Erzeugnisse, Wolfratshausen plant.
wa  Hasag, Hugo Schneider AG, Abteilung Lampenfabrik, Leipzig
wb  Hugo Schneider AG, Berlin-Koepenick. See ‘wa’
wcЯR 797WaA698Hasag, Hugo Schneider AG, Metalwarenfabrik Leipzig, Werk Meuselwitz,Thuringia
wd  Hasag, Hugo Schneider AG, Taucha plant. See ‘wa’
we  Hasag, Hugo Schneider AG, Langewiesen plant. See ‘wa’
wf  Hasag, Hugo Schneider AG, Kielce plant, Poland. See ‘wa’
wg  Hasag, Hugo Schneider AG, Altenburg plant. See ‘wa’
wh  Hasag, Hugo Schneider AG, Eisenach plant. See ‘wa’
wj  Hasag, Hugo Schneider AG, Oberweissbach plant. See ‘wa’
wk  Hasag, Hugo Schneider AG, Schlieben plant. See ‘wa’
wm  Hasag, Hugo Schneider AG, Dermbach plant, Thuringia. See ‘wa’
wn  Hasag, Hugo Schneider AG, Dermbach plant, Thuringia See ‘wa’
wtf  Unknown
x  Possibly used by Rheinisch-Westfaelische Sprengstoff
xa  Busch u. Jaeger, Luedenscheider Metallwerke, Luedenscheid
y  Jagdpatronen, Zuendhuetchen- u. Metallwarenfabrik AG, Nagyteteny plant, Budapest
ya  Saechsische Metallwarenfabrik, August Wellner u. Sohn, Aue, Saxony
z  Waffenwerke Bruenn AG, Povaska Bystrica
zb  Kupferwerk Ilsenburg AG, Ilsenburg, Harz
SRCMSocietà Romana Costruzioni MeccanicheCisterna Di Latina
CMSREttore Manzolini(?) 
Misar / SEI  
SIMAD Spa Carsoli
MarkingManufacturerPeriod of Operation
Koishikawa Arsenal Tokyo1870-1935
Kokura Arsenal1935-1945
National Denki (under Kokura supervision)
Nagoya Arsenal1923-1945
Howa Jyuko under (under Nagoya supervision)
Toyoda Jidoshoki Seisakusho (under Nagoya supervision)
Jinsen Arsenal Korea1923-1945
Mukden Arsenal Manchuria1931-1945
Toyo Kogyo1939-1945
Tokyo Juki Kogyo1940-1945
Howa Jyuko1940-1945
Izawa Jyuko1940-1945
National Denki (National Electric) 
AIStaatsbedrijf Artillerie Inrichtingen 
AJKA.J. Kat 
AKA.J. Kat 
BRVBrabantia B.V 
BWBewapeningswerkplaats der Marine (Navy) 
DMLDirectoraat Materieel Landmacht (Army) 
DRDiepenbroek & Reigers N.V. 
DTN.V. Koninklijke Metaalwarenfabriek v/h/ J. Daalderop 
DVMDepot Vliegtuig Materieel ( Airforce) 
EMZEurometaal N.V. Hembrug-Zaandam 
FLN.V. Franerex Laboreerfabriek 
HN.V. HollandiaAmsterdam
HDN.V. HollandiaAmsterdam
NWMNetherlands Weapon & MunitionHertogenbosch
New Zealand
nPzNew Zealand Railway WorkshopPalmerston North, New Zealand
PDL with a V centred under the D Believed to be New Zealand manufacture
MPMason & PorterMt. Wellington, Auckland New Zealand
HV/HAHovedarsenalets VerkstedAkershus Festning
HEHHærens eksplosivverksted HofstadHofstad
SAVSandnes Aducer VerkSandnes
RARaufoss AmmunisjonsfabrikkerRaufoss
K *with crown on topKongsberg VåpenfabrikkKongsberg
TBTrolla BrugTrolla, Trondheim
POFPakistan Ordnance FactoryWah Cantt, Pakistan
South Africa
G.E.W. South Africa
PFPheonix FoundrySouth Africa
CEWCentral Engineering WorksSouth Africa
EF South Africa
F.G. South Africa
AApex Metal Stamping Co 
AAAlcan Aluminum Corp 
AAAArlington Automatic 
AABAmerican Box 
AACAmerican Cyanamid Co Organic Cml Div 
AADAtlanta Army Depot 
AAEAtlas Aeurospace Div 
AAFAmerican Air Filter Co Ind, Defense Prod 
AAGAccurate Arms Inc 
AAHAirmotive Mach & Engr Corp 
AAIAnadite Inc 
AAJAai Inc 
AAKAccurate Arms Co Inc 
AALAmpal Inc 
AAMAnderson Power Prod Inc 
AANAcme Springbank Corp 
AANAtlas Cml Ind Inc Aerospace Comp Div 
AANIci Americas 
AANIci Aerospace 
AAOAmstar Corp 
AAPAtlas Cml Ind Inc 
AARAmerican Cyanamid Resins Div 
AASAmerican Cyanamid Co 
AATArlington Auto Inc 
AAWAccurate Arms Co Inc 
AAYAmerican Air Filter 
ABAAlabama Ind 
ABBAbbott Produts Inc 
ABCAbco Mfg Co 
ABCAmerican Brakelok Div 
ABDAccrabond Inc 
ABFAcf Ind Inc 
ABFDana Corp Clutch & Marine Div 
ABIAbc Small Assembly Inc 
ABJAllied Chemical Corp 
ABLAble Industrial Products 
ABMArmstrong-blum Mfg Co 
ABNAccra Bond Inc 
ABOAce Box Co 
ABPAlabama Ord Works 
ABQAbco Tool & Mach Corp 
ABRAbbott Rubber Co Inc 
ABSAbsolute Coatings Co 
ABTAmerican Ballistics Co Inc 
ABVAbg Instrument & Engineering Inc 
ABXAbex Defense Systems 
ABYUs Army Ballistic Research Lab 
ACArgus Optics Div Argus Inc 
ACAAc Electronics Inc 
ACBAc Ball Company 
ACCAccudyne Corp 
ACDAmerican Chain & Cable Co 
ACEAce Manufacturing Co Inc 
ACELuxor Mfg Co Inc 
ACFAcf Industries Inc, Acf Elect Div 
ACHAcheson Colloids Co 
ACIActive Gear Co Inc 
ACKArmstrong Cork Co 
ACLAshland Chemical Co 
ACLAllied Control Co Inc 
ACMAcro-matic Inc 
ACNAmron Corp Antigo Plant 
ACNAmerican Crayon Co 
ACODayron Corp 
ACPAltamil Corp – Chambers Division 
ACPAuto City Prod Co 
ACRAcromold Products 
ACSAcme Specialties 
ACTC Elect Div Gm Corp 
ACTC Spark Pug Div, Wi 
ACTActive Gear Co Inc 
ACUAcushnet Process Co 
ACVAcme Canvas Products 
ACWAmerican Cord and Twine Inc 
ACXAdvanced Custom Molders Inc 
ACYAlcoa Casting Co 
ACYAmerican Can Co 
ACZAccurate Spring Mfg Co 
ADAAuld, D.l. Co 
ADAAffiliated Distributors Inc 
ADBAssembly System Div of Buse Ind Inc 
ADCAccurate Die Casting Co 
ADCAdams, J.d. Mfg Co 
ADCAccurate Die Casting Co. 
ADDAerospace Design Inc 
ADEAdhesive Research Inc 
ADFAdirondack Steel Casting Co Inc 
ADGAccurate Die & Stamping – Div of Allied Products 
ADGAddressograph-multigraph Corp 
ADHAdell Prod Div Os Delaval Turbine Ca Inc 
ADIAir Diesel Inc 
ADJAdjl Enterprises Inc 
ADLAstro Development Laboratory Inc 
ADMAdm Corporation 
ADMAlmond, T.r. Mfg Co 
ADNAdvance Custom Molders, Inc 
ADPAdvanced Products Co 
ADR&DScrew Machine Prod 
ADSAssociated Spring Corp 
ADTAssociated Spring Corp, Chicago Plant 
ADUAmerican Die Cutting Co Inc 
ADVAdvance Stamping Co 
ADYAllied Dynamics, Inc 
AEBAerospatial Batteries 
AECAmerican Engineering & Die Casting Corp 
AECAcro Mfg Co 
AEDApplied Design Co Inc 
AEEAtlantic Engineered Div of Micron Metals 
AEFAetna Felt Corp 
AEGAmerican Cutter and Engineering Corp 
AEHAmerican Elec Heater Co 
AEIAmerican Aniline Prod Inc 
AEJAllen Design Inc 
AEKArtisian Electric Corp 
AELAmerican Excelser Co 
AENApplied Energy Tech Corp 
AEOAmerican Electroics 
AEPAmerican Excelsior Corp 
AERAeroquip Corp 
AERAtlantic Equipment Products 
AESAndrasko Eng Go 
AETAmerican Edge Tool Co 
AEXAdvanced Extrusions Limited 
AEYAmerican Efird Co 
AFAmerican Fireworks Co.New Jersey
AFAAll Fab Corporation 
AFBFairfield Scientific Corp Astro Fireworks & Mfg 
AFBAstro Fireworks & Mfg Co 
AFCAmerican Felt Co 
AFDAffiliated Distributors Inc 
AFEAircraft Engineering Corp 
AFFAmerican Furn & Fixture Inc 
AFGAcme Mfg Co 
AFHAccurate Forming 
AFIAmerican Refrigerator Co 
AFIAtlas Fabricators Inc 
AFJAdvanced Forming Technology Inc 
AFKAccurate Felt & Gasket Co 
AFLAlatec Products Inc 
AFMAfcom Inc 
AFNAllied Metrics, Inc 
AFPAmerican Defense Products Inc 
AFQRemco Hydraulic Inc 
AFRAllied Federal Ind 
AFTAdvanced Forming Technology Inc 
AFWAmerican Fireworks Co Inc 
AFZAshley F. Ward Inc 
AGAmetek Inc U.s. Gauge Div 
AGAmerican Machine & Metals Inc, Us Gauge Div 
AGAArmaturen-gellschaft M.b.h 
AGBC Ball Company 
AGCAutomated Gasket Corp 
AGEAggressive Engineering Corporation 
AGFGeneral Time Corp Elec Systems Div 
AGGAgustin Industries 
AGHAmgears Inc 
AGIAgc Inc 
AGKAmerican Graded Sand Co 
AGLAdvance Glove Co 
AGMAgm Cargo-ties Inc 
AGNAtlas Tag Co, Wi 
AGNAmerican Gas Machine Co 
AGOAgio Ind 
AGPAmerican Gear & Pinion Corp 
AGSAccurate Energetic Systems, Llc 
AGTAmerican Ring and Tool 
AGUAngler Ind Inc 
AGYAtlas Tag Co., Il 
AHCAnchor Coupling Co., Inc 
AHDAmerican Hoist & Derrick Co 
AHGAlphatrig Machine Co 
AHIBarium & Chemical Inc 
AHLAshland Chemical Co 
AHMAris Technical Chemical Co 
AHPApache Powder Co 
AHRAnchor Tool & Die Co 
AHTAmerican Chemmet Corp 
AHVArno Adhesive Tapes Inc 
AICAutomatic Ind Co 
AIDP Inst Co 
AIEAllied Material & Equipment Inc 
AIGAmerican Agile Co 
AIIApex Industries, Inc 
AILAlcan Ingot Powders Div Alcan Aluminum 
AIMAirport Mach Corp Everett-stewart Airport 
AINAim Precision Machining 
AIPArlington Instrument Prod 
AIRAtlantic India Rubber Co Inc 
AISAcme Dist. Inc 
AITAtlas Instruments Co 
AIUAlpine Industries 
AIVAmerican Industries Diversified 
AIWAmes Iron Work Div Fitzgibbons Boiler Co 
AIYAvon Industrial Polymers Ltd 
AJAAerojet General Corp Elec Div 
AJAAerojet Precision Weapons 
AJBAerojet Ordnance Co – Lone Star Aap 
AJDAerojet Ordnance & Mfg Co 
AJHAjax Hardware Corp 
AJHAjax Industries Inc Device & System Div 
AJKAerojet Ordnance Co – Kansas Aap 
AJLAerojet Liquid Rocket Co 
AJSAerojet-general Corp Solid Rkt Plant 
AJTAerojet Solid Propulsion Co 
AJTAerojet Propulsion Division 
AKDAvco American Kitchen Div 
AKEAction Manufacturing Co 
AKKAmerican Coating & Marking Inc 
AKTAction Mfg Co 
AKWAirwork Corp 
AKZAkizuki Ammunition Storage Area 
ALAAlabama Army Ammunition Plant 
ALBAlbina Corp 
ALBAllen-bradley Co 
ALCAluminum Co of America Closure Division 
ALDAlinabal Div Mpb Corp 
ALEAmerican Lamotite 
ALEAmalite Inc 
ALFAuto Sprinkler Corp of Maerica-amer Lafrance Div 
ALGAlger Manufacturing Co 
ALHArlind Co 
ALIAlpine Mfg Co Inc 
ALKAluminum Specialty Co 
ALLAl-bann Enterprises Inc 
ALMAllen Mfg Co 
ALNAlexander Tagg Ind Inc 
ALOAllomatic Ind Inc 
ALPAlpha-marvis Enterprises 
ALRHayes-albion Corp 
ALSAllegheny Metal Stamping Co 
ALTAtlas Tool & Mfg Co 
ALTAltender, Theo & Sons 
ALUAl Luna Machine Co Inc 
ALVAllmetal Screw Prod Co., Inc Alisco Div 
ALWAlanson Mfg Co 
ALXAluminum Co of America 
ALYAlloy Mfg Co 
ALZAll Pastics Molding, Inc 
AMAir-maze Div Rockwell-standard Corp 
AMAAms Mfg Inc 
AMBAmerican Banding Corp 
AMBAmerican Bantam Car Co 
AMCNeff Plastics 
AMDAcme Distributors Inc 
AMEAmes, B.c. Company 
AMFAmerican Elec 
AMGAstro Molding Inc 
AMGAcme Mfg & Gasket Co 
AMHAmerican Decal & Mfg Co 
AMIWhaley Mach Prod 
AMIAmerican Insulator Orp 
AMJAmtec Corp 
AMKAmetek Inc Hunter Spring Div 
AMLArco Molded Products 
AMMAmmco Tools Inc 
AMNAmcom Inc (Action Mfg Co) 
AMOAction Marking Co 
AMOAcme Metal Prod Corp, Il 
AMPApco Mossberg Co 
AMQAmerican Mach & Foundry Co 
AMRAmerican Roller Bearing 
AMRAmram Mfg. Corp.Vineland NJ
AMSAmerican Mfg Co of Texas 
AMSAimco Defense Corp 
AMTMach & Tool Co Inc 
AMTAmerican Motor Products Co 
AMUAction Manufacturing and Supply Co 
AMVAmp Industries 
AMWAmerican Ammunition 
AMXAdams Manufacturing 
AMYAlba Montemayor 
ANAAnderson Corp 
ANBAnchor Bolt & Screw Co 
ANCAnachemia Ltd 
ANDAngus Defense Systems, Inc 
ANE& Electronic Data 
ANFAnchor Fasteners 
ANHKorea-71st Ord Group Ammo 
ANIAmerican Fasteners/components Inc 
ANLAnaconda American Brass Co 
ANMAmerican Metal & Plastics Co 
ANNAnchor Industries Inc 
ANOAmerican Aluminum Co 
ANPAmerican Name Plate & Mfg Co 
ANRAmerican Nationcorp 
ANSAnchor Precision Prod Corp 
ANTAmerican Tape 
ANZKorea-forward Detachment 55th Ord Co 
AOAAluminum Co of America, Alcoa-dallas 
AOBAmoco Chemical Corp 
AOCAnillo Ind Inc 
AODAire-o-dyne Filter Corp 
AOEAerospace Components Inc 
AOFAlcor Mfg Co 
AOHAstrotherm Corp 
AOIAdvanced Oilfield Technology 
AOLAmerican Oil Co 
AOMAllomatic Ind Inc 
AOOAsco Sintering Corp 
AOPAir-o-plastic Corp 
AOSAerospace Components 
AOTAccurate of Texas 
AOUAmoco Chemical Corp Propellant Div 
AOVAcme Conveyor & Oven Co 
AOWAlabama Ordnance Works 
AOYAnniston Army Depot 
APAir-a-plane Corp 
APAAlpha Plastics Inc 
APBAlphatech Systems Inc 
APCAtlas Press Co 
APDAcme Steel Div of Interlake 
APEApache Indian Enterprises 
APFApplied Plastics Co., Inc Div of Univis Inc 
APGAberdeen Proving Ground 
APHAlcan Powders and Chemicals 
APIAllegheny Plastics Inc 
APIAerial Products Co 
APKAnchor Packing Co 
APLAmpulco (the American Pulley Co) 
APMAstra Pyrotechnics Limited 
APNAstra Pyrotechnics Canada Ltd 
APOAmerican Pamco Inc 
APOAutomotive Prod & Mfg Co 
APPAppleton Machine Co 
APRAero Products Research Inc 
APSAccent Plastics 
APTAlvord-polk Tool Co 
APUAstra Pyrotechnics Ltd 
APVAstra Pyrotechnics Inc 
APWAustin Powder Co Red Diamond Plant 
APXAlcan Powders and Chemical 
APYAmerican Poly-therm Co 
APZAmp Products Corp 
AQAAndrews Lumber Co 
AQZAutomatic Metal Prod Corp 
ARAmerican Radiator Co. 
ARAAtlantic Research Corporation 
ARBArmac Co., Tape Division 
ARCAmerican Casting Mfg Co 
ARCArcadia Mfg Inc 
ARDAir Reduction Co., Inc 
AREAeronca Inc Aerocal Div 
AREAtlantic Research Corp Ord Div 
ARFAirsco-die Crafters Inc 
ARGAtlantic Research Corporation 
ARHArrowsmith Industries, Inc 
ARIArral Industries Inc 
ARKArco Chemical Atlantic Richfield 
ARLAstral Electronics Inc 
ARMArmstrong Bros Tool Co 
ARNAeronca Ind, Middletown Div 
AROAro Corp 
ARPArmtec Defense Prod Inc 
ARQAeroquip Corp 
ARRAtlantic Research Corp, Flare Northern Division 
ARSAtlantic Research Corp, Flare Northern Division 
ARTAir Techniques, Inc 
ARUAdvanced Rubber Molding 
ARVAlliant Techsystems Inc – Radford Operations 
ARWAlliant Techsystems Inc – Aerospace System, Wv 
ARXAlliant Techsystems Inc – Texas 
ASAluminum Specialty Co 
ASAAsam Mfg Co 
ASBAtlas Bradford Co 
ASCAsc Industries Inc 
ASCAmerican Seating Co 
ASDAlloy Surface Inc 
ASEAll State Electronics 
ASFAmerican Safety Flight Sys Inc Rkt Jet Ard Div 
ASGAsburg Graphite Mills 
ASIAsc Chemical Inc 
ASKAmerican Star Cork 
ASLAcme Steel Co 
ASLAcme Packaging Corp 
ASMAuto Specialties Mfg Co 
ASNAstron Products 
ASPAllmetal Screw Prod 
ASPHeli-coil Corp 
ASRAstrodyne Inc 
ASSAssociated Spring Barnes Group Inc 
ASTAstrup Co 
ASUAucoin-miller Electric Supply Co 
ASWAlloy Surfaces Co., Inc 
ASXAll-steel Fabricators Co., Inc 
ASXAlbert Metal Stamping Corp 
ASYAir Space Supply 
ASZAerojet Solid Propulsion Co 
ATAAccurtron Tool and Instrument Co 
ATBAlliant Techsystems, Inc – Kansas 
ATCAutomatic Thread Control Corp 
ATCAvailable Truck Co 
ATDAtlantic Tool and Die 
ATEArlington Machine and Tool Co 
ATFAlliant Techsystems, Inc – Accudyne Operation 
ATGAmerican Tool Co 
ATHAir Techniques, Division of Hamilton Associates, Inc 
ATIArkansas Technical Ind Inc 
ATJAlliant Techsystems, Inc – Illinois 
ATKAtkins & Merrill Inc 
ATLAtlantic Research Corp 
ATMAmerican Technical Ind Inc 
ATPAtlantic Plastic Container Inc 
ATQAlliant Techsystems, Inc – Pennsylvania 
ATRAmerican Trover Corp 
ATRAcme Trailer Co 
ATSAutomatic Integrated Systems 
ATTWestern Elec Co Inc 
ATUAutonetics Inc 
ATVAlliant Techsystems, Inc – Tennessee 
ATVAtlantic Research Corp 
ATWAlliant Techsystems, Inc – Minnesota 
ATXAir Techniques, Inc 
ATXAmerican Technology Corp 
ATXAtochem, Inc 
ATYSusquehanna Corp Missile Sys Div 
ATZAutomotive Textile Products Co Inc 
AUBApple Rubber Products 
AUCAutomergic Chemicals 
AUIAusimont Usa Ink 
AULArundale Inc 
AUMAutomatic Elec Govt Div 
AUPAutomated Mahcine Prod Inc 
AURAccurate Foam Co 
AUSAustin Continental Ind Inc 
AUTAutomatic Products Corp 
AVCAvco Corporation Avco Sys Div 
AVDAvdel Inc 
AVIAvien Inc 
AVLAvco Corporation Lycoming Division 
AVMAtwood Vacuum Machine Co 
AVNAdvance Components Inc 
AVPAuto Vehicle Parts Co 
AVRAvco Corporation Rad 
AVSAdvanced Custom Molders 
AVTAdventure Line Mfg Co 
AVWAvionics Inc 
AWAmerican Welding & Mfg Co 
AWCAnaconda Wire & Cable Co 
AWDApache Powder Co Coast Fuze Div 
AWFAccurate Wire Forming 
AWGAll-ban Welding and Mfg Co 
AWIAlton Iron Works Inc 
AWPAtlas Powder Co 
AWRAdvance Wire Products 
AXAAmetek Inc Filtration & Separation Div 
AXBAnderson Copper & Brass Co 
AXJAjax Consolidated Co 
AXPAjax Paper Tube Co 
AXVAmerican Valve Mfg Corp 
AXWAmerican Paper Prod Inc 
AYIArsynco Inc 
AYNAmerican Cotton Yarns 
AYOAyo Company 
AYTAssociated Tool Co. Inc 
AZAAluminum Company of America 
AZDAmerican Cyanamid Co 
AZPAmresco Inc 
AZZ.T.C.Industries Inc 
BANaval Torpedo Station 
BANaval Warfare Engineering Station, Bangor Annex 
BAABendix Corporation, Michigan 
BABBanks Brothers Corp 
BACBeech Aircraft Corp 
BACBakelite Div, Union Carbide & Cabon Corp 
BADBarnes & Reinecke 
BADBeacon Auto Radiator 
BAEBaer Industries, Inc 
BAFB & F Manufacturing Co 
BAGBags, Inc 
BAHBachman Machine Co 
BAJBadger Army Ammunition Plant 
BAKSquare D Co 
BALNaval Ammunition Depot Balboa 
BAMB M Tool & Machine Co 
BAMByers,. M. Co 
BANNaval Warfare Engineering Station – Bangor 
BANBaltimore Porcelain Steel Corp 
BANBan Electronics 
BAOBentley Associates 
BAQBarry Controls Div of Barry Wright Corp 
BARBarry Controls, Unit of Barry Wright Corp 
BASBell Aerosystems Company 
BATBathey Mfg Co 
BAYBayern-chemie, Wek Aschau 
BBBurnham Boiler Corp.Zaneville OH
BBBBunting Brass & Bronze Co 
BBCBaxter Lumber Co 
BBCOrd Ammunition Supply F/ Brunswick-balke Collender 
BBFBarnum Bros Fiber Co 
BBGBei Defense Systems Co 
BBGBaldwin Electronics Inc 
BBNBrunswick Corp Tech Prod Div, Michigan 
BBOBennet Box Co Div of Colony Pine Co Inc 
BBOBoind Brook Oil-less Bearing Co 
BBPButler Paper 
BBSBaruch Box Shook Co 
BCB G Service Co Inc 
BCBriggs Filtration System 
BCABca Div of Federal Mogul Corp 
BCABearings Co of America 
BCBB & C Research 
BCCBarrett-cravens Co 
BCFBadger Cork & Mfg Co 
BCGBofors Carl Gustav Ab Vanasverken 
BCHBassichis Co 
BCHBruning Co 
BCIB & Cindustries 
BCKByerlyte Co of Koppers Co Inc 
BCKBuckeye Aluminum Co 
BCLBench Craft Luggage Inc 
BCMBe Cu Mfg Co Inc 
BCMBarber-coleman Co 
BCOByerlyte Co of Koppers Co Inc 
BCOBarcalo Mfg Co 
BCPKawecki Berylco Ind Inc 
BCQBarium & Chemical Inc 
BCRBeech Aircraft Corp 
BCSBearing Chain 
BCTB & C Corp 
BCVBeako Mfg Co 
BCXBendix Cheshire Corp 
BDBBridgeport Brass Co Div of Nat’l Distillers 
BDDBrunswick Corp, Def Div, Florida 
BDHBradley Thompson Tool Co 
BDPBrown Aluminum Corp 
BDXBead Chain Mfg 
BEABenecia Army Depot 
BEBBeebe Bros Inc 
BECBerskhire Electric Cable Co 
BECBeemer Eng Co 
BEDBertram Laboratories 
BEEBei Elect Inc – Ft. Worth Facility 
BEFElectronic Communication Inc Benson Mfg Div 
BEGBei Defense Systems, Inc, New Jersey 
BEHBell & Howell Co 
BELBrass Extrusion Lab Ltd 
BEMBeman Mfg Inc 
BEMBeam Mfg Co 
BEPBendix Corp Elec Power Div, New Jersey 
BEPBull Dog Elec Prod Co 
BERBermite Div of Tasker Ind 
BESE J Brooks Company 
BFBBest Foam Fabricators 
BFCBuffalo Forge Co 
BFFBardes Corp 
BFFBardes Forge & Foundry Co 
BFHBofors Ab, Sweden 
BFIBriarwood Fasteners, Inc 
BFLBristol Flare Corp 
BFPBell Fiber Prod 
BFSBosco Fastening Service Center 
BFWBrocks Fireworks Ltd.England
BGDLexington-blue Grass Army Depot 
BGDOrdnance General Supply F/boston Grinding Co 
BGGBrown Grease Gun Co Inc 
BGIBorg Ordnance Inc 
BGMBrowning Mfg Co Inc 
BGRAssociated Spring Corp Bgr Div 
BGSBig Sky Fabricators Inc 
BGWBoston Gear Works Div of N. American Rockwell Corp 
BHABhar Inc 
BHDBlack Hills Army Depot 
BHDOrdnance General Supply 
BHIBell Helmets Inc 
BHMBridgeport Hardware Mfg Corp 
BIBBristol Mfg Corp 
BIFBayfield Ind Inc 
BIIBradar Industries Inc.New Hyde Park, NY
BIMBlind Industries and Services of Maryland 
BINBearings Inc 
BIPBi-state Packing Inc 
BISBertie Ind 
BITBrockton Contract Packaginig Co 
BJBAmerican Mach & Foundry Co – Amf Friction Weld Div 
BJBJ. B. Beaird Co 
BJGBiddle, James G. Company 
BKBBank N Business 
BKBBanking Business 
BKCBlockson & Co 
BKEBlackstone Mfg Co Inc 
BKMBeako Mfg Co 
BKNBeckman Inst Inc Berkley Div 
BKPBaker Perkins Inc 
BKRBkm Resources Inc 
BKWBeckman & Whitely Inc 
BLBausch & Lomb Inc 
BLABlatek Ind Inc 
BLBBoston & Lockport Block Co 
BLCBalimoy Mfg Co Inc – Chippewa County 
BLEBarlow Mfg Co 
BLEBarlow Engineering Co 
BLFBelfag Services 
BLGBrake Lining Co Inc 
BLIBofors Liab Ab, Sweden 
BLJBelmore Johnson Tool Co 
BLMBarry L. Miller Engineering Inc 
BLRBall & Roller Bearing Co 
BLSBall Seal Engineering Co 
BLTBliss & Rockwood Div of E. W. Bliss Co 
BLTR. E. Schick Mfg Co 
BMBritish Marks Ltd 
BMABalimoy-mulberry Inc 
BMBBadger Meter Mfg Co 
BMCBelden Corp 
BMCBudd Mfg. Co. 
BMDBuick Motor Div of Gen Motors Corp 
BMFB & E Mfg 
BMIBuckingham Mfg Co 
BMJBruce Mfg & Molding Co 
BMLBowen-mclaughlin-york Inc Bair Siding 
BMMB.m.i. Inc 
BMNBertley Mold & Design Inc 
BMNBridgeport Metal Goods Mfg Co 
BMOBeaver Custom Moulding 
BMPBeaumont Precision Prod Machine Inc 
BMSCpb Fastener Briles Mfg Co 
BMTBarlow Metal Stamping Inc 
BMVBalimoy Mfg Co of Venice 
BMWBurndy-midwest Inc 
BMYBlount Military Facility 
BMZBalimoy Mfg Co 
BNTorrington Co 
BNCFmc Corp – John Bean Corp 
BNGBean Bag & Box Co 
BNGBruning, Chas. Co Inc 
BNIBarnett Instrument Co 
BNMBoonton Molding Co Inc 
BNPBendix Oceanics Inc, Div of Allied-signal Aerospace 
BNSByconics Inc 
BNYBaystate Novelty Co Inc 
BOCBorden Chemical 
BOEBogue Electric Mfg Co 
BOFBancroft Products Inc 
BOIBay Ordnance Inc 
BOOBonnot Co 
BOPBurlington Army Ammunition Plant 
BORBorg Instruments Inc 
BOSBoulder Scientific Co 
BOUBowsteel Distributors Corp 
BOWBower Roller Bearing Div of Federal-mogul Corp 
BOXBennet Box & Pellet Co Inc 
BOYBoyertown Auto Body Works 
BPAAmex Prod Fac of Bermite Powders 
BPCBirma Prod Corp 
BPGBrice Precision Engineering Inc 
BPIBermite Powder Div of Whittaker Corp 
BPIBayley Prod Inc 
BPLBerkshire Plastics Co Inc 
BPNBrown Prod Inc 
BPOBermite Powder Co Div of Whittaker Corp 
BPPBirma Prod Corp Insulcoustic Div 
BPRBradshaw Praeger & Co 
BPSBock Plastics 
BPTToldeo Beaver Tools Co Div of Curtin Mfg Co 
BPWBearings & Power Components 
BPYBurlington Paper Co 
BPYBetter Packages Inc 
BPZBrown & Perkins Inc 
BRABart Corp 
BRCBritish Mfg & Research Co Ltd 
BRCHaven Mfg Co 
BRDBreed Corp 
BRDBeard, L.o. Tool Co 
BRFBrocks Fireworks Ltd, Scotland 
BRIBiu Rau Inc 
BRJBrush Bryllium Co 
BRLBaker Div Otis Elevator Co 
BRMBerlin Mfg Div of Robin Industries 
BRPB & R Precision 
BRQBuckeye Rubber Prod Inc 
BRRBearrings Inc 
BRSBristol Co 
BRTBeralt Corp 
BRUBrunswick Corp, Arizona 
BRVBristol Dynamics 
BRWBorg-warner Corp, Chicago, Il 
BRWBorg-warner Corp Spring Div, Bellwood, Il 
BRXBrabant Brass Mfg Co 
BRYBarry Controls Unit of Barry Wright 
BSCBaker Sealant & Coating 
BSDBraineral Strapping Div of Sharon Steel Corp 
BSEBest Seal & Packing 
BSFBirdsboro Corp 
BSKBuchmann Spark-wheel Corp 
BSMBussmann Mfg Div Mc Graw Edison Co 
BSNBarton Solvents 
BSPBaystock Prod 
BSPW.f. Barnes & John Co 
BSTBay State Tap & Die Div of Cleveland Twist Drill Co 
BSVBlack Sivalls & Byrson Inc 
BSWBelmont Smelting & Refining Works Inc 
BTAAerojet Ordnance Mfg Corp 
BTAAerojet Ordnance Mfg. Corp. 
BTBBird Electron Beam Corp 
BTCBurrell Corp 
BTDBarker Tool Die & Gauge Co 
BTFBristol Tool & Forging Co 
BTOBrogdon Tool & Die Inc 
BTPBertelsen Tool Corp 
BTRBren-tronics Inc 
BTUBurton Mfg Co 
BTWBaltimore Tool Works Inc 
BTYBrighton Tool & Die Co 
BTZBootz Mfg Co Inc 
BTZBadger Tool & Mfg Co 
BUAButler Mfg Co 
BUBBudd Company, Pennsylvania 
BUDBuffalo Turbine Agricultural Equip Inc 
BUEThe Budd Co 
BUHGeorgge H. Bullard Company Inc 
BUJJ C Busch Co 
BUOBrucato Mfg Co Inc 
BUPBerncolors-poughkeepsie Inc 
BUSBudd Co Systems Technology Div 
BUSBurton Auto Spring 
BUTButler Paper Co 
BUXBuxmont Ord Co Subsidiary of J W Rex Inc 
BVBBridgeview Mfg 
BVMBalimoy Manufacturing of Venice Inc 
BWBudd Co Automotive Div 
BWBBuffalo Weaving & Belting Co 
BWCBulova Watch Co Inc 
BWDBrunswick Corp, Defense ProductsLincoln NE
BWEBabcock-wilcox/eri Operations 
BWGBrunswick Corp, Tech ProductsSugar Grove, VA
BWHW H Brady Co 
BWIBrainerd Woodcraft Co Inc 
BWKBrunswick Sports 
BWNWallace Barnes Div Associated Spring Co 
BWOBrown Wood Products Co 
BWPBrunswick Corp, Virginia 
BWPBayshore Wood Products Co 
BWRBulova Watch Co, American Std Div 
BWSBrown Wood Prod Co 
BWVBulova Watch Technologies Inc, Pa 
BXAArthur S. Brown Mfg Co 
BXCBendix Corp Comm Div York Plant 
BXRBerex Corp 
BYOBray Oil Co 
BYPBarry County Precision Inc 
BYRByer Mfg Co 
BZCBonewitz Chemical Co 
BZEBreeze Eastern 
CCraneBurns City, IN
CAColumbus Auto Parts Co 
CAACaerwent Activity 
CACCartwright Engineering Corp 
CADCadillac Motor Car Div of General Motors 
CADU.S. Army Ammo DeptCaptieux, France
CAEChampion Co 
CAFCanadian Arsenal Ltd 
CAGCambridge Filter Corp 
CAHChicago Mfg Co 
CAICapco Inc 
CAJCharleston Rubber Co Inc 
CAJColeman, Allan J 
CAKConsolidated Controls Corp 
CALCalgon Corp Neville Island 
CALCarlisle Tire & Rubber Div 
CAMCast-o-matic Inc Plant 
CAMCampbell-odell Corp 
CANCannon Engineering Inc 
CAOCessna Aircraft Co Mil Aircraft Div 
CAPChampion Commercial Ind Inc 
CAQMachine Cast Inc 
CARCarter Carburetor Div Acf Ind Inc 
CASCasco Prod Div 
CATCaterpillar Tractor Co 
CAVCatalyst Research Corp 
CAWCadillac Plastics 
CAXConax Corp, Fl 
CBCClark Brass & Copper Co 
CBCBalcrank Inc 
CBGCiba Geigy 
CBICommercial Box & Lumber Co 
CBLCommander Box & Lumber Co 
CBOCincinnati Box and Partition 
CBPCabot Corp 
CBP.S.Campbell Co., Inc 
CBRCarl Brewer 
CBWCentury Brass Products Inc 
CBXClendenin Bros Inc 
CCChrysler Corp Defense Oper Div 
CCAContinental Can Co Inc 
CCBCerro Copper & Brass Co Div of Cerro Corp 
CCBClark Cable Corp 
CCCConsin Components Corp 
CCDCrybnco Div of Cryogenic Tech Inc 
CCEConsolidated Controls Corp 
CCFCable Control Tech 
CCGCanada Cordage Inc 
CCHConstruction Chemical Corp 
CCIConover Co Inc 
CCJCrawford Container Co 
CCLCyanamid of Canada Limited 
CCMColumbian Chemicals Co 
CCNClevepak Corp 
CCOColumbian Carbon Co 
CCPConductron Corp Conductron Mo Div 
CCQCarron & Co 
CCRCentral Container Corp 
CCRCerro-copper & Brass Co 
CCRChemical Compounding Corp 
CCSCam Car Screw & Mfg Co 
CCSChicago Screw Co 
CCTChemical Compounding Corp 
CCTFriden, Inc Rochester Div 
CCTCommercial Control Corp 
CCUConway Clutch Co 
CCXCustomatic Corporation 
CCYCentury Corrugated Containers 
CDAAuto City Die Casting Co., Inc 
CDBCole Chemical & Distribution Inc 
CDCChurch & Dwight Co Inc 
CDDConductive System Ind 
CDFBudd Co Polychem Div 
CDFContinental-diamond Fibre Co 
CDGCrawford Development & Mfg Co 
CDICartridge Actuated Devices Inc 
CDMCly-del Mfg Co 
CDMCurtis Dev & Mfg Co 
CDNCarco Ind Inc 
CDPCarter-pol Development Corp 
CDSCanadian Safety Fuse Co Ltd 
CDSCarlstrom Pressed Metal Co Inc 
CDUDunagan, Clyde Wood Products 
CDWChurch & Dwight Co 
CDWChampion Dish Washing Machine Co 
CDXD C Cooper Co 
CEBCoonie’s Explosives & Black Powder 
CECConnecticut Env R & D Corp 
CECChandler-evans Inc 
CEDClark Div Euclid Designs & Dev Co 
CEGCharles E. Green Inc 
CEIThomas. Caserta Co 
CEKChicago Electric Mfg Co 
CELCelmar Mfg Corp 
CEMComet Engineering & Machining Inc 
CENCenteco Inc 
CENCentron Corp 
CEPCannon Elect (Itt) 
CEPCentral Prod Div 
CERCentury Tool & Mfg Co Inc 
CESCeertified Slings Inc 
CETCincinnati Electrical Tool Co 
CEWCew Manufacturing Co Inc 
CEXCia.mexicana De Mecha Para Minas 
CFBCommonwealth Felt Co Northampton Plant 
CFCCommonwealth Felt Co 
CFCChemung Foundry Corp 
CFDC F & D Engineering Co Inc 
CFEC F Electronics 
CFFC & F Fabrications Inc 
CFIContinental Forrest Industries 
CFMConnor Formed Metal Products 
CFNCamloc Fastener Corp 
CFOCentral Foundry Co 
CFPCliff Impact Div 
CFWCraftswell Inc 
CGACorning Glass Works 
CGBClevite Corp Cleveland Graphite Bronze Div 
CGCCommercial Mfg Co 
CGDCohasset Army Ammunition Activity 
CGECommercial Gasket & Packing Co 
CGGCastle Engineering Co Inc 
CGHFlexanics Div of Calumet & Hecla Inc 
CGICarleton Technologies Inc 
CGKArlen Industries 
CGLCogswell Lloyd B Mfg Co 
CGMConsolidated Graphic Materials 
CGOCadillac Gage Co 
CGPContainer Systems Corp Cargo Packers Div 
CGSCoating Systems 
CGXClark Gasket Co 
CHNaval Weapons Station, Charleston 
CHAChase Brass & Copper Co 
CHCCheck Mate Ind Inc 
CHEChase Metals Service 
CHECheney, Henry Hammer Corp 
CHFChicago Hardware Foundry Co 
CHICheek Engineering and Stamping Inc 
CHKCharlotte Ordnance Missile Plant 
CHMCustom Hydraulic & Machine Inc 
CHNChurch Metal Spinning Co 
CHPCherokee Plastics Company 
CHSChesco-cairns, Hays Elec Sales Co 
CHTAlsco Tech Fab Div 
CHTTechfab Div of Alsco Inc 
CHZCheek Mfg Inc 
CICascade Ind 
CICambridge Instrument Co Inc 
CIACelesco Industries Inc Ord Div 
CIBIci Explosives Quebec, Canada 
CIBCanadian Industries Ltd 
CICConcept Ind Inc 
CIDCoastline International Distributors 
CIGCabot Industries 
CIICortland Ind Inc 
CIICooperative Ind Ind 
CILCanadian Ind Limited 
CIMCasting Impregnation Inc 
CINCerac Inc 
CIPDoublas & Lomason Co Centenial Ind Plt 
CIPCalifornia Industrial Products, Inc 
CISUnited States Steel Corp 
CITC.p.a. Industries 
CIWCameron Forge Co 
CIWCameron Iron Works Inc 
CJDC.j. Duffey Paper Co 
CJPCamden Ordnance, L.p. 
CKCCrompton & Knowles Corp 
CKECook Electric Co 
CKVCook Paint & Varnish Co 
CLClum Mfg Co 
CLDClover Division Gti Corp 
CLEClevite Industries, Inc – Tech Center 
CLIClifton Metal Products 
CLJChicago Lock Co 
CLMColonial Mfg Co Inc 
CLMClayton & Lambert Mfg Co 
CLNCleveland Metal Products 
CLPComor Plastics 
CLRClover Industries 
CLSClover Sales 
CLTCenter Line Tool Co 
CLTCouncil Tool Co 
CLXCellox Corp 
CMACentury Machine 
CMBCampbell Plastic Engineering & Mfg Inc 
CMCContract Machining Corp 
CMCColeman Motor Corp 
CMDC & M Rubber Co 
CMECamden Mfg Co Sub of Aerojet GenCamden, AR
CMFCommercial Fasteners Corp 
CMGComoco Cox Mfg Co 
CMHCms, Inc, Hitech Facility 
CMICounty Mach Co 
CMKCustom Machine Works 
CMLChicago Miniature Lamp Works 
CMMCima Service Co 
CMNCraig Metal Craft 
CMOClymer Machine Co 
CMOCommando Tool Inc 
CMPCentury Molded Plastic Inc 
CMPChicago Molded Plastics Corp 
CMPGenco Machine Corp 
CMRCallen Mfg Co 
CMRCentral Machine Prod Co 
CMSCurtin Mathieson Scientific 
CMTLanson Industries Inc 
CMTCoplay Cement Mfg Co 
CMTCullman Metalcraft Inc 
CMUCoast Fuze Inc 
CMWCimco Wire & Cable 
CMXChamberlain Corp – Scranton Aap 
CMYCoronet Machinery 
CMZWhittaker Corp Columbus Milpar Div 
CNACustom Containers of America, Inc 
CNBColumbia Nut & Bolt Corp 
CNCContinental Cordage Corp 
CNICan-tite Rubber Corp 
CNNConnor Spring & Mfg Co 
CNPCentron Corp 
CNPCentral Fibre Prod Co 
CNQConncor Inc 
CNRCron Chemical Corp 
CNSComm-omni Supply Inc 
CNYCadillac Precision Prod Co 
CNZJ M Cranz Co Inc 
COContinental Motors Corp Mil Div 
CONaval Weapons Station, Concord, Ca 
COAAnthony Colontonio 
COCConpac Corp 
CODCharleston Army Depot 
COFCommercial Fasteners Corp 
COHBearing Inc 
COICoro Inc 
COLCollis Co 
COLColt Firearms, PyrodynamicsAtglen, PA
COMComerford Manufacturing Co 
COMContinental Machine Inc 
CONConco Incorporated, Illinois 
COPCornhusker Army Ammunition Plant 
COPCook Paint & Vanish Co 
CORCorbitt Co Inc 
COSCoilmatics, Inc 
COTColt Ind Chandler Evans Inc, Connecticut 
COVConverters, Inc 
COXConsolidated Box Co Inc 
CPAComet Gmbh Pyrotechnic-apparatebau 
CPBComponent Bar Products, Inc 
CPCComponents Parts Corp 
CPCCarpenter Mfg Co 
CPDCarellon Production Prod Inc 
CPECaran Precision Engineering & Mfg Corp 
CPFCompac Industries 
CPGChampion International Corp 
CPHC.p. Hall Co 
CPIControl Prod Inc 
CPJC P Clare & Company 
CPKClevepak Corp, New York 
CPMCanadian Professional Munitions 
CPOConsolidated Plasatics Co 
CPPCrawford Plastic Corp 
CPRContinental Piston Ring Co 
CPSChampion Packages Rap Ind Div 
CPSConsolidated Package & Supply Co 
CPTChicago Pneumatic Tool Co 
CPUConsolidated Property Accounting 
CPWCoatesville Plate Washer Co 
CPXCarolina Parachute Corp 
CPZCaptive Plastics Inc 
CRNaval Ammunition Depot 
CRACrane Army Ammunition Activity 
CRCCorco Precision Products 
CRDCarlyle Rubber Co 
CREComplete Reading Electric Co, Wisconsin 
CRFCraftsman Press 
CRFCapitol Refrigeration Co 
CRIComplete Reading Electric 
CRKContainer Research Corp 
CRLCentralab Div Globe Union Inc 
CRMCoronet Machinery Corp 
CRNCrown Fitting 
CROCroton Corp 
CRPChampion Rubber Prod Co Inc 
CRRCarrier Air Cond Co Special Prod Div 
CRSDaniels, C R Inc 
CRSCresent Truck Co 
CRTCertified Fasteners 
CRVFort Amador 
CRYColumbian Rope Co 
CRZChemical Research & Development Center 
CSAU.s. Army Combat Systems Test Activity – Aberdeen 
CSBCable Systems Inc 
CSCCook Spring Co 
CSDCentral States Diversified 
CSFCalcor Space Facility Inc 
CSIConnecticut Spring Corp 
CSKCommercial Solvents Corp 
CSLConsolidated Metal Products Inc 
CSMContainer Service Inc 
CSNCoding Scientists, Inc 
CSOCombined Systems, Inc 
CSPCedar Metal Specialists 
CSRComprehensive Research Chemical Corp 
CSSCommercial Shearing & Stamping Co 
CSTColumbia Steel Tank Co 
CSUCapitol Supply Co 
CSVCommerical Solvents Corp 
CSVCalifornia Stamping & Mfg Co 
CSYAvco Corp Precision Prod Div 
CSYAvco Elex Cif 
CTCentralab Div Globe-union Inc 
CTAAtalyst Research Corp 
CTCCrowley Tar Prod Co Inc 
CTDChem Tronics Div of Airtronics Inc 
CTEConnecticut Tel & Elec Corp of Meridian 
CTFChem Tronics, Div of Halabert Co 
CTGGeneral Texas Corp 
CTHConcept Tool & Machine Inc 
CTICentral Technology Inc 
CTIComet Ind 
CTJCombined Tactical Systems, Inc 
CTKCrompton Knowles Corp 
CTLControlled Atmosphere Processing Co 
CTMCustom Tool & Mfg Co 
CTNContinental Turpentine & Resin Co 
CTNContinental Elect Co 
CTOCima Machine and Tool Company, Inc 
CTPNational Eastern Corp 
CTRControlotron Corp 
CTSCentral Soya 
CTTContinental Cable Co 
CTVCreative Coatings, Inc 
CTXCartrix Parenteral Systems Inc 
CTYCarolina Tape Co 
CUCColumbian Chemicals 
CUDCarborundum Co Refractory Materials Plant 
CUECummins Engine Co 
CUJCurtis Universal Joint Inc 
CULCutler Metal Prod Co 
CUMChicago Uniform Mfg Co 
CUOCustom Mfg Co 
CURAccurate Electronics Corp 
CUSCustom Swiss Products 
CUTCurtis Dyna Prod Corp 
CVCCvc Products 
CVEPiezo Elect Div Clevite Corp 
CVMColumbian Vise & Mfg Co 
CVTCovert Mfg Co 
CWBCaldwell Casting Co Inc 
CWCCurtiss-wright Corp 
CWDCommonwealth Elec & Mfg Inc 
CWEClark & Wheeler Engineering Inc 
CWMChicago Wheel & Mfg Co 
CWNCrestwood Electronics 
CWPCrown Products Inc 
CWTAmerican Bridge Div of U.s. Steel Corp 
CXA208 Canadian Forces Tech Serv Detach 
CXBConax Corporation, New York 
CXCCrystal-x Corp 
CXDClark Can Co Inc 
CXEConax Corporation, California 
CXGClark Grave Vault Co 
CXMCox Manufacturing Co 
CXOCfc Co 
CXXCxa Limited 
CYGCanadian Acme Screw & Gear Lmt 
CYNCyanamid of Canada Limited 
CYPCrown Prod Co 
CZEConco Inc, Kentucky 
CZLCrown Zellerbach Corp Gaylord Container 
DANaval Surface Weapons Center 
DAADetroit Aluminum & Brass Corp 
DACDevices & Components Co 
DACD & C Mfg Co 
DADDiversified American Defense Inc 
DAEDay & Zimmerman Lone Star/camden Operations 
DAFDallas Foam 
DAHD & H Enterprise Inc 
DAIDale Elect Inc 
DAMDetroit Allied Machine Prod 
DANDavlan Engineering Inc Co 
DAODouble Prod Co 
DAPDeerwood Automatic Products 
DAQCanadian Arsenal Ltd 
DAQDaven Co 
DAQCanadian Arsenal Ltd (Dominion Arms, Quebec) 
DASDefiance Auto Screw Div Zeller Corp 
DATInland Automatic 
DAVDavid Band Inc 
DAYDayco Corp Rubber Prod Div 
DAZDay & Zimmerman Inc – Lone Star 
DBAKgi Corp (Dba-kingston Plastic Co 
DBCDiamond Brand Canvas Products Co Inc 
DBGDixie Bearings 
DBLDavid B Lilly Co Inc De Fastener Div 
DBSDunbar Sales 
DCDynation Corp 
DCDayton Air Compressor Co 
DCBDirilyte Co of American Inc 
DCCDonovan Construction Co 
DCDDie Crafters Inc 
DCEDelta Concepts Inc 
DCIDico Co Inc 
DCNDynaplex Corp 
DCODow Chemical Co 
DCODicks, C.o. Co 
DCPDow Corning Corp 
DCSDial Supply Co 
DCTD.c. Tech Research Center Inc 
DCWDow Chemical Co 
DCYDehner Co 
DDCE.i. Dupont Denemours and Co., Inc 
DDDDie Crafters 
DDEDetroit Diesel Engine Div of General Motors Co 
DDIDaedalean, Inc 
DDSDove Die & Stamping Co 
DDSDedoes Industrial 
DDWThe Deep Draw Corp 
DECDiamond Engineering Co Inc 
DECDespatch Oven Co 
DEDR. E. Darling 
DEHDemac Corporation 
DEIDela Enterprises Inc 
DEIDefense Industries 
DELDell Mfg Co 
DELDelta Mfg Co 
DELDeluxe Metal Furniture Co 
DEMDemps Mach & Tool Co 
DEMDiesel Engineering & Mfg Corp 
DENDennison Machinery Tool Co Inc 
DEPDependable Stamping Co 
DEQDennis Equipment Company 
DETR. E. Darling Co Inc 
DETDetroit Plastic Engineering Co 
DEUDeutsch Engineered Connected Devices 
DEXDexter Corp – Hysol Div 
DEYDelta Co 
DEZDeutsch Engineered Connected Devices 
DFADyna-fab Corporation 
DFCDefcon, Inc 
DFDDelfasco Forge 
DFFDehof Corporation 
DFIDalton Foundries Inc 
DFPDefense Metal Prod Inc 
DFRDelta Fasteners 
DFSDominion Foundries & Steel Lmt 
DFTDavid B Lilly Co Inc – Delfasco 
DGCDodge Cork Co Inc 
DGIDuroyd Gasket Mfg Co Inc 
DGKDenver Gasket 
DGODickey-grabler Co 
DGPDickson Gun Plant 
DGRMc Donnell Douglas Corp – Douglas Aircraft Co 
DIDel Ind Inc 
DIDioptric Engineering Lab 
DIBDiebel Mfg Co 
DICDixie Chemicals Inc 
DIEDie Cut Products Co 
DIIDell Ind Waycross Machine Shops Div 
DIMDie Masters, Inc 
DISDetroit Industrial Spring Corp 
DIVDivision Lead Co 
DIWDale Industry 
DIWDykes Iron Works, Inc – Gm 
DIXDixie Chemical Co 
DJCDoehler-jarvis Div National Lead Co 
DKADurkee-atwood Co 
DKLAmerican Mach & Fndry Co Union Machinery Div Dalkin 
DLCDialight Corp 
DLDDrive-loc Inc 
DLIDriv-lok Inc 
DLPDaylight Plastics Division 
DLSDallas Gasket & Packing Co 
DLTDelta Solvents & Chemical Inc 
DMDouglas Div Scott & Fetzer Co 
DMADie-matic Tool Co 
DMBDavies Metal Box Limited 
DMCDag Mfg Co 
DMCDart Union Co 
DMDDuroyd Mfg Co Inc 
DMFDayron Manufacturing Inc 
DMGDemco Mfg 
DMIDmi Inc 
DMODay Mfg Co 
DMPDetroitmetal Prod Inc 
DMWDynamic Machine Works 
DNDiehl & Co 
DNCDonaldson Co Inc 
DNFDune Manufacturing Co 
DNGDiehl Gmbh & Co Ammunition Div 
DNIDixson Inc Meter Div 
DNRDunrite Systems Corp 
DOBDowty Batteries 
DOCDefense Ordnance Corp 
DOCThe Dockson Corp 
DOMDomestic Fabrics Corp 
DOMDomestic Mfg Co Inc 
DONDon E. Williams Co 
DOSDomino Sugar Corp 
DOTDelco Elec, General Motors Corp Santa Barbara Op 
DOWDoty Industrial Corp 
DPCDelta Packaging Company 
DPDDoe-ppb Div 
DPGDiehl & Eagle-picher Gmbh 
DPHNaval Ordnance Center – Pacific Div/port Haddock 
DPIDura Plastics of New York Inc 
DPMDempco Mfg Co 
DPPDelta Packaging Products Inc 
DRADravo Corp 
DRCDuraco Inc 
DRDDelco Radio Div Gen Motors Co 
DRFDefense Research, Inc – Al 
DRGDiehl Gmbh & Co Ammunition Div 
DRIDefense Research, Inc – Fl 
DRKDrake Mfg Co 
DRMDe Russ Machine Prod Co 
DRMDurham by Randall 
DRSDavid Round & Son Inc 
DSADie Systems 
DSCDiamond Shamrock Chemical Co Nopco Cml Div 
DSCDuban Shade Corp 
DSDDresser Mfg Div of Dresser Ind Inc 
DSEDesign Engineering 
DSFDayton Steel Foundry Co 
DSGDesignatronic Inc Sterling Inst Div 
DSIDelta Strapping Ind Inc 
DSMDesmond & Stephan Mfg Co 
DSNDesign Engineering 
DSODelta Southern Co Div of Sw Fab & Weld Co Inc 
DSPDeking Screw Products Inc 
DSSDadant & Sons 
DSTDefense Personel Support Center 
DTADetroit Arsenal 
DTIDela-tek Inc 
DTKDimatic Die & Tool Co 
DTKDie & Tool Prod Co 
DTPDetroit Tube Prod 
DTSDuffy Tool & Stamping Co 
DTYDuty Mfg Co 
DUCDuracell International Inc 
DUFDuo-fast of Texas 
DUKDukes Co Inc 
DUME.i. Dupont 
DUMDumore Co 
DUNDundick Corp 
DUOElectrotech Inc 
DUPE.i. Dupont Denemours & Co Inc – Delaware 
DUQDupont Corp Newport Army Ammunition Plant 
DURDuroyd Manufacturing Co Inc 
DUTE.i. Dupont – California 
DUVDuval Corp 
DUWE.i. Dupont – Potomac River Works 
DVDole Valve Co 
DVADelaware Valley Armaments Inc 
DVADaven Co 
DVCCaelus Devices Inc 
DVDClark David Co 
DVHDavison Chemical Corp 
DVIDiversified Industries 
DVLDeval Corp 
DWCDe Woody Co Inc 
DWMDrewes Div Intercontinental Mfg Co 
DWPD W Products Inc 
DWRContainer Corp of America Delaware Plastics 
DWRDiamond Wire & Cable Co 
DWSDiamond Wire Spring Co 
DWWD W Screw Machine Products 
DWYDwyer Products Corp 
DXPDictaphone Corp 
DYDavey Compressor Co 
DYCDyna Cast Ltd 
DYEAbex Corp – Denision Div 
DYMDyn America Inc 
DYNDynation Corp 
DYPDygert-peck Co 
DZADay & Zimmerman – Kansas Div 
DZKDay & Zimerman 
EAEdgewood Arsenal Chemical Systems Lab 
EAAEmerson & Cuming 
EABEnfab Div of Filters Inc 
EACEaton Corp 
EAIEastern Ind Div 
EANElf Atochem N. America Inc 
EAOEagle Pitcher Co – Ohio 
EARExact Aerospace Industry Inc 
EASEngineered Air System Inc 
EATEllsworth Adhesive Systems 
EBEberhard Mfg Co 
EBAE Baker and Associates Inc 
EBCEconomy Baler Co 
EBGThe Ensign-bickford Co – Ct 
EBIEisen Brothers Inc 
EBMCia Mexicacna De Mecha Para Minos 
EBNEverlock Erie Inc 
EBOEbonex Inc 
EBPEveready Battery Co Inc 
EBSElectronics Batteries Inc 
EBWThe Ensign-bickford Co – Il 
EBYEby, Hugh H. Company 
ECEthyl Corporation 
ECAEmbosograf Corp of America 
ECBEconomy Die & Gasket Co 
ECCElectro Cords Co 
ECCIndustrial Clutch Corp 
ECDElectro-cords Co 
ECEEaston Car & Construction Co 
ECIElectro Cml Inc 
ECLEagle Chemical Co 
ECMBendix Corp, Motor Comp Div, Ny 
ECNExplosives Corp of America, Sub of Rkt Research 
ECOEcho Elect Mfg Corp 
ECPEastern Canvas Prod 
ECSEcon Industries S.a.i. 
ECTEct Corp 
ECTEveredy Co 
EDEsb Inc 
EDAEsna Div Amerace Corp 
EDDPacific Scientific Energy Dynamics Div 
EDHEdlen Harman Prod Co 
EDIExplosive Devices Inc 
EDIEdison, Thomas., Instrument Div 
EDMElectro Design Manufacturing, Inc 
EDNEdens Automatics Co 
EDOEdo Corp 
EDPEdison Plastics 
EDSEdsamm Manufacturing Co 
EDZElectronics Deveopment Corp 
EEDEdison Electronics Div Mc Graw Edison Co 
EEIEf & Ef Industries 
EELEley Export Lmt 
EEMEmerson Electric Mfg Co 
EENErie Enameling Co 
EEYEugene Engineering Co Inc 
EFBGermany-84th Ordnance Battalion 
EFDLoral Corp – Engineered Fabrics Div 
EFIElectro Film Inc 
EFPEng-foam Plastic Inc 
EGIEssex Group Inc Specialty Products 
EGNEssex Group Inc Industrial Products Div 
EGSElegant Garments 
EHHEby, Hugh H. Co Inc 
EICEdil Inc 
EIIEmery Ind Inc 
EJSSchoettle, Edwin J. Co Inc 
EKEastman Kodak Co Apparatus & Optical Div 
ELElray Mfg Co 
ELCEver Ready Label Corp 
ELDEldorado Cartridge Corp 
ELFElectronic Fasteners Inc 
ELLEllisco Inc 
ELTEl Tech 
EMCEpic Mfg Corp 
EMCElectro-motive Div (Gmc) 
EMEElectromechanics Inc 
EMFElectrical Mfg Co 
EMIElectro Module Incorporated 
EMKElectro-mechanical Lab 
EMLE/m Lubricants Inc 
EMOEmco Inc 
EMREmil Rivers Inc 
EMWEnmar Inc 
EMWEdmond Wood & Metal Products Co 
ENBThe Ensign – Bickford Co, Ct 
ENCElectro-nite Co 
ENCEvans Case Co 
ENGU.s. Army Engineering R & D Lab – Us Corp of 
ENIEncore Industries 
ENPEngineering Plastics Co 
ENSThe Ensign-bickford Co, Ct 
ENTEnvirontronics Inc 
ENVGoodwin Industries – Dba Environtronics 
ENWElgin National Watch Co Diamond Prod Div 
EODErie Army Depot 
EPAEmco Porcelain Enamel Co Inc 
EPCEngineering Plastics Co 
EPEElwell-parker Elec Co 
EPGEastern Nprecision Tool & Gage Co 
EPHEagle Pitcher Co – Mo 
EPOEconomy Prodcuts Co 
EPPEngineering Plastics Prod Corp 
EPSEverseal Prod Co 
EPTErdie Paper Tube Co 
ERErie Technological Prod Inc 
ERNaval Weapons Station Earle 
ERAEngineering Research Inc 
ERCElmhurst Rubber Co 
EREO Smith Corp Meter Systems Div 
EREErie Meter Systems Inc 
ERHEarnest Holmes Co 
ERIEngineering Research Inc 
ERIEricson Mfg Co 
ERLEmpire Helicopters 
ERPEmerson Radio & Phonograph Corp 
ERRExecutive Resource Associates, Inc 
ERUExcel Rubber Co 
ESAS.a.s. Reber 
ESBEmpire Swithboard Co Inc 
ESCEdward L Sibley Mfg Co Inc 
ESDHtl Energy Systems 
ESIEastern Specialists Inc 
ESIEdmonds & Sons Co 
ESNElectro Seal Corp 
ESNElectro-snap Switch & Mfg Co 
ESPPhrobis Iii Ltd 
ESTEstate Cartridge, Inc 
ESUElastic Stock Nut 
ESYEngineered Systems Inc 
ETAEtamco Industries 
ETCErie Technological Prod Inc 
ETCElectric Motor Corp Div 
ETEEnterprise Co 
ETGEnvironmental Technologies Group Inc 
ETHEtowah Mfg Co Inc 
ETIEt Inc 
ETIExplosive Technology, Inc 
ETLEncor Technologies, Inc 
ETMEastern Tool & Mfg Co 
ETNE-tron Corp 
ETRElectronis Connectors Inc 
ETSEmpire Tool & Supply Corp 
ETTElectronetics Corp 
ETWErie Tool Works 
ETXBayfield Ind Div of Auto Sprinkler Corp of Amer 
ETYEthyl Corp Chemicals Group 
EUCElectrical Utilities Cor 
EUREuropac Corp 
EVTitan Pump & Engineering Corp 
EVCEureka Williams Corp Div National Union Elec Co 
EVEEveready Battery 
EVHEverite Machine Prod Co 
EVIEnergy Vent Inc 
EVNLempco Industrial Inc Evans Div 
EVNEvans Reamer & Machine Co 
EVVEnvirotronics Inc 
EWCAstra Precision Prod 
EWCE Walters & Co Inc 
EWEE. Walters 
EWIEast Wind Industries Inc 
EWYE W Yost 
EXEssex Cryogenics Industries Inc 
EXAExacto Inc 
EXBExide Power Systems Division 
EXCExcel Corp 
EXEExar Industries Inc 
EXIEssex Group Inc 
EXLExcelsior Inc 
EXMExcel Machine Company 
EXNExxon Co 
EXOExomet Inc 
EXOEx-cell-o Corp 
EXRExotic Rubber and Plastics 
EXSExcel Specialty Corp 
EXTExomet Inc 
EYLEyelets for Industry 
FAFrankford Arsenal 
FABFabricated Metal Products Inc 
FACFactoria Mfg Co 
FAKF Krause Assoc Inc 
FAMFrancis Assoc Co 
FAUFauconniere Mfg Corp 
FBFederal Bearings Co Inc 
FBNaval Weapons Station – Fallbrook Annex 
FBCF & B Manufacturing Co 
FBIFort Belknap Industries 
FBLFarrel Corp 
FBMF & B Mfg Co 
FBMFairbanks, Morse & Co 
FBOPrimex Technologies – Olin Ordnance Corp 
FCFederal Cartridge Corp – Anoka Plant 
FCFederal Cartrridge Corp 
FCAFederal Cartridge Corp – Anoka Plant 
FCCFederal Container Co 
FCCF. C. Castelli Jco 
FCDBw/ip International 
FCEForsyth County Economic Development Corp 
FCIFairchild Camera & Inst Copr Defense Prod Div 
FCKFederal Cartridge Corp 
FCMFriend Mfg Corp 
FCNFiltrol Corp 
FCOArt Craft Converters 
FCSFairchild Semi-conductor, Div of Fairchild Camera 
FCSFerry Cap & Set Screw Co 
FCTFacilities Inc 
FCWFlour City Mfg Co 
FDBFiber Inter Inc 
FDIFoam Design Inc 
FDLFederal Laboratories Inc.Saltzberg, PA
FDSFederal Steel Prod Corp 
FECFidelity Elec Co 
FEDFmc Corporation Ord Eng Div 
FEIFrontier Enterprse Inc 
FELFelt Parts Co Inc 
FEMFarley Engineering & Mfg Co Inc 
FENFenwal Inc 
FERFerrulmatic Inc 
FESFederal Stamping 
FFFruehauf Corp Military Prod Div – East 
FFCFelters Co 
FFIFlightex Fabrics Inc 
FFLFranklin Fiber Lamitex Corp 
FFSFisher Scientific Co – Nj 
FFVFfv Fingaker – Sweden 
FGEFlorida General Elec Inc 
FGEFogle Mfg Co 
FHBFuller, H.b. 
FHCFairchild Hiller Corp Republic Aviation Div 
FHIFrank Hallister Co Inc 
FHRFate-root-heath Co 
FIAFlint Ink Corp – Tx 
FICFlink Ink Corp – Mi 
FIDBendix Corp Environmental Science Div, Md 
FIEFoamade Ind 
FIIFutronics Ind Inc 
FIIFortune Industries Ind 
FIMFine Mfg Inc 
FISFerranti International 
FKFalk Corp 
FLAInflation System International 
FLCFluid Power Inc 
FLDFluid Electrode Device Corp 
FLIFlight Systems Inc 
FLOFlormell Adhesive Products Inc 
FLPFlinchbaugh Prod Div of Gen Def Corp, Pa 
FLSFlight Systems Inc 
FLTFligh Insulation 
FLXFlextron Industries 
FMNaval Ammunition Depot 
FMAFmc Corp Defense Technology Lab Micronics Div 
FMCFielder Mach Co Inc 
FMCFidelity Mfg Co Inc 
FMGFalcon Mfg Co 
FMIFoam Molders & Specialities, Inc 
FMOFox Mfg Co 
FMPFredericks Marking Prod 
FMPFabrique Militar De Braco De Prata Ruo Fernando 
FMSFlexible Material Converters 
FMSFriction Mat’l Standards Inst Inc 
FNBFabrique Nationale Herstal (Bds) 
FNDSusquehanna Corp Ord Div 
FNMF.n. Manufacturing Inc 
FNRFisher & Norris Inc 
FOAFolger Adams Co 
FOEArmtec Defense Prod 
FOEEfmc Eldon Fiber Glass Div 
FOGFmc Corp Defense Technology Lab 
FOMFood Machinery & Chemical Corp 
FOOFoote Mineral Co 
FORFormasa Plastics Corp 
FOTFoam Technologies Inc 
FPFelpro Inc Div of Felt Prod 
FPAField Plastics Inc 
FPBFisher Paper Box Co 
FPCFelt Parts Co Inc 
FPCFabreeka Prod Co 
FPIFreund Precision Inc 
FPMFarley Prodution Mfg Co 
FPNFoam Prod Corp 
FPOFelpro Inc Div of Felt Prod 
FPRFoam Products Corp 
FPTFort Peck Tribal Ind 
FPWFlinchbaugh Prod Div Gen Def Corp, Nj 
FPYIci Fluoropolymers 
FRAFrontier Alloys and Manufacturing Inc 
FRCFree State Supply Co 
FRHFrench & Hecht Div Kelsey-hayes Wheel Co 
FRTFreed Transformer Co Inc 
FSAU S Armament’s Corp 
FSCFairfield Scientific Corp 
FSEFastex Div Illinois Tool Works 
FSGFourslide Spring Products Inc 
FSIForest Scientific Ind Ultrasonic Div 
FSIFaber, S.w. Inc 
FSPFasson Products 
FSRFastening Service Center 
FSRFort Smith Rim & Bow Co 
FSSFirth Sterling Inc 
FSTFisher Scientific Co, Tx 
FSWFederal Screw & Supply Co Inc 
FTFirestone Tire & Rubber Co Gov’t Contracts Div 
FTAChaparral Ind Inc 
FTCFontaine Truck Equipment Co 
FTEFirst Electronic Corp 
FTIFilters Co, Inc 
FTNFas-tronics Inc 
FTOFloturn Inc 
FTRFoam Trek, Inc 
FTRFort Richardson 
FTSFelters Co 
FTWFort Wainwright 
FUHughs Tool Co 
FULFuller Transmission Div Eaton Yale & Towne Inc 
FUSFusion Rubbermaid Corp 
FWCAro Corp Buffalo Div 
FWDFwd Corp 
FWGF W Gardner & Son 
FWPFormworks Plastic Inc 
FWSFairchild Weston Sys Inc 
FWWFlint Iron & Wire Works 
FYRFyr-fyter Co 
FZRFraser Mfg Corp 
GGrabler Co. 
GAAGlasgow Army Ammunition Activity 
GABGreat American Wirebound Box Co 
GAENorton Co Goulc & Everhardt Div 
GAFGaf Corp 
GAIGaertner Scientific Corp 
GALGallmeyer & Livingston Co 
GARGardner Ind 
GARGarlock Inc 
GASGeneral Automotive Specialty Co Inc 
GAUGideon Anderson Lumber Co 
GAWGateway Army Ammunition Plant 
GBUnited States Naval Station – Guantanamo Bay 
GBAGould National Batteries Inc 
GBIGoodman Ball Inc 
GBNGeneral Binding Corp 
GBOGoodrich, B.f. Chemical 
GBTGreif Brothers Corp 
GBXGreen Bay Packaging Inc Corrugaid Div 
GCCGeneral Electric Co 
GCDGranite City Army Depot 
GCECharles E. Gillman Company 
GCKGeorge K. Garret Div Missile Ind Inc 
GCOGladding Cordage Corp 
GCPGayston Corp 
GCPGoerz, C P American Optical Co 
GCRGama Chemical Corp 
GCXGeneral Chemical Corp 
GDAG & D Aircraft Parts Inc 
GDCGries/dynacast Co – Div of Coats & Clark Inc 
GDFGeneral Dynamics – Fort Worth 
GDHGeneral Dynamics – Ponoma Div – Camden 
GDIGeneral Defense Corp – Tactical System 
GDMMartin Marietta Ordnance Systems Inc 
GDPGeneral Dynamics Electro-dynamics Div 
GDRGrace W R & Co Davison Cml Div 
GDRGirard Mfg Co 
GDVGeneral Development Corp 
GDYGoodyear-aerospace Corp 
GEGeneral Elec Co Armament Dept 
GEAGeneral Elec Co Aerospace Sys Dept 
GECGeneral Electric Supply Co 
GEDGeneral Electric Co Aerospace Sys Dept 
GEEGeneral Electric Co Electronics Parkway 
GEEGenesee Tool Co 
GEGGeneral Industries Co 
GEIGeneral Instrument Corp Rectifier Div 
GELGel Systems 
GENGentex Corp 
GEOGaynor Elec Co 
GEPGarcia Enterprises 
GERGerstenslager Co 
GESGeneral Elec Co Silicone Div 
GETGarretson Equip Co Inc 
GEVGeneral Engineering Services Inc 
GEXGoex Inc 
GEYGeneral Laboratory Associates Inc 
GFFG F Fedon and Company 
GFIGardner-fairfield Industries 
GFTGrandeur Fasteners 
GGGKeystone Stamping Works 
GGMG G Green Manufacturing Corp 
GGOG Genschow & Co 
GHGeneral Hardware Mfg Co Inc 
GHCSymington Wayne Corp Gloge Hoist Div 
GHXGreer Hydraulics Inc 
GIGeonautics Inc 
GIGibson, W D Co Div of Assoc Spring Corp 
GIAGottscho, Adolph Inc 
GIBGeneral Impact Extrusion Corp 
GICGlobe Imperial Co Div of Harsco Corp 
GIDG.p.i./giefing’s Projects Inc 
GIEGeneral Impact Extrusions Ltd 
GIFGeorgia Industrial Fasteners Corp 
GIIGlobe Industries Div of Trw Inc 
GILGil Inc 
GINGolden Industries Inc 
GIWGreene Industries West Inc 
GJNG J Nikolas & Co Inc 
GKIGeneral Kinetics, Inc 
GKTGasket Specialities 
GLGuide Lamp Div of Gen Motors Corp 
GLAMotorola Inc Chichgo Ctr Gov Elec Corp 
GLDGlode Paint & Coatings 
GLEGlenco Mfg Co 
GLIGalaxy Labs Inc 
GLMGlobe Metalurgical Inc 
GLNGalion Amco Inc 
GLNValentec Galion Inc 
GLOGlopak Corporation 
GLPGlobe Safety Prod 
GLSGreat Lakes Plastics 
GLUGlobe Union Inc 
GLXGeneral Box Co 
GLYGeneral Relay Corp 
GMGeneral Motors Corp 
GMAGamma Ind Div of Nuclear Sys Inc 
GMCGundlach Mfg Co 
GMEGray Marine Motors Co Sub of Continental Mtr Corp 
GMGGeneral Molding Corp 
GMIGeneral Machine & Instrument Co Inc 
GMLGlover Mills Co 
GMOGrammercy Mach Corp 
GMPGenco Mach Corp 
GMRGibbs Mfg & Research Corp 
GMRGray Marine Mtr Co, Sub of Contl Motors 
GMSGage Metalcraft Inc 
GMTGeneral Machine and Tool Co 
GMWGem Mfg Co Inc 
GNCGen Con Plastics 
GNLGeneral Mills Inc 
GNMGeneral Mach Prod Co Inc 
GNPGeneral Time Corp Space & Sys Div 
GNSGeneral Screw Products 
GNTGeneral Time Corp Acronetics Div Aerospace Dept 
GNXGeneral Box Co 
GOAGoodyear-aerospace Corp 
GOCGlendale Optical Co 
GOEGearhart Owens Ind Belin Plant 
GOEGoex Inc Belin Plant 
GOIGerhart-Owens IndustriesFort Worth, TX
GOMG & O Mfg Co 
GOOGoodall Rubber Co 
GOPGlendale Optical 
GOUGould-midwest Corp 
GOXGoex Incorporated 
GPAGraham Paper Co 
GPCGeneral Partition Co Inc 
GPELink Group Adv Prod Div Gen Precision Sys Inc 
GPFGeuder Paeschke & Frey Co 
GPGGeneral Packaging Corp 
GPIGary Co Inc 
GPPGoodman Paper Products 
GPSStaver Co Inc 
GRG & R Industries Inc Special Prod Div 
GRB.f. Goodrich Co 
GRAGeneral Radio Co 
GRBGoshen Rubber Co Inc 
GRCGary Co Inc 
GREGrentek Inc 
GRFGeneral R F Fittings Inc 
GRIGridley Machine Co Inc 
GRMGurney Mfg Co Inc 
GROGrove Tool Co 
GRPGuardian Parachute – Div Fxc Corp 
GRPGonmac Products 
GRQMite Corp 
GRRGries Reproducer Co 
GRTGriffith-polymers Inc 
GRVGroov-pin Corporation 
GSBGreat Southern Wirebound Box Co 
GSCGeneral Scientific Corp 
GSEGeneral Services Administration 
GSFGolden State Fireworks Co 
GSGGeneral Spring and Wire Co Inc 
GSMAllard Industries, Inc/dba Granite State Mfg 
GSNGray Syracuse Inc 
GSPGeneral Screw Prod 
GSPPrecision General Inc 
GSUUs Gasket & Shim Corp 
GSWGeneral Scientific Equip Co 
GTGermantown Tool & Machine Works Inc 
GTCGenisco Technology Corp 
GTDGottschall Tool & Die Inc 
GTEGlobal Technologies Inc 
GTHGuenther Systems Inc 
GTIGraham Transmission Inc 
GTKGeneral Tool of Kalamazoo Inc 
GTNGulton Industries Inc 
GTPGlitsch Special Products Inc 
GTRGeneral Tire & Rubber Co 
GTSGeneral Texas Corporation 
GTTGeneral Texas Corporation 
GTWGeneral Tire & Rubber Indl Prod Div 
GUUnited States Naval Magazine – Guam Marianas 
GUNGunison International Inc 
GVCGeorge V. Clark Co Inc 
GVRGrove Valve & Regulator Co 
GVTGillespie Coatings Inc 
GWGar Wood Industries Inc 
GWGGene W. Goble & Associates Inc 
GWMGreenwich Mach & Tool Co 
GWOG W Galloway Co 
GWPGatewood Products, Incc 
GXCGoex, Inc 
GXPGeneral Prod Co Inc 
GXSGeneral Staple Co 
GYCGeneral Dynamics Convair 
GYIGraseby Dynamics Ltd 
GYOGlobe Machinery & Supply Co 
GYRGrand Machining Co 
GZPG Z Products Inc 
HNaval Ammunition Depot 
HAHarvey Aluminum Inc 
HANaval Ammunition Depot 
HAHawthorne Naval Ammunition DepotHawthorne, NV
HABHabhegger E O Co 
HACHowmet Aluminum Corp Extrusion Prod Div 
HADHercules Aerospace Div 
HAEHawley Prod Co 
HAEHayes International Corp 
HAFHampshire Specialty Products Inc 
HAIHanley Ind 
HAIHighway Advertisers Inc 
HALHansen,.l. Manufacturing Co 
HAMHamilton Watch Co 
HANHandi-textiles Mfg Corp 
HAPHeart Plastics 
HAQHughes Aircraft Co, Tuscon Div 
HARHarris Brothres Co 
HASH & S Swansons Tool Co 
HATHamilton Technology Inc 
HAUHauser Products Inc 
HAVHaveg Industries Inc 
HAWNaval Ammunition Depot 
HAWHawthorne Naval Ammunition Depot/PlantHawthorne, NV
HAYHayes Tooling and Plastic Inc 
HAZHadco of Arkansas Inc 
HBThiokol Cml Corp Bristol Oper Elkton Corp 
HBHess Bright Mfg Co 
HBBFuller, H.b. Co , Sub of Fiber Resin Div 
HBCHagerity Brothers Co 
HBFHb Fuller Co 
HBGHolmberg Inc 
HBIShampaine/oem Div Affiliated Hosp Prod Inc 
HBIHubeny Brothers Inc 
HBMFruehauf Corp Hobbs Trailer Div 
HBMHobbs Mfg Co 
HBOHanson Bros Inc 
HBRHoover Universal Ball & Roller Div 
HCHarvill Corp 
HCCole-hersee Co 
HCCHolker Cml Corp 
HCCHudson Motor Car Co 
HCHHooker Chemical Corp 
HCIHtl Caribe Inc 
HCJHorton Co 
HCLHercules Inc, Radford, Va 
HCNHargo Corp 
HCNHeekin Can Co 
HCOHarville Corp 
HCPHaskon Corp 
HCRHarcross Chemicals Inc 
HCSHerman C. Starke Inc 
HCTHighlander Co 
HDBHadbar Inc 
HDCHolston Defense Corp 
HDLHardill Assoc Ltd 
HDMHeider Mfg Co Inc 
HDSHan-dee Spring & Mfg 
HDTHarry Diamond Laboratories 
HDYHarley Davidson York Inc 
HEAHeald Machine Co Inc 
HECHercules Inc 
HECHerbert Mfg Co Inc 
HEDNorris Ind Inc Hesse-eastern Div 
HEDEdmund Hans Ind 
HEDHerty Foundation 
HEEHermes Electronics Limited 
HEJKorea-833rd Ord Co 
HEKHeckethorn Mfg Co 
HENHentzen Chemicalc and Coatings Inc 
HEOHardwicke-etter Co 
HEPHercules Inc, Kenvil Works 
HERHercules Inc 
HESHesse Machine & Manufacturing Co 
HETHoffman Elec Corp Military Prod Div 
HETHeatube Corp 
HEXHexagon Tool & Engineering Corp 
HEZHeim Universal Corp 
HFHuffman Mfg Co Service Equip 
HFIHollow Form Inc 
HFNHobbs Fasteners Inc 
HFTHydraulic Tubes & Fittings 
HGHighway Trailer Industries, Inc 
HGCHarrington Co 
HGIHi-g Inc 
HGLHughes Georgia, Inc 
HGNHelgesen Industries, Inc 
HHEHall & Hall Enterprises 
HHIH & H Machine Tool Co of Iowa 
HHMH & H Machine Tool Co 
HHSH & H Swiss Screw Machine Prod Co Inc 
HIHumphrey Inc 
HIAHercules Inc Allegheny Ballistics Lab 
HIBKorea 71st Ord Group Ammo 
HICHuber Mfg Inc 
HIDHonig Industrial Diamond Wheel Inc 
HIFHi-tech Mfg Inc 
HIIHolub Industries Inc 
HIKHercules Inc Kenvil Works 
HILHerf Industries Inc 
HIMHarvard Interiours Mfg Co 
HINHercules Incorporated 
HIPHumphrey, Inc 
HIRHarvard Interiors 
HITHi-tek Corporation 
HIXHi-ex Corp 
HJAHoneywell Inc, Honeywell Lap Facility – Joliet 
HKRHawkeye Rubber Manufacturing Co 
HKSH. Koch & Sons Div 
HLCHeil Co 
HLIHalsey Inc 
HLLHill Acme Co 
HLPHalpern William Co Inc 
HLTHamilton Die Casting Corp 
HLXHolex Inc 
HMBHmc Inc 
HMCHighland Mfg Co 
HMCHobart Mfg Co 
HMDHighland Mfg Co 
HMDHarcord Mfg Co Inc 
HMEHart Metals Inc 
HMFThe Hansen Manufacturing Co 
HMIBonney Forge & Foundry Inc, Huntingdon Mach Div 
HMPHuron Metal Products Inc 
HMRHel-mar Inc 
HMTHudson Mach Tool Co 
HMWHaltex Machine Works 
HMXTaas – Israel Industries Ltd – Haifa 
HNKelsey Hayes Co Heintz Div 
HNCHenkel Corp 
HNDHolland Plastics Co 
HNIHoneywell Inc, Defense Communication & Prod Div 
HNSHenry Spen Co 
HOEHoerner Boxes Inc 
HOFHoof Prod Co 
HOLHolston Army Ammunition Plant 
HOOHoover Elec Co 
HOOHummel, O. Co 
HOPSusquehanna Corp Atlantic Research Group 
HORHornet Machine Prod Inc 
HOSGec Marconi Hazeltine 
HOTHomalite Co 
HOWHolston Army Ammunition Plant 
HOXHolex Corp 
HPCHercules Powder Company 
HPIHercules Porducts Inc 
HPKHopkins Lumber Co 
HPLHansen Plastics 
HPOPhibro Energy Corp 
HPOHill Petroleum Co 
HPPHappy Penquin Inc 
HPRHanson Industrial Products 
HPSHunter Protective Systems 
HPSHunter Spring Co 
HRH/r Products 
HRCH & R Mfg Co 
HRDHarley Davidson Motor Co 
HRFHarris Mfg Co Inc 
HRHHughes, R.s. 
HRMSheller-globe Corp Hardy Div 
HRMHardy Mfg Corp 
HRPH/r Products 
HRPHuron Metal Prod Inc 
HRSHarris Mfg Co 
HRVKilgore Corp 
HRVHarville-Kilgore Corp.Bolovar, TN
HRYHarmony Engineering Corp 
HSCHarris Samuel Inc 
HSCHarrison Steel Corp 
HSFHamilton Standard Corp 
HSHDefense Systems Corp 
HSHHi-shear Technology Div 
HSIHardware Specialty Co Inc 
HSLHercules Incorporated 
HSMHammond Sheet Metal Co 
HSNHorizon Supply Co 
HSPH.s. Precision Inc 
HSSHooker & Sanders Corp 
HSSHarrison Sheet Steel Co Inc 
HSTHi-shear Corporation Ordnance Div 
HSYHussey Metals Div Copper Range Co 
HSYHussey, C G & C0 
HTCHarrold Tool Co 
HTDHtl Advanced Technology 
HTFHowell Tool & Fabricating 
HTGHastings & Co Inc 
HTIHullhorst Tools Inc 
HTLHtl Industries Inc 
HTMHandy Tool & Mfg Co Inc 
HTMHuot Mfg Co 
HTOH K Metalcraft Mfg Co 
HTPHeath Tecna Corp 
HTSHunt Screw & Mfg Co 
HTZHeintz James C Company 
HUAHuls America Inc 
HUBHuml Brothers 
HUBBenkol Engineering Co 
HUEHummel Chemical Co S. Plainfield Plant 
HUKHughes & Keenan Div of U S Air Cond. Corp 
HUMHumidial Corporation 
HUNHuntley Industries 
HUOHuron Tool and Mfg Co Inc 
HVHammel Riglander & Co Inc 
HVMHarvey Machine Co Inc 
HVRHaneg-reinhald Inc 
HWHein-werner Corp 
HWBHope Webbing Co 
HWCHoerner Waldorf Corp Burlington Div 
HWIH & W Plastics Inc 
HWKHoneywell Inc, Kansas Aap 
HWNNaval Undersea Warfare Eng Station-hawthorne Det 
HWPHolman Wood Prod Inc 
HXDHunter Douglas Corp 
HXLHerous Limited 
HYCHycor Inc 
HYCLoral Hycor 
HYDTenneco Chemicals Inc 
HYDHeyden Cml Corp 
HYFHoyt Fasteners Corporation 
HYPHydraulic Prod Co 
HYSHayes International Corp 
IAIndiana Army Ammunition Plant 
IAAIndustrial Automation 
IABIrwin Auger Bit Co 
IBIowa Bearing 
IBImperial Brass Mfg Co 
IBHAmerican Hoist & Derrick Co Indl Brownhoist Div 
IBIIbis Corporation 
IBIIisi Co 
IBLInternational Business Machine Co Lmt 
IBMInternational Business Mac Corp Corporate Hq 
ICIntegral Corp 
ICBSun Chemical Corp, Gpi Division 
ICBInmont Corporation 
ICBB.a.s.f. Coating & Inks Div 
ICCInvestment Casting Corp 
ICDIrvin Ind Inc, Calif Division 
ICGIci Americas 
ICIInfinite Creations 
ICLIndustria Cardoen Ltd 
ICPCushion Pack Inc 
ICSInternational Custom Products Inc 
ICVIndustrial Converting Co 
IDIdp (International Defense Prod Inc) 
IDCImt – Div of Camron Inc 
IDDIdl Development-longbeach Co 
IDIIndependent Ink 
IDLIndustrial Design Lab 
IDMIndustrial Design Laboratories 
IDOIndiana Ordnance Inc 
IDPD Precision Components Corp 
IDYIndustrial Dynamics Inc 
IECIntegrated Electronics Corp 
IECInternational Equipment Co 
IEIInternational Elec Ind Inc 
IENInterenational Energy Conversion Inc 
IEPInso Electronics Products Inc 
IFIIndustrial Finishers Inc 
IGBIrvin Great Britain Ltd 
IGCIntegrated Circuit Packaging 
IGDIllinois Gage Div of Aero-dyne Corp 
IHNaval Ordnance Station 
IHYNaval Ordnance Station-indianhead 
IINaval Ammunition Depot 
IIAIngram Industries Inc 
IIIIntertech Industries Inc 
IINIndian Industries 
IKCImperial Knife Co 
IKGIkego Ammo Storage Area Ord/cml U.s. Army Japan 
IKPIndustrial Packing Prod Co 
ILIndustrial Lamp Corp 
ILCIndependent Lock Co – Ilco Div Lockwood Hdw Div 
ILDIlc Dover 
ILIIlc Industries Inc 
IMAInman Mfg Co Inc 
IMCIndiana Molding Co Inc 
IMCIndian Sales Corp 
IMDInland Mfg Div General Motors Corp 
IMEIndustrial Marking Equip 
IMFIndustrial Metal Fabricating Co Inc 
IMIIntercontinental Mfg Co Inc 
IMJTaas – Israel Industries Ltd – Netz Plant 
IMJIsrael Military Ind, Jerusalem Div 
IMOImco Precision Prod Inc 
IMRImperial Mach Corp 
IMSMason Technologies, Inc 
IMTIngersoll Mach & Tool Co 
IMUTaas – Israel Industries Ltd – Systems Group 
IMUIsrael Military Industries 
INArgus Cameras Inc 
INCInsul-coustics Corporation 
INDIndiana Army Ammunition Plant 
INEIndustrial Materials Technology Inc 
INFIndustrial Fitting Corp 
INGIngraham Co 
INNInnovation Packaging 
INPIndus Packaging Prod 
INSInterstate Mfg Corp Div of Elec Assis Corp 
INTInterelectronics Corp 
INTIntl Payroll Machine Co 
INVInnovision Inc 
IOIInternational Ordnance Inc 
IOPIowa Ordnance PlantBurlington Iowa
IOWIndiana Ordnance Works, Inc 
IOWIndiana Army Ammunition Plant 
IPCInflated Products Co Inc 
IPDIngersoll Prod Div of Borg-warner Corp 
IPIIronwood Plastics Inc 
IPOInternational Polymer Corp 
IPPIndustrial Precision Prod Co 
IPTItt Harper 
IPYInternational Polymer Corp 
IRCIreco Cml 
IRCInternational Resistance Co 
IRIDyno Nobel Inc 
IRIIreco Inc 
IRVIrvin Industries Inc 
ISAIdeal Stencil Machine Co 
ISBInternational Signal & Control Corp 
ISCIseili Company 
ISDIsc Defense Systems Inc 
ISEIn-site 2 Engr Inc 
ISFIndependent Strapping Co 
ISLIsolantite Mfg Corp 
ISMInternational Staple & Mach Co 
ISOIsolantite Mfg Corp 
ISPInterlake Stamping Co 
ISSInternational Seal 
ISSInsulation Supply Co 
ISVInternational Silver Co Rolling Mill Div 
ITCIntsel Corp 
ITEIte Circuit Breaker Co 
ITGIthaca Gun Co Inc 
ITHHitech Inc 
ITIIndustrial Tectonics Inc Ball Div 
ITMIndustrial Tool & Mach Co 
ITNInternational Chem Inc 
ITRItran Corp 
ITSInterlake Steel Corp 
ITTItt Federal Lab Div of Itt Co 
ITWIllinois Tool Wk Inc Licon Div 
IVAInnova Inc 
IVIValcarter Industries 
IWCPurolator Prod Inc 
IWHIrwin Hodson Metal Mfg Co 
IWIIndustrial Wood & Pkg Prod Inc 
JAJoliet Army Ammunition PlantJoliet IL
JAEJaeger Machine Co 
JARJarrow Products Co 
JASJasper Rubber Products Inc 
JBJohnson Bronze Co 
JBGJernberg Forging Co 
JBSBertram Limited 
JCBBrad S Machine Products Inc 
JCCJ C Baxter Co 
JCFJ C Mfg Inc 
JCMR L Jacobs Machine Co Inc 
JCOJerico Precision Mfg Co 
JDAJet Research Center 
JDHJohn Deere Harvester Works 
JECJefferson Elec Co Div of Litton Ind 
JEFJeffers Electronic Div Speer Carbon Co 
JEGJarvis Engineering 
JEKJ E Fricke 
JELJoly Engineering Limited 
JERJared Prod Inc 
JESJohn Evans Sons 
JESWitte, John H & Sons 
JEVJackes-evans Mfg Co 
JHIJohn Hassel Inc 
JHZLear Siegler Inc Power Equip Div 
JICJ.. Case Co 
JIIJudd Industries, Inc 
JJEJ. J. Enterprises 
JJPJ & J Precision Eyelet Inc 
JKTJ & K Toole Company 
JLCJ & L Plastic Molding Inc 
JLEJohn Lee Engineering Inc 
JLIJamison Industries Inc 
JLMJones & Lamson Mach Co 
JLOJ & L Plastic Molding Inc 
JLPJ L Petz Co Inc 
JLSJones & Laughlin Steel Corp 
JLTJack Leefson Tool & Mach Work 
JMJohns-manville Corp 
JMAJoma Inc 
JMCJohns Manville Co Celite Div 
JMCJalco Motor Co 
JMFJolyn Mfg Corp 
JMMJenco Machine Co 
JMPJones Metal Prod Co 
JMWJ M Woodworks 
JOMJlo Metal Products Inc 
JOYAndrew Bearing Co 
JPAJerico Precision Mfg Corp 
JPCJ & P Container Co 
JPEJpi Inc 
JPGJefferson Proving Ground 
JPMJ P Mfg Co 
JRJohnson Rubber Co 
JRCJet Research Center 
JRPJ R Custom Metal Prod 
JRRMid American Products 
JRSJ R Sexton 
JSCE Jones & Company, Inc 
JSHJohnson & Hoffman Mfg Corp 
JTDJtd Stamping Co Inc 
JTLJuno Tool Corp 
JTMJtm Concepts 
JTPJohnson Textile and Plastic Co 
JWPWalter, Jim Papers 
JWWJoliet Wrought Washer Co 
JXAJan Air Inc 
JXPJeffers Electronic Div Speer Carbon Co 
KEastman Kodak 
KACKaiser Aluminum & Chemical Sales Inc 
KACKalamazoo Screw Prod Div, Hoover Supply Co 
KADKer Ad Corp 
KAGKager Industries 
KAIKaiser Aluminum & Chemical Sales 
KANKanarr Corp 
KAOKaopolite Inc 
KAPKansas Army Ammunition Plant 
KASKaiser Aluminum & Chemical Sales 
KBIKnowlton Brother’s Inc 
KBIKeystone Micro Scan, Inc 
KBNKeystone Bolt & Nut Corp 
KCKilgore Corp 
KCCKeystone Carbon Co Inc 
KCIKritler Container Co Inc 
KCLKenova Chemicals 
KCPKalart Co Inc 
KDK D Lamp Div Duplan Corp 
KDIKdi Corp 
KDPKdi Precision Prod Inc 
KDTKan-du Tool & Instrument Corp 
KECKey Components Co 
KEGKlemco Engineering Co 
KEIKeco Inc 
KEIKlopp Engineering Inc 
KELKaiser Electroprecision 
KEMKentucky Mfg Co 
KENKenfield Lumber Co 
KEOKeo Cutters Inc 
KEPKnapic Electro-physics Inc 
KEVKenova Chemical 
KGNKearfot Guidance & Navigation 
KHCKaiser Haskon Corp 
KIKoch & Sons Incorporated 
KIAKendall International Arms Co Inc 
KIINaval Warfare Engineering Station 
KIPKipco Machine and Tool 
KJRKearney Co Div of Kearney National Inc 
KKAKeith & Keith Inc 
KKCKeith Keith & Mc Cain Inc 
KKHKohler Co 
KKIKurz Kasch Inc 
KKWKankakee Wood Prod 
KLBKolob Enterprises 
KLCKeystone Lubricating Co 
KLZKlz Products Co 
KMCKaddis Mfg Corp 
KMCKerr-mc Gee Chemical 
KMEKeystone Micro Scan Inc 
KMFKinross Mfg Corp 
KMGKlein Mfg Co 
KMIKervan Metal Prod Inc 
KMKKorea 609th Ord Co 
KMLK & M Seals 
KMOKelly Machineco 
KMPKesterson Machine Products 
KMRKurt Manufacturing Co 
KMSKreiger Mfg Co 
KMTPacific Car & Foundry Co Kenworth Mtr Truck Co Div 
KNKansas Army Ammunition Plant 
KNCKennametal Inc 
KNKJoliet Army Ammunition Plant 
KNPKansas Army Ammunition Plant 
KNTNew Jersey Fireworks Mfg Co Inc 
KOOlin Mathieson Chemical Corp Winchester Western 
KOKollsman Instrument Div 
KOHKohler Co 
KOIKollsman Instrument Corp 
KOPKingsbury Ordnance Plant 
KOVKoven Fabricators Inc 
KPNaval Warfare Engineering Station 
KPBKalamazoo Paper Box Corp 
KPCKings Point Mfg Co Inc 
KPCKoppers Co Inc Metal Prod Div 
KPDKing Powder Inc 
KPIKings Point Industries Inc 
KPSKoppers Co Inc 
KPTKpt Mfg Co 
KPZKenrich Petrochemicals Inc 
KRKKirkland Sales 
KRPKendik Rubber & Plastic Prod Div 
KRRKirkhill Rubber Co 
KSCKaiser Steel Corp Metal Prod 
KSCKilborn-sauer Co 
KSLFmc Corp – Krlby Steel Plant 
KSMKerotest Mfg Corp 
KSOKester Solder Co 
KSTKennedy Service Tools Co, Div of Cooper Ind 
KSYKing-seeley Thermos Co 
KTCKanek Tool Corp 
KTCKingham Trailer Co 
KTDKanyon Transformer Co Inc 
KTEKent Electronics Inc 
KTIKitterman Inc 
KTMKen Tool Mfg Co 
KTRKearney & Trecker Corp 
KTSKulite Tungston Corp 
KTTK-t Industries Inc 
KUTKuester Tool & Die 
KVKennedy Valve Mfg Co Inc 
KVSKennedy Van Saun Mfg & Engineering Corp 
KWK Ward Company 
KWKeller Tool Co 
KWIKiwi Coders Corp 
KWMKam Way Mfg Co Inc 
KXOKisco Co Inc 
KXOValentec-kisco Inc 
KYCKeystone Alloys Co Inc 
KYPKinedyne Corp 
LLittlestown FoundryLittlestown PA
L (in diamond)Littlestown Foundry and HardwareLittlestown PA
LACLtv Aerospace Corp Vought Aeronautics Div 
LADLandmark Mfg Corp 
LAGLaguna Aerospace Company 
LAHLogel & Houchin Co 
LAILand Air Inc 
LAILattner, P.m. , Mfg Co 
LAKLaka Tool & Stamping Co Inc 
LAPLiberty Aerospace Inc 
LAPP.m. Lattner Mfg Co 
LATLingenfelter Applied Tech Inc 
LAXLacrosse Garment Mfg Co 
LBLaher Spring & Elec Car Corp 
LBILabelle Inc 
LBTLambert Engineering Co 
LBXLa Boiteaux Co 
LCLake City Army Ammunition Plant 
LCALane Container Co 
LCCGeneral Dynamics Corp Liquid Carbonic Div 
LCILitco International Inc 
LCNLoctite Corp 
LCOLockheed Missiles & Space Co Inc-lockheed Courtland 
LCPLincoln Composites 
LCSLoral Control Systems Division 
LDLord Mfg Co Div of Lord Corp 
LDBLiedtke Brothers Co Inc 
LDCLiberty Die Casting 
LDELabargeg Inc Dorsett Electronic Div 
LDKLenderking Metal Prod Inc 
LDMLincoln Die & Mfg Co 
LDNLowden Machine Co 
LDPDeane Lee Prod Inc 
LDRLory Ind Inc 
LDSLuna Defense Systems Inc 
LDSL. D. Smith Co Inc 
LDVElectro-science Ind Inc 
LDYLundy Electronics & Systems Inc 
LELynn Electronics Corp 
LELeach Relay Co 
LECLorge Engineering Co 
LECLincoln Engineering Co 
LEDLedex Inc Ledex Div 
LEELeeco Precision Spring Co 
LEGLink Engineering Co 
LELLeigh Instruments Lmt 
LEMLemco Plastics 
LENLen Industries Inc 
LEOLeonace Bag & Import Corp 
LEXLex Metal Inc 
LFLittlefuse Inc 
LGIL T Industries Inc 
LGMAlbion Div of Mc Graw-edison Co 
LGSLyman Gun Sight Corp 
LGTCresecent Precision Prod Inc 
LGTLiggett Spring & Axle Co 
LHALonghorn Gasket & Supply 
LHCLarry Housewrite Construction 
LHELockheed Elec Co Inc Div of Lockhead Aircraft Corp 
LHILehigh Inc 
LIBLink Belt 
LICLaroco Industries Inc 
LICLinear Inc 
LIDLindys Industry Inc 
LIFLittleford Bros Inc 
LIILascola Industries Inc 
LINLincoln Industries Corp 
LIPLipani Mfg Co 
LIPLipton Staple Co 
LISC E Lesco Ind Inc Ord Div 
LITLite Industries Inc 
LJML J Machine Works 
LKMLasko Metal Prod Inc 
LLILinden Laboratories Inc 
LLILennan Lights Inc 
LLPLife-like Products 
LMLester Mercury Co 
LMLong Mfg Div, Borg-warner Corp 
LMALockheed Missiles and Space Co., Inc 
LMCL & M Plastics Company Inc 
LMDLockheed Martin – Tactical Def System 
LMGLtv Missile Electrtonics 
LMMLezin M Mfg Co 
LMOLincoln Machine Parts Corp 
LMPLasko Metal Prod Inc 
LMPLumber & Millwork Co 
LMPLesko Metal Prod Inc 
LMSLamson & Sessions Co 
LMTLandis Machine Co Inc 
LNLeece-neville Co 
LNCLionel Corp 
LNGLonghorn Ord Works 
LNLLennan Lights Inc 
LNOLance Ordnance Co Inc 
LNPOverland Pacific Co 
LNRLeeds & Northrup Co 
LNXLynx IncorporatedElkton, MD
LOWagner Elec Corp Wagner Div 
LOCLoc Performance Products Inc 
LODLetterkenny Army Depot 
LOELoral Elec System Div of Loral Corp 
LOFLibbey-owens-ford Glass Co 
LOFOrdnance Chem Ammunition Supply Point 
LOKLockley Machine Co 
LOMLonghorn Mfg Co Inc 
LOOLoos & Company Wire Rope 
LOPLouisiana Ordnance PlantShreveport, LA
LORLoroco Industries Inc 
LOSLouis Engineering 
LOWLonghorn Ordnance WorksMarshall, TX
LPALemco Plastics 
LPCLockheed Propulsion Co 
LPILempco Prod Inc 
LPPLa Pointe Industries Inc 
LPSLps Industries 
LPSLawrence Packaging Supply Corp 
LPULapuan Patruunatehdas, Findland 
LQDLiquidonics Industries Inc 
LRLufkin Rule Co 
LRARemington Arms Co Inc 
LRDLory Industries Inc 
LRIL & R Industries 
LRYLory Industries Inc 
LSLone Star Ordnance PlantTexarkana, TX
LSBL & S Bearing Co Inc 
LSCLee Spring Co 
LSDLone Star Ordnance Plant 
LSFLebanon Steel Foundry 
LSGLewis Spring & Mfg O 
LSILansdowne Steel & Iron Co 
LSML and S Machine Company Inc 
LSOLee Spring Co 
LSPLagrange Screw Products Inc 
LTR. G. Le Tourneau Inc 
LTCLincoln Tool 
LTCLaughlin, Thomas Co 
LTHLithium Corp of America Inc 
LTMLiberty Talc Mines 
LTNLattner Brothers Machinery Co 
LTNOkaw Forge 
LTTLiberty Cargon Co 
LTVLing-temco-vought Inc 
LUDLudlow Corp 
LUSLutz Sales Co Inc 
LVLuminator Inc 
LVDLovell-dressel Co Inc 
LVELivington Electronics Corp 
LVTLouis Vigh Tool & Die Works 
LWALogan & Whaley 
LWCLongwood Corp 
LWLLowenthal Mfg Co Inc 
LWML.w. Looney & Son Machine and Mfg Co Inc 
LWOLongines-wittnauer Watch Co Inc 
LWSLewis Engineering Co 
LXMLakewood Mfg & Engineering Co 
LXTMesa Associates Inc 
LYELory Electronics Inc 
MAMilan Army Ammunition PlantMilan TN
MA1Maeru No. 1 – Pacific Area 
MA2Maeru No. 2. – European – Med Area 
MA3Maeru No. 3 – Caribbean Area 
MAAMobile Ammo Eval & Repair Unit – Dummy Symbol 
MACMay Aluminum Co Div of Whittaker Corp 
MAC.C. Miller & Co Inc 
MADMelchior Armstrong Dessau Co of Delaware Inc 
MAEMonroe Auto Equipment Co 
MAFMachinecraft Inc 
MAGAerospace American Inc 
MAIMaeru Navy 
MAIMaryland Assemblies Inc.Perry, FL
MAKMidwest Automatic of Ky 
MALMallory Battery Co Div of P.l. Mallory Co Inc 
MAMMarshal Mfg Co 
MANMac Corporation 
MAOKorea-686th Ordnance Co 
MAPMidland Adhesive & Chemical Co 
MARMarathon Le Tourneau Inc 
MASMotorola Inc Government Elct 
MATMatewson Tool Co 
MAVMaverick Mfg Co 
MAWMathews Associates , Inc 
MAXModern Alpha Plastics 
MAYMallory Timers Co Div of P R Mallory Co Inc 
MBAM B Associates 
MBCMobay Corporation 
MBEManbee Equip Div Bear Mfg Co 
MBGMaco Bag Corp 
MBIMiller Box Co 
MBRMorrison Bros Co 
MBSMead Board Sales Inc 
MBSBackes, M Sons Inc 
MBTM B Associates Arkansas Operation 
MBWMurphy Body Works Inc 
MBYMissouri Brush & Crayon Co 
MCAMc Alester Army Ammunition Plant 
MCANaval Ammunition Depot 
MCAMc Donald, Y Mfg Co 
MCBMagic Chemical Co Montello Plant 
MCCMagic Chemical Co 
MCCMorse Chain Co 
MCCMelvina Can Co Inc 
MCDMonroe City Die Casting Co 
MCEMarshall C & E Div of American Auto Felt Corp 
MCFSpace Ordnance Systems Mint Canyon Facility 
MCGMc Clure B L Inc 
MCGMc Donnell Douglas Aerospace E. Florida Missile Prod 
MCGMc Donnell Douglas Corp Astronautics Co Tico Plant 
MCHMason Chamberlain Corp 
MCIMobil Chemical Co Industrial Chemical Div 
MCJMastercraft Industries 
MCKMetal Craft Co 
MCLM & C Specialties Co 
MCMMoseley Cabinet & Mill Works 
MCNMichigan Chemical Corp 
MCOMagnesium Casting Co 
MCOMetallizing Co of America 
MCPMt Clemens Metal Prod Co Inc 
MCQMcm Stamping & Mfg Inc 
MCRHoneywell Inc Bldg Con & Comp Gp Micro Switch Div 
MCSMc Cormic Selph 
MCTMc Cay Tool & Eng Co Inc 
MCVMagna Coating & Chemical Corp 
MCWMuncie Gear Works Inc 
MCXMorflex Chemical Corp 
MCYMobay Corp 
MCZ3-m Co Traffic Control Division 
MDAMc Donnell Douglas Astronautics Co 
MDCMurphey Diesel Co 
MDCDynamic Corp. of AmericaHingham MA
MDDMolded Elec Inc 
MDGMarsland Engineering Ltd 
MDIMetal-dex Inc 
MDL3m – Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co 
MDLMidland Co (Archer Daniels) 
MDMMsp Ind Corp 
MDRMade-rite Tool Co Inc 
MDSMc Donnell Aircraft & Missile Systems 
MDTMid-tool Co 
MEExplosives Factory Australia 
MEAMaster Machinery Builders 
MECMetal Engineering Corp 
MECJoy Mfg Co, Mines Equipment Div 
MECARS.A. Belge de Mecanique et d’ArmementBelgium
MEDMagtron Division of Devtek Aerospace 
MEDMagna Elec Corp Ltd 
MEFMetal Impact Extrusion Corp 
MEGMarvel Engineering Co 
MEHH E Morse Co 
MEIMotive Equipment Mfg Inc 
MEIMartin Electronics Inc.Perry, FL
MELMerrill Engineering Laboratories 
MEMMid-america Engineering & Manufacturing 
MENMenches Tool & Die Inc 
MEPMurphy Eningeering Co 
MERMiller-stephenson Co 
MESMark Eyelet & Stamping Inc 
MESMesta Machine Co 
METMet-fab Inc 
MFAMfi Corporation 
MFBMarvel Box Co 
MFCMetal Flo Corp of Ohio 
MFEMars Manufacturing & Machine Co 
MFFMicro Forms Inc 
MFIMidwest Fabricators Inc 
MFLMechanical Felt & Textiles Co 
MFMMinnesota Mining & Mfg Co 
MFNMerrywether Foam Latex Co 
MFOMefco Mfg Co 
MFTMetaalwaren Fabriek 
MGCMag Instrument Co 
MGCRaymond. Fontaine 
MGEM C General Inc 
MGEMc Gean Chemical Co 
MGGMotorola Inc Gov’t Elec Div 
MGIMartin Marietta Corp – Baltimore Div 
MGIMartin Marietta Corp – Orlando Div 
MGKManufacturers Gasket Co 
MGMMc Gonegal Mfg Co 
MGPMartin Marietta – Pike County Operations 
MGTM. G. Technology Corp 
MGWMuncie Gear Works Inc 
MHAHoneywell Inc Aerospace Div 
MHEMilton Machine Co 
MHIMidwest Hardboard Fabricators 
MHKMohawk Elec Corp 
MHMMason & Hanger-silas Mason Co., Inc 
MHRHoneywell Inc Aerospace & Def Group Ord Div 
MHRHoneywell Inc Industrial Prod Gp Appar Controls Div 
MHRHoneywell Inc., Ammunition Operations Div 
MHSMechanical Handling System Inc 
MHTMechanical Rubber Prod Co 
MHYB Mc Mahon Co 
MIMinitec Corp 
MINaval Ammunition Depot 
MIAManufacturer’s Incorporated 
MIBMilan Box Corp 
MICMid-city Arthitectural Iron Co 
MICMc Cormick Industries Inc 
MICMichigan Broach Co 
MIDMidland Adhesive & Chemical Corp 
MIDMidland Steel Prod Co 
MIEMedico Industries Inc 
MIFMalleable Iron Fittings Co 
MIGMidgard Inc 
MIHMicronics International Inc 
MIIMetal Forms Ind Inc 
MIJMills Mfg Co 
MIKMiles Inc. Organic Prod Div 
MILMil-base Industries, Inc 
MIMMike Miller Machine Co 
MINMinnesota Aerospace Corp 
MINMiner, W. H. Inc 
MIPMilton Can Co 
MIPMarco Ind Co 
MIRMiller Trailers Inc 
MISMedico Industries Engineering 
MITMagnaco Ind 
MIWMidway Machine Products 
MJMechanics Universal Joint Div of Borg Warner Corp 
MJPJames P Marsh Corp 
MKAMark Aviatron, Inc 
MKBMk Ballistics 
MKCMc Kesson Chemical Co 
MKCMacklin Co 
MKEMkc Electronics Corp 
MKIMallinckrodt Inc 
MKMMarkem Corp 
MKNMorton International 
MKNMorton Thiokol Inc 
MKRMarkham Co 
MKSMarking Systems 
MKWMc Kenzie Chemical Work Inc 
MLMolded Insulation Co Inc 
MLAMechanical Laboratory Inc 
MLBMiles Label Co 
MLCMetlab Company 
MLDMolding Corp of America 
MLEMinerallac Elec Co 
MLGMulticraft of Largo, Inc 
MLIMonroe International Inc 
MLLMallory Capacitor Co Div P R Mallory 
MLOMiles Label Co 
MLRMill-rose Co 
MLTM&c Specialties 
MLYL E Mason Co 
MMMartin Marietta Ordnance Systems 
MMAHarvey Aluminum 
MMCMarquette Corp 
MMDMaster Molding Inc 
MMFMuschong Metal & Mfg Co 
MMGManhein Mfg & Belting Co Inc 
MMIMinden Mills Inc 
MMKHarvey Aluminum 
MMMMarmac Industries Inc 
MMNMoldamatic Inc 
MMOMarsh Stencil & Machine Co 
MMOMuckle Manufacturing Co 
MMPMar-mac Precision Corp 
MMRMicro Matics Nc 
MMSMarine Magnesium Co 
MMTHarvey Aluminum Inc Martin Marietta Alum Div 
MMWMinowitz Manufacturing Co 
MMXMarksman Mfg Co 
MMYMayer Myers Paper Co 
MNRaytheon Company D/b/a Raytheon Systems Co 
MNMagnavox Gov’t & Industrial Elect Co 
MNMagnavox Co 
MNCMc Quay-norris Mfg Co 
MNHMonsanto Chemical Co 
MNIMechtronics Inc 
MNNMinnesota Plastsic 
MNPM N Metal Products Corp 
MNTMicronics International Inc 
MOModine Mfg Co 
MOBMobay Corp 
MOCMotion Ind 
MODModern Container Corp 
MOGMoog-carleton Group 
MOHMohawk Rubber Co 
MOIMollura Industries 
MOLMolding Specialists 
MOMMorgan Lumber Sales Co 
MOMMorris Machine Tool Co 
MONMonsanto Co 
MOOMoog Inc Missile System Division 
MOPMoore Paper Co 
MORMorris Tool & Die 
MOSModel Screw Products Inc 
MPAM & N Packaging Corp 
MPBMc Cabe-powers Body Co 
MPCMatthias Paper Co 
MPCMichiana Prod Corp 
MPDMonarch Punch & Die Co Ltd 
MPEMachine Products Corp 
MPGMineral Pigments Corp 
MPIMilt-press Inc 
MPIMercury Air Parts Co Inc 
MPLMultiple Prod Co 
MPMMich Panelyte Molded Plastics 
MPMMiller Printing Machinery Co 
MPOMaster Powder Inc 
MPPMead Paperboard Prod 
MPRMorris Precision Inc 
MPSM-p Engineering Co Inc 
MPTMt Pleasant Tool Works 
MPUMachine Products Co 
MPWMicro Precision Prod 
MPXMaestas Precision Metal 
MPZMetpro R Inc 
MQMMehl Mfg Co Div of Phillips Petroleum 
MRCMarlin-rockwell Co Div of Trw Inc 
MRDMaster Parts Div of Air Tex Prod Inc 
MRHMorton Thiokol 
MRIMinisink Rubber Co Inc 
MRKMarsh Instrument Co Div of Colorado Oil & Gas Corp 
MRLMidland-ross/hollingsworth Terminals 
MRMMetro Marking Inc 
MRNMarine Resources Inc 
MROMinnesota Rubber Co 
MROMerrow Machine Co 
MRPMagtech Recreational Products Inc 
MRQMurdock Machine & Engineering Co of Utah 
MRRMarquardt Corp 
MRRMerriman Bros, Inc 
MRTMillersburg Reamer & Tool Co 
MRUM C Ricciardi Co 
MRVMarathon/milford Fasteners 
MRVMilford Rivet Machine Co 
MRWMt. Ranier Army Depot 
MRYMorey Corp 
MRZMerz Engineering Div of Merz-chambers Corp 
MSManusar-diehl-bubingen, Saarbrucken 
MSAMine Safety Appliances Co 
MSCMetric System Corporation 
MSDMissile Systems Division 
MSEMid-south Electrics Inc 
MSFMissile Systems Division – Anniston Facility 
MSGMissile Systems Division – Ga 
MSHMarshall Industries 
MSIMohawk Spring Co Inc 
MSMAms Mfg Inc 
MSNM S Mfg Inc 
MSOMaxson Electric Corp.Macon, GA
MSPMetal Seal & Prod Inc 
MSPMidland Steel Prod Co 
MSQMerit Screw Products Co 
MSSMississippi Army Ammunition Plant 
MSTMine Safety Appliances 
MSUModel Screw Prod Inc 
MSVTeledyne Incmc Cormick-selph Div 
MSWMine Safety Appliance Co 
MTMechtron Co Div of Mechtron Gingo Corp 
MTMichigan Tool 
MTAMatra Co 
MTBMarathon Techologies Inc 
MTCMound Tool Co 
MTDMarquette Tool & Die Co 
MTDMorse Twist Drill & Machine Co 
MTEMc Fadden Tool & Engineering Corp 
MTFMetal Industries Inc 
MTGMetallo Gasket Co 
MTHMorton Thiokol Inc 
MTIMetalcraft Inc 
MTJMetaltic Corp 
MTKMattatuck Mfg Co 
MTLMorton Thiokol Inc 
MTMMedley Tool and Model Co Inc 
MTNMechtronics Inc 
MTOMorton Thiokol Inc 
MTPMotorola Inc Specialized Prod Ctr 
MTQMetal Matic Inc 
MTRMansfield Tire & Rubber Co 
MTSMartin & Shaft Co 
MTTModern Metal Prod 
MTTMarshalltown Trowl Co 
MTUMorton Thiokol 
MTWThiokol Corp – Tactical Operations 
MTXMetomic Corp 
MTYMast Technology Inc 
MTZMetric Machining 
MUMueller Brass Co 
MUBMaeru No 2 Marine Ammo 
MUCMinor Rubber Co Oinc 
MUCMaeru No E Marine Ammo 
MUDMurray Gin Div of N. American Rockwell Corp 
MUIMulti-matic Prod Inc 
MULMulberyy Lumber Co 
MUYMc Quay Inc 
MVKMaverick Mfg Co 
MVLMarvellum Co 
MVOMelvina Can Co 
MVTMace Security International Inc 
MVWMohawk Valley Workshop Inc 
MWMotor Wheel Corp 
MWCMorweld Corp 
MWDMid-west Dynamometer & Engineering Co 
MWFMid-west Fibre Products 
MWGMarshall Wholesale Grocery 
MWIMidwest Structual Inc 
MWMMidwest Welding & Machine 
MWPMiles Wood Products 
MWRMicro Wire Prod Inc 
MWRMartin, W.. & Co 
MWWMacwhyte Wire Rope Co 
MWZMid-west Screw Prod 
MXMaxson Electronics Corp 
MXDMaxwell Industries Inc 
MXMMc Culloch Corp 
MXNMc Culloch Corp Marine Prod Div 
MXTMarplex Prod 
MXTMaxson Electronic Corp 
MXUW L Maxson Corp Unimax Switch Div 
MYMassasoit Co 
MYCMaryland Chemical Co 
MYFManayunk Forgingcorp 
MYOMyco Industries Inc 
MYPMyco Plastics Co 
MZZModern Plastic Molding Inc 
NAANewport Army Ammunition Plant 
NABNational Aerospace Inc 
NACNorth American Mfg Corp 
NADNorth American Aerodynamics 
NAFNaval Avionics Center 
NAGNational Aerosol Products 
NAINational Aerospace Inc 
NALNational Acme Co 
NAMNorth American Rockwell Missile System Div 
NAPTokheim Corp 
NARNorth American Rockwell Rkt Dyne Solid Rocket Div 
NATNational Radio Co Inc 
NAWNorth American Fireworks Co 
NAXThe Ensign Bickford Co 
NAXNorth American Explosives 
NBMNor-berg Machine and Tool Inc 
NBPNew Bedford Panoramex Corp 
NCNice Ball Bearing Co 
NCNew Cumberland Army DepotNew Cumberland PA
NCCUnion Carbide Corp, Carbon Prod Div – Ny 
NCDUnion Carbide Corp, Carbon Prod Div – Oh 
NCENational Chemical Co 
NCHWickline Industries Inc 
NCINorthrop Carolina Inc.Ashville, NC
NCMNorth Coast Mfg Corp 
NCONewco Mfg Co Inc 
NCPNewport Chemical Plant 
NCRNorthrop Corporation Electro-mechanical Div 
NCSNuclear Consulting Service 
NCTNorth Coast Tool & Mold Corp 
NCTNewcastle Ind Inc 
NCWNitrochemie Wimmis Ag 
NDCNelson-decamp Corp Inc 
NDMN.d.m. Co 
NDNNorland National 
NDTIndustrial Tapeco 
NEANew England Paper Tube Co Inc 
NECNetworks Elec Corp 
NEENew England Elec Wire Co 
NEINumay Electronics Inc 
NEPNational Elec Prod Corp Div of H K Porter Co 
NERNew England Ordnance 
NETNortheast Machine and Tool Co 
NEVNevels Signs 
NEWWaltham Precision Instrument Inc Electro-mech’l Div 
NFCNational Forge Co 
NFINational Fireworks Ordnance Corp 
NFPNational Fuze & Powder Co 
NGBNew England Box Co 
NGCNational Gypsum Co 
NGINext Generation Impact, Inc 
NGSGeneral Sintering Corp 
NGYNational Gypsum Co 
NGYAsbestone Corp 
NHNorma-hoffman Bearings Co Div of Universal American 
NHINash-hammond Inc 
NHSNew Haven Specialty Mfg Co Inc 
NHWNelson Hand Screw Co 
NICNational Ind Chemical Co 
NIGNiagara Plastics 
NIINewton Industries Inc 
NIPNorris Industries Inc 
NIRNorris Industries 
NISNorris Industries Inc – Shreveport Plant 
NIVNorris Industries Inc 
NJDNavajo Army Depot 
NJIN J Industries 
NJMNew Jersey Machine & Tool Mfg Co 
NJZNew Jersey Zinc Co 
NLImpex Div of Keystone Consolidated Ind 
NLCNational Lead Co Atlantic Branch 
NLCNational Lead Co 
NLDNational Tool & Die Co Inc 
NLRNational O-ring 
NLSNational Lok Screw Co 
NLWNational Lock Washer Co Div of Carter Wire 
NLYNl Industries Inc 
NMCNational Mfg Co Inc 
NMCNarragansett Gymnasium Equip Co 
NMEN.s. Machining & Engineering Co 
NMGNational Mfg Co Inc 
NMMNational Metals Mfg Co Inc 
NMMNational Marking Machine Co 
NMONational Manufacturing Corp of Olivette 
NMSNexus Machine Shop Inc 
NMTNational Machine & Tool Co 
NNDSusquehanna Corp Atlantic Research Corp Ord Mfg 
NNHNewton-new Haven Co 
NNWNational Nonwovens 
NONaval Ammunition Depot 
NOANomura Enterprises, Inc 
NOBNomura Enterprises, Inc 
NOCNortheast Container Corp 
NODNomura Enterprises, Inc 
NOENomura Enterprises, Inc 
NOMNomura Enterprises, Inc 
NOPNopco Chemical Co 
NORNorris Industries Inc 
NOSNaval Ordnance Station – Forest Pakr 
NOVNova Precision Products Inc 
NOWNowlan Ind International Inc 
NPNational Powder Co 
NPNew Process Gear 
NPBNewark Paper Box Co 
NPCDiamond Shamrock Chemical Co 
NPFNew Processing Fiber Co 
NPHNaval Wpn Station Seal Beach Detach-port Haddock 
NPINationwide Paper Inc 
NPKNational Presto Ind Inc 
NPMNeptune Meter Co Liquid Meter Div 
NPONopco Chemical Div Diamond Shamrock Chemical Co 
NPONeveroil Products Co 
NPPNew England Precision Products 
NPRNovelty Product Co 
NRNorton Co 
NRENew River Energetics 
NRTNortronics Div of Northrop Corp 
NSCNational Supply Div-airco Steel Corp 
NSDNorth Safety Equipment 
NSENutmeg Screw Machine Prod Co 
NSFNorthwest Stamping & Fabricating of Alabama Inc 
NSHNash Engineering Co 
NSINuclear Systems Inc 
NSINational Silver Co 
NSMNorthwest Swiss-matic Inc 
NSWNaval Surface Warfare Center – Crane Div 
NTANortech Adhesive Corp 
NTBU.s. Steel Corp Christy Park Works 
NTBNational Tube Co 
NTCNational Def Corp 
NTDNorthwestern Tool & Die Works Inc 
NTLNational Metalcrafters Inc 
NTMNational Machine Co 
NTPNorris Industries Inc 
NTSNational Tel Supply Co 
NTTNational Torch Tip Co 
NTVNorris Industries Inc 
NUNu Container 
NUCNuclear Metal Inc 
NUMNumerical Control Support 
NUPNupar Mfg Co Inc 
NUWNu-way Die Co Inc 
NVCNational Vulcanized Fiber Co 
NVFNvf Co 
NVPNovelty Prod Co 
NWANorthwest Automatic Prod Corp 
NWCNational Wax Co 
NWEVeriflow Corp 
NWKNewark Wire Cloth Co 
NWLNational Waterlift Company 
NWPNaval Weapons Center – China Lake 
NWSNaval Weapons Support Center – Crane 
NWXNapco Ind Inc Diesel Engine Div 
NYCNylon Craft Inc 
NYFNew York Fasteners 
OAOrdnance Associates Inc.South Pasadena, CA
OACOea Aerospace Inc 
OAIOrdnance Associated Inc 
OAKOakmont Precision Prod Inc 
OAPOrdnance Assembly Plant 
OBCOzark Box & Crating Co 
OBOOborne Machine Co 
OBXOrchard Box Co 
OCOwen Corp 
OCCOhio Carbon Co 
OCDOrdnance Container Corp 
OCGOlin Chem Group 
OCIOmega Container Inc 
OCMOsram Sylvania 
OCNOrdtronex Corp 
OCPOntario Corp 
ODAOrdnance Devices Inc 
ODIOmni Distribution Inc 
OEAOrdnance Engineering Associates Inc 
OECOstro Engineering Co Inc 
OEDOrdnance Engineering Associates Inc 
OESOctober Electro Systems Corp 
OETOpto Electronics Textron 
OFOlympic Foundry Co 
OFCOlympic Fabrications Corp 
OFDOhio Fireworks Mfg Display Co Inc 
OGOilgear Co 
OGGOriental Gasket and Packing Co 
OGPOriental Gasket and Packing Co 
OGSOhio Gasket & Shim Co Inc 
OHOhmite Manufacturing Co 
OHISwift Ohio Co Div G.f. Ind 
OHKOhio Crankshaft Div Park-ohio Ind Inc 
OHNOhio Nut & Washer Co 
OKFOkaw Forge 
OKMO K Machine Inc 
OKTO K Tool and Die Co 
OLPrimex Technologies, Inc Ordnance & Tactical 
OLCOlin-winchester Group 
OLDPrimex Technologies, Inc – Downey 
OLKOlinkraft Inc 
OLPOld Line Plastic Inc 
OMOlin Corp Metal Prod 
OMAOmark Cci Inc 
OMCOmico Plastics 
OMEO M Edwards Co Inc 
OMFPrimex Technologies, Inc – St. Marks Propellant Plnt 
OMGOmega Container Inc 
OMNOmni Tool Inc 
OMOOptica Mfg Corp 
OMPOxford Metal Prod Inc 
OMTOshkosh Truck Corp 
ONAStudebaker Corp – Onan Div 
OOGFisher Chemical Co 
OOKOlin Ordnance Division – Kansas 
OOPHerbert Cooper 
OPCOlin Performance Chemicals – Div of Olin Corp 
OPIOrdnance Associates Inc.Northeast MD
OPNOmega Precision 
OPPOccidental Petroleum 
OPROrdnance Products 
OPSO P Schuman & Sons Inc 
OROhio Rubber Co 
ORBOrange Roller Bearing Co Inc 
ORDOrdtronex Corp 
ORIAmerican Ordnance Llc – Iowa Aap 
ORMAmerican Ordnance Llc – Milan Aap 
ORTOrbitronics, Inc 
OSCOrbital Sciences Corp/space Data Div 
OSENaval Command Control & Ocean Surv Center 
OSITeledyne Inc Mc Cormick-selph Div 
OSPOhio Screw Prod Inc 
OSROcean Space Service 
OTMOlin Mathieson Chemical Corp 
OTPOctagon Process Inc 
OVBOverland Bolling Co 
OVCOlin Fabricated Metal Products 
OVHOliver H. Van H Orn Co Inc 
OWEOmni-wave Electronics Corp 
OWWOlin Mathieson Chemical Corp-winchester West 
OZOakite Prod Inc 
PAPicatinny ArsenalDover NJ
PAAPalpac Industries Inc 
PABPlatronics Inc 
PACPacific Scientific Co Aerospace Div 
PACPackard Motor Car Co 
PAEPartech Corp 
PAIParanetics Inc 
PAJPrecision Rocket Parts 
PALPenguin Associates Inc.Parkesburg, PA
PAMPhoenix Automatic Machine Prod Co 
PANPatcon Inc 
PAOPioneer Aerospace Corp 
PAPAmerican Paper Prod Inc 
PARParr Instrument Co 
PASPass & Seymour Inc 
PATPacific Technica Corp 
PAWTalon Manufacturing Co., Inc 
PBPine Bluff ArsenalLittle Rock, AR
PBAPine Bluff ArsenalLittle Rock, AR
PBCPeoria Bearing Co 
PBEPrecision Rubber Products Corp 
PBGPyrotechnique by Grucci 
PBIPermabond International 
PBLPaul’s Beltway Plastics, Ltd. 
PBMPembroke Machine Co Inc 
PBPHays Army Ammunition Plant – Levinson 
PCAAmerican Printer & Convertors Inc 
PCCPaper & Corrugated Special. Pennsauken Plant 
PCCProsperity Co Inc 
PCDPress Cut Industries 
PCEExpro Chemical Products, Inc 
PCGPaper & Corrugated Specialties Inc 
PCHHorace G. Preston Co 
PCIPrecision Castings Co 
PCLProto Cast Inc 
PCMPenn Compression Moulding Inc 
PCNPlatt Corp 
PCPPolaroid Corp 
PCTPall (Canada Limited) 
PCVPower Conversion Inc 
PCWBliss-portland Div of E.w. Bliss Co 
PCXProtective Coating Corp 
PDPacific Devices 
PDAPrecision Designs, Inc 
PDEProdesco Inc 
PDFPrecision Designs, Inc, Fl Division 
PDIPage Devices Inc 
PDPPorto Products Corp 
PDTProduction Tool & Die Co Inc 
PDYGrand Rapids Die Casting Corp 
PEPioneer Gen E Motor Corp 
PEDPennbox Div Penn Pacific Corp 
PEEPrimetec Inc 
PEHPlastic Engineering Co 
PEIPiqua Engineering Inc 
PELH.k. Porter Co Inc Electric Div Warren Works 
PENPennwalt Corp Harchem Div 
PENPenn Tool Co Inc 
PEOPortable Elec Tools Inc, Div of G.w. Murphy Ind Inc 
PEPPlessey Eletro Products 
PERPrecision Sensors Inc 
PESPershield, Inc 
PETPetram Inc 
PETPetersen Mfg Co Inc 
PEWPreferred Elec & Wire Corp 
PEXPetro-explo Inc 
PEZS.b. Penick & Co 
PFCPhilco-ford Corp Aeronutronic Div 
PFIPfizer Minerals Pigments Metals Div 
PFNPressurform Container Corp 
PFPParnell Precision Products Inc 
PFTPerfecting Service Co Breco Div 
PFZPfizer Inc 
PGPierce Governor Co Inc 
PGCPress-glas Corp 
PGMPhilaelphia Gasket Mfg 
PGTGeneral Time Corp 
PHBPhb Ind, Phb Molding Division 
PHEPhenix Mfg & Supply Inc 
PHHParker Hannifin Corp Hose Prod Div 
PHIPhilco Corp 
PHLNaval Surface Warfare Center – Port Hueneme Div 
PHRPhiladelphia Container Co 
PHTPhiladelphia Thermometer Co 
PHYPhysics International Co – Eastern Div 
PIAPioneer Aerospace 
PICPlastic Prod Inc 
PICBean, John Div Peco Plant 
PIDPackaging Inc 
PIEPioneer Chemical Co 
PIIPitts Mfg Corp 
PILPerry Industries Inc 
PIMPhiladelphia Mfg Go 
PINPublicker Industries Inc 
PIOPrimex Physics International Co 
PIPPrecise Products, Inc 
PIQPiqua Engineering Inc 
PIRPioneer Aerospace Corp 
PITPeerless Instrument Co 
PIXPyrotechnics Industries, Inc 
PKCPenn Keystone Corp 
PKCPike Trailer Co 
PKGPackage Containers Inc 
PKLPlastokit Ltd 
PKNPackaging Ind Ltd Inc 
PKPParkway Plastics Inc 
PKSParks Corporation 
PLAPratt and Lambert 
PLCPikesville Lumber Co 
PLDUnited States Plastic Molding Corp 
PLFChemical Research & Develop Center – Pyrotech Apg 
PLHPlastokit Ltd 
PLIPlastic Fabricating Co Inc 
PLKPlastronic Packaging Corp 
PLMPlastic & Metal Products Corp 
PLORockwell Mfg Co 
PLPPac-liet Products Inc 
PLRPratt & Letchworth Co Inc 
PLSPrecision Lab Div Precision Cine Equip Corp 
PLTPlanet Metal Prod Corp 
PLYPoly Research Corp 
PMPullman-standard Div of Pullman Inc 
PMAPrecision Measurement Assoc. Inc 
PMBPowhatan Mining Co 
PMCPractical Mfg, Co.Hopkins MN
PMDPontiac Motor Div of General Mtrs Corp 
PMEParsons Mfg & Stamping Co 
PMHProto Mold Plastic Co 
PMIPrecision Masters Inc 
PMIPyro-mech Inc 
PMKPm Corp 
PMLP M Labs Inc 
PMMMicro Mold Plastics, Inc 
PMNPrecision Metal Prod Inc 
PMOPrentice Corp 
PMPPan American Metal Products Co Inc 
PMRPaul Smith Mfg Co Inc 
PMSMotorola Semi-conductor Prod Inc 
PMTPryo-mech Inc 
PNAPenn Ammunition Inc 
PNCPyle & National Co 
PNDPyronetics Devices Inc 
PNFPam Narrow Fabrics 
PNNPenn-field Ind Inc 
PNRPioneer Chemical Co 
PNSPropulsion Systems Inc 
POAPowder Alloys Corp 
PODPueblo Army Depot 
POHR.l. Pohlman Armament Co 
POMPom, Inc 
PONPohlman, Inc 
POPPantex Ordnance Plant 
PORPorter Seal 
POSPorter Seal Company 
POTPolymer Technologies Inc 
POWPower Services Caribe 
PPPeerless Pump 
PPPaco Packaging 
PPAPecora Chemical Corp 
PPBProduction Products Mfg & Sales Co Inc 
PPCPacific Plastics Co 
PPDPoloron Prod Inc 
PPDPrecise Prod Co 
PPEPoloron Products of Pa Corp 
PPFPower Plus Inc 
PPGPpg Industries Inc 
PPHPoloron Products Inc 
PPIPoloron Products Inc 
PPJPrecision Phenolics Inc Gen. Office & Main Plant 
PPKPrecision Prod Co Cincinnati Div of Kdi Corp 
PPLPry Plastics 
PPMPhillips Process Co 
PPMPipe Machinery Co 
PPNPenland Paper Converting Corp Ft Washington Plant 
PPNPantex Mfg Corp 
PPOPollock Paper Co 
PPPPunch Press Products Inc 
PPQPalladin Precision Products 
PPRPacific Piston Ring Co Inc 
PPSDana Corp Parish Div 
PPTPenland Paper Converting Corp Texarkana Plant 
PPTPhillips Pump & Tank Co 
PPVFord Motor Co Plasters, Paint & Vinyl Div 
PPWPower Plant Services Inc 
PPYPenland Paper Converting Corp 
PPZPrecision Paper Tube Co 
PQCPhillips Control Corp 
PRAPress Automation System Inc 
PRBPrikos & Becker 
PRDPrecision Rubber Prod Corp 
PRDPoudreries Reunies De Belgique S/a 
PREP-a-r Precision Inc 
PRIPlastic Resources Inc 
PRJProjects Unlimited 
PRKParker Midland Corp 
PRMPolymer Technology Inc 
PROPropper International Inc 
PRPPerry Plastics Inc 
PRRPrecision Rubber Products 
PRSPrestolite Ltd 
PRSUs Industries Inc 
PRTPre-tech Engineering Inc 
PRUPrecision Rubber Products 
PRVPowell River Laboratory 
PSNaval Ordnance Depot Puget Sound 
PSAIcm-porter Seal 
PSAPorter Seal 
PSCPresicion Sewing Co 
PSEParamount Spring Engineering Co 
PSIPyrotechnic Specialties Inc 
PSIPerfection Screw Prod Inc 
PSLParker Seal Co 
PSMPresicion Machining Corp 
PSNPierce and Stevens Co 
PSOPlastic Svc & Supply Co Div of Ram Ind Inc 
PSOProgressive Service Co 
PSPParker Seal Co Div of Parker Hannifin Corp 
PSRPrecision Screw & Machine Products 
PSSPlatronics Seals Co 
PSTPlainville Special Tool 
PSYParker Seal Co 
PTBPall Trinity Micro Corp 
PTCPowder Tech Co 
PTDTeledyne Inc Mechanical Prod Div 
PTIProduct Techniques Co 
PTKPitkin Mfg Corp 
PTLPress-tige Label Corp 
PTNPrecision Tool Co Inc 
PTOPenjaska Tool Co 
PTPProtective Packaging of Atlanta 
PTSPittsburgh Tubular Shafting, Inc 
PTUPrecision Tube Co., Inc 
PTVProtective Closures Co 
PTWPapertubes Inc 
PTXPla-tex Inc 
PTYPrecision Tool & Mfg Co 
PTZPhelps Tool & Die 
PVParker Vise Div Union Mfg Co 
PVCPositive Components Corp 
PVTPrivitt Plastics Inc 
PWUnited Aircraft Corp Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Div 
PWCPearce Woodcraft Co 
PWKPresswork Inc 
PWRPower Conversion Caribe, Inc 
PWTPreshaw-thompson Inc 
PXCAmbac Ind Inc Pace Co Div 
PXPPioneer Parachute Co Inc 
PXRPlastic and Rubber Prod Co 
PXTPrecision Tool Co Inc 
PXXPropellex Corp 
PYCPryonics Corp 
PYDPryodyne Inc Ordnance Prod 
PYEPyrochem Co 
PYFPolyfoam Inc 
PYIAmetek Inc Plymouth Plastics Div 
PYRPyrotechnics Specialties Inc 
PYSPennsylvania Papyrus 
PZOPiezo Prod Div of Gulton Ind Inc 
PZZProficient Industries Inc 
QDCQuad-city Die Casting Co 
QFCQuaker Felt & Gasket Company 
QICQuantic Ind Inc 
QIIQuantic Industries Inc 
QIMQuantic Industries Inc 
QNColt Ind Quicy Compressor Div, Il 
QPSQuality Packaging Corp 
QVSQuality Vinyls Co 
RARemington Arms Co Inc – Ar 
RARaritan Arsenal 
RAARada Prod Co 
RABRabintex Industries Ltd 
RABReynolds Aluminum Co 
RADRadford Army Ammunition Plant 
RAGRagen Corp 
RAHRamsey Machine & Tool Co Inc 
RAIRed Arrow Electronics Inc 
RALRobertson.l. Co Inc 
RAMRamal Industries Inc 
RAORyan Aeronautical Co 
RARRadiation Research Corp 
RASRoss-ad Seal Inc 
RAURadva Plastic Corp 
RAVRaven Industries Inc 
RAWThe Richardson Co 
RAWRay M. Whyte Co 
RAYRaybestos-manhattan Inc 
RBDRebmar Inc 
RBIRoss Bicycle Inc 
RBRRebmar Inc 
RBSRiley Brothers 
RBWRussell Burdsall & Ward Bolt & Nut Co 
RCWhite Motor Co – the Lansing Division 
RCAApplied Resources Corp 
RCBRevere Copper & Brass Inc Rome Mfg Co Div 
RCCRoyce Chemical Co 
RCDRca Corporation 
RCERepco Inc 
RCGReichold Chmeical Industries 
RCIRectico Inc 
RCJRoberds, C.j. Mfg 
RCMM. C. Ricciardi Company 
RCNR C Can Co 
RCORemcor Inc 
RCORitepoint Co 
RCSRadio Corp of America Solid State Div 
RCTRandall Co Div of Textron 
RCVRadio Corp of America W. Coast Div 
RCWM.c. Ricciardi Company 
RDCDaisley, Ray Co Inc 
RDDUs Army Armament Research and Develop -dover 
RDGRodgers Ind 
RDIRibelin Sales Inc 
RDJRdj Metal Fabrication & Welding Inc 
RDLRandall Mfg Co 
RDMR & D Machine Inc 
RDSRds Products Inc 
RDUKenlin Ind Nc 
RDUR and D Urethanes Inc 
RECComplete Reading Electric Co 
REDReed Plastics 
REDRedford Iron & Equipment Co 
REEReyes Davis Co 
REIRolac Enterprises Inc 
RELRomac Electronics 
REMRemington Army Co Inc 
RENRaymond Engineering Laboratory Inc 
REPReo Plastics 
RERReisner Products Inc 
RETR & E Tooling & Plastics Inc 
REXRexon Tech Corp 
REXRedm Corp 
REYReynolds Industries Inc 
RFBRoss, Frank B 
RFGRoyal Ordnance Factory – Glascoed 
RFIRubber Fabricators, Inc. 
RFKRaytheon Co – Electro Magnetic System Div 
RFLRfl Industries Inc 
RFMFord Radio & Mica Corp 
RFNRed Fox Industries Inc 
RFORudisill Foundry Co 
RFPRois Mfg Co 
RFXRichmond Foudry & Mfg Co. Inc.Richmond VA
RGBritish Aerospace Defence Ltd – Royal Ordnance 
RGARemington Arms, Ind – De 
RGCRadford Mfg Inc 
RGFR.g.f. Enterprises Inc 
RGIRochester Gear Work 
RGMRogar Manufacturing Co 
RGPRegal Plastics 
RGSRegis Corp 
RGTR G Thomas Corp 
RHBR H Buhrke Company 
RHCRohm & Haas Co 
RHERheocast Corp 
RHIRame-hart Inc 
RHMH. M. Royal Inc 
RHNUnited States Army Ammunition Depot – Miseau 
RHORockford Harddware Mfg Co 
RIARock Island Arsenal 
RIBReynolds Industries Sytems Inc 
RICRidge Instrument Co 
RIDRiberglass Inc 
RIIRamal Industries Inc 
RIMRtf Industries 
RINRingel Brothers 
RIORisdon Manufacturing Co 
RIPRock Island Packaging 
RISRhodia Inc 
RITRoselm Industries Inc 
RJCCarey Ind Inc 
RJSR.j. Stamping Company Limited 
RJWJ.w. Rex Company 
RKIR K Elect Comp Inc 
RKMRinck Mc Ilwaine Inc 
RKPTalley Ind Rocket Power Operation 
RKRPrimex Aerospace Co – York Center 
RLCRoyal Lubricants Co 
RLIRelyon Mfg 
RLLRoller Mfg Inc 
RLMR & L Machining 
RLRRo-lab Rubber Co Inc 
RMRiverside Metals Product Co 
RMARocky Mountain ArsenalDenver, CO
RMBRmb Products 
RMCSterling Division Federal Mogul Corp 
RMCRich Mfg Co 
RMDR M Ind Inc 
RMEReliable Machine Co 
RMGReade Mfg Co 
RMIJackson Prod Co 
RMKR. M. Kerner Company 
RMLReynolds Metals Co 
RMMRaloid Machine Corporation 
RMNR M Industries Inc 
RMORheem Mfg Co 
RMPRamsey Chain Co Inc 
RMPRockingham Machine Co 
RMTReynolds Metals Co #3 
RMYReynolds Metal Co 
RNOAmron Corp 
RNPReaction Plastics 
RNTRenaissance Electronics Inc 
ROARome Specialties 
ROBRobbins Mfg Co 
ROCRockford Mfg Co 
ROERober Tool Corp 
ROIRomark Industries 
ROKPrimex Aerospace Co – Moses Lake 
ROLRonald Tool & Mfg Co 
ROMRocky Mountain Tool & Machine Co 
RONRonfeldp Associates, Inc 
ROPRedstone Arsenal 
ROSG P Roeser Company 
ROTRoth Rubber Co Inc 
ROTRobertson Inc 
ROYRoy E. Davis Co 
RPRochester Prod Div of General Motor Corp 
RPARandolph Products Co 
RPCRowley Spring Co Inc 
RPDRobroy Industries 
RPERetreading Equipment Inc 
RPFReading Pratt & Cady Co 
RPIRhopac Inc 
RPLRiverside Plastics 
RPSRegal Plastics Supply Co 
RPSR-s Prod Corp 
RPYRealflex Prod Co 
RRRed River Army Depot 
RRUnited States Naval Station – Puerto Rico 
RRCRay Chemical Corp 
RRIRoyer & Rogers Inc 
RRLRoberts Research Lab 
RRMR & R Machine Prod Co Inc 
RRPRubber Right Product 
RRRRivertport Industries 
RRSReynolds Systems 
RRTRa-dor Industries Inc 
RSARotary Seal Div Muskegon Piston Ring Co 
RSCRees Inc 
RSDRisi Industries 
RSHR S Corcoran Co 
RSIReeves Inst Div of Dynamics Corp of America 
RSLStresau Laboratories 
RSNRosan Inc 
RSPRockford Screw Prod Co 
RSSRuoff & Sons Inc 
RSYRailway Specialties Corp 
RTRacal Filter Technologies 
RTCRoland Teiner Co 
RTDRobbins Tool Die & Mfg Co 
RTDNew Stanton Div 
RTFR.t.f. Enterprises 
RTGR & E Tooling & Plastics 
RTIResearch Tool & Die Co Inc 
RTNR & D Machine Tool Inc 
RTOReynolds Metals Co 
RTPRock-tenn Paperboard Products 
RTTCooper Ind Inc Rotor Tool Div 
RTURoberts Automatic 
RTWRehmco Tool Works Inc 
RTXRemtex Inc 
RUDRuberoid Co 
RULRulon Company 
RUSRusco Shipping Supply 
RVARavenna Army Ammunition Plant 
RVBRevere Copper & Brass Foil Division 
RVCReid Avery Co Inc 
RVCRevere Copper & Brass Inc Clinton Div 
RVCRevere Fabricated Metals Products Inc 
RVER V Evans Distributors 
RVMRoss Valve Mfg Co Inc 
RVPRiverbank Army Ammunition Plant 
RWCWurlitzer Co 
RWER W Electronics Corp 
RWFReliable Spring & Wire Forms Co 
RWMRamsey Winch Co 
RWOStone Container Corp Ritchie Div 
RWWRing Screw Wk 
RXCSmall Motors Inc 
RXDRexnord Inc 
RXPNorthrop Corp Ventura Division 
RXPRadioplane Co 
RYAReynolds Aluminum Co 
RYBRaytheon Co Missile System Div – Bristol Plant 
RYCHq Usa Garrison Okinawa Province 
RYCRubbercraft Corp of Ca 
RYDRaytheon Co Missile System Div Bedford Plant 
RYEJ. T. Ryerson & Sons 
RYFRaytheon Co Missile Systems Div 
RYGRaythen Co Industrial Components Div 
RYKRaytheon Co Missile Systems Div – All-up Round Fac 
RYMRaymond Mfg Co Div of Associated Spring Corp 
RYNReynolds Industries Inc 
RYORoyal Ordnance – Small Arms Ltd – Crewe 
RYPRaytheon Co Plastic Plant Aero Weapons Div 
RYRRoyal Ordnance – Small Arms Ltd – Middlesex 
RYSRoyal Ordnance Plant – Ammo Division – Somerset 
RYTRaytheon Systems Company 
RYYRaychem Inc 
RZPR & Z Precision Ind Inc 
RZZRocky Mountain Co Inc 
SNaval Ammunition Depot 
S (in oval)  
SAUnited States Naval Ordnance Facility – Sasebo 
SAASimmonds Precision Prod Inc 
SABGeneral Turbine Corp 
SABSawyer-bailey Corp 
SACShepard Airtronics Inc 
SACShuler Axle Co Inc 
SADSharpe Army Depot 
SADArnold, Schwinn & Co 
SAEStencel Aero Engineering Corp 
SAFSafety Electrical Equipment Corp 
SAGStrite-anderson Mfg Co 
SAHSanchez Enterprises Inc, Gmf Division 
SAISargent Industries 
SAKNew England Div of Maremont Corp 
SAMScott Aviation, Monrovia Div 
SANSandia Indian Industries 
SAOScott Aviation 
SAVSabine Valley Mental Health/rehabilitation Center 
SBNaval Weapons Station – Seal Beach 
SBASpace Dynamics Corp 
SBCDe Sanno Foundry & Machine Co 
SBHSharp Brothers Inc 
SBISiebelair International Inc 
SBKSfeld Engineering Corp 
SBLS. B. Boron Corp 
SBLS.b. Chemicals Ltd 
SBNSabine Corporation 
SBOSan Bernardino Materials Co 
SBOShillington Box & Lumber Co 
SBPSier-bath Gear Co Inc 
SBRSueske Brass & Copper Co 
SBWSherer-bower Box Co 
SBYSeal Bag Co Inc 
SCSteelcot Corp 
SCAAirco Spear Carbon Products Co 
SCACharles. Strelinger Co 
SCBScholle Corp 
SCCSuperior Coach Corp 
SCDScientific Products Division 
SCESteel City Div Midland-ross Corp 
SCFBrockway Standard Inc 
SCFStandard Container Co 
SCGBrockway Standard Inc, Ga 
SCGStandard Coil & Mfg Co 
SCHSechan Electronics Inc 
SCHScholle Corp 
SCIBendix Corp Electronic Components Div, Ny 
SCJS.c. Johnson and Sons 
SCKSmith Creek Products Corp 
SCLSaint Clair Rubber Co 
SCMS C & F Machine Co 
SCMStile Craft Manufacturers Inc 
SCNScott Inc 
SCOScore Inc 
SCPSuperior Carbon Products Inc 
SCRConsolidated Molded Prod Div of Republic Corp 
SCSM. Steinthal & Co Inc 
SCSSeegers Instrument Co 
SCTSpiral Tool Corp 
SCUService Chemical Inc 
SCVScovill Manufacturing Co – Closure Div 
SCWSouthwest Circuitsinc 
SCXStauffer Chemical Co 
SCYSwift Chemical Cal 
SCYStupakoff Ceramics Mfg Co 
SDASimmonds Precision Instrument Co 
SDCSpace Data Corporation 
SDDOrbital Sciences Corp/space Data Div 
SDESpace Ordnance Systems Diamond Engineering Oper 
SDFSpaulding Fibre Co Inc 
SDISolitron Devices Inc Transistor Div 
SDISprague Devices Inc 
SDMScandia Mfg Co Inc 
SDOElectronic Precision Ind Std Precision Div 
SDPSnc Defense Products Ltd 
SDPSnc Industrial Technologies, Inc 
SDQMartin Marietta Chemical 
SDRStandard Rubber Prod 
SDSSouthern Defense Systems, Inc 
SDVSpecial Devices Inc Aerospace Division 
SDYStoody Co 
SDYSkydyne Inc 
SDZSandoz Inc 
SEASeating Craft Inc 
SEBSpecial Devices Inc 
SEBSeneza Brothers 
SECSierra Engineering Co 
SEDSouth Eastern Technology 
SEESeegull Mfg Co 
SEISanchez Enterprises, Inc 
SEKKorea 71st Ordnance Group 
SELBlount Inc, Sporting Equip Div 
SEMSibley Engineering & Manufacturing Co 
SEOBlaw-knox Co Aetna-standard Div 
SEPService Product Corp 
SERSector Tool & Mfg Co Inc 
SERSears Roebuck & Co 
SETSettlers Furniture 
SEUSeals Unlimited 
SEVSoutheast Machine Co 
SEXSecs Inc 
SEYSeymour Prod Corp 
SFASpecial Fabricating Co Inc 
SFBSchofield Barracks 
SFCStephenson Floor Covering 
SFFStauffer Chemical Co 
SFGSteel Improvement & Forge Co 
SFIShape Form Inc 
SFJSanta Fe Manufacturing Co 
SFLSchaefer Tool & Gage Corp 
SFMSolar Flame Inc 
SFRStafford Tool and Mold Inc 
SFSStamping & Fabrications 
SFTSaft America 
SFWSheaffer W.a. Pen Co 
SGJunghans Gmbh (Seedorf) 
SGAStephen Gould Corp 
SGBSilent Glow Corp 
SGCSeagrave Corp Flour City Architect Metals Div 
SGDSafeguard Corp 
SGEShawinigan Product Co 
SGESpalt, Geo & Sons Inc 
SGFScientific Glass Apparatus Co 
SGISherer Gillett Co 
SGKSecurity Signals Inc 
SGLSignode Corp 
SGMStar-glo Rubber Mfg Inc 
SGNE H Sargent & Company 
SGPSaginaw Products Corp 
SGRSyracuse Gauge Co Inc 
SGTSargent & Greenleaf Inc 
SGUSta-rite Ginnie-lou Inc 
SGVSargent-fletcher Co 
SGYSuperior Graphite Co 
SGYSeeger Refrigerator Co 
SGYWhirlpool Corp, Ordnance Div 
SHAShalon-chemical Industries, Ltd 
SHCShreveport Container Corp 
SHDSheldon Machine Company 
SHESheldahl Corp 
SHFStudebaker Corp Schaefer-commercial Refrig. Div 
SHIC Schmidt Company 
SHKShock Tube Systems, Inc 
SHMShallcross Mfg Co 
SHPShepard Thomason Co 
SHRShreveport Rentals 
SHTShamrock Technologies 
SHUSchauer Manufacturing Corp 
SHWSilent Hoist & Crane Co 
SISpencer Manufacturing Co 
SIBGeneral Instrument Corp F W Sickles Div 
SICStone Ind Corp Tubular Prod Inc 
SICStone Industries Clarco 
SIESieg Co 
SIGSpecialty Insulation Mfg Co 
SIISheffield Ind Inc 
SIIImpex Division of Keystone 
SIISuperior Ind Inc 
SIKStatham Instrument Inc 
SILS M M E L Industrie Meccaniche Spa 
SIMSillcocks-miller Co 
SINSava Industries Inc 
SINSintech Inc 
SIPSillcock’s Plastics International 
SIRSpecialisation Industrielle Philippe Rossi 
SISSwiss Prod Co 
SIWSkagit Corp 
SJNaval Weapons Station – St. Juliens Creek Yorktown 
SJCScully-jones Co Subsidiary of Bendis Corp 
SJES & J Engineering & Manufacturing Co 
SJPSchiller-pfeiffer Machine Works 
SJRSajar Plastic Inc 
SJUSamuel Jackson Fusee Co 
SKANew England Division of Maremont Corp 
SKASchinker Mfg Co 
SKEStokes Equipment Div of Pennsalt Chemical Corp 
SKFS K F Industries Inc 
SKISkarda Mfg Co 
SKKS & K Electronics Inc 
SKLSparklet Devices Inc 
SKOStandard Kollsmand Ind Inc 
SKSSmith Skardon T Laboratories 
SKTSpecial Tape 
SKYSkydne Inc 
SLAAlternative to Lethal Specialties Technology 
SLCShur-lok Corp 
SLFSlaymaker Lock Co 
SLISkyline Industries Inc 
SLMStandard Locknut & Lockwasher Inc 
SLNSloane Plastics 
SLOStar-glo Industries Inc 
SLSSecurity Lab Division of J.w. Edgerly & Co 
SLSSt. Louis Butcher’s Supply Co 
SLTSmall Tube Products Co Inc 
SLUSigma Supply Inc 
SLYStanley Works Strapping System 
SMA.O.Smith Corp 
SMBSouthern Mold Builders 
SMCStrombeck Mfg Co 
SMCStorm-vulcan Inc 
SMDCentral Foundry Div General Motor Corp 
SMEStandard Mirror Co Inc 
SMFSignode Corporation 
SMFStar Narrow Fabrics 
SMGSifco Customs Machining 
SMHSmooth-on Inc 
SMIScoieta Metallurgica Italinana 
SMIScandia Mfg Co Inc 
SMISintered Metals Inc 
SMLSentinel Manufacturing Corp 
SMMStandard Machine and Mold 
SMNSavage Mfg Co Corp 
SMPStandard Motor Prod Inc 
SMRSwiss Machine Products Inc 
SMSS & M Swiss Products Inc 
SMTSimon Machine Tool Inc 
SMUSawhill Tubular Product Inc 
SNASanta Barbara Research Center – Goleta 
SNBSanta Barbara Research Center – Santa Maria 
SNCSeneca Falls Machine Co 
SNDSeneca Army Depot 
SNIStanley Chemical Div of Stanley Works 
SNJSavit Corporation 
SNMNorman Scott Co Inc 
SNOStoneco Inc 
SNPSignode Corporation 
SNTSilent Industries Inc 
SNUSt. Clair Rubber Co 
SNZStandard Design Inc 
SOASanders Associates 
SOCSouthwest Machine and Plastic 
SODSavanna Army Depot 
SOESola Elec Div of Sola Basic Inc 
SOFM. Sloane Mfg Co 
SOGKorea-55th Ordnance Company 
SOKDynapac Inc 
SOLSoltam Inc 
SOMSanlo Manufacturing Corp 
SONSonoco Products Co – Sc 
SOOSooner Defense of Florida Inc 
SOPScranton Army Ammunition Plant 
SOSSpace Ordnance Systems Inc 
SOSSteger Furniture Manufacturing Co 
SOTSoutheast Distributor 
SOUSouthwest Tool & Die Co 
SOWSunflower Army Ammunition Plant 
SOZSonoco Products Co – Ok 
SPAHutchens & Son Metal Prod Inc 
SPBSpringborn Lab, Inc 
SPCSouthwest Printed Tape Co 
SPCSpring Perch Co Inc 
SPDShield Pack Inc 
SPDSpeedometer Shop 
SPELoadcraft Inc 
SPFShepard Chemical Co 
SPGSpaco Mfg Inc 
SPGSperry Gyroscope Co Inc 
SPHSpectape of Texas 
SPISupreme Prod Corp 
SPKSpacex Inc 
SPLSt. Louis Aap Chevrolet Motors Div Op Contractor 
SPMStamp Inc 
SPNSps Technologies 
SPNSouthern Precision Spring Co Inc 
SPPSpace Products 
SPQSentry Paint & Chemical Co 
SPRSprague Prod Co 
SPSAuto Steel Prod Inc Spun Steel Div 
SPTTexas Instruments Inc Materials Div 
SPUStemaco Products Inc 
SPUSpectrum Chemical 
SPVSpiveco Inc 
SPWSparton Corp 
SPXSpectrum Chemical 
SPYSparta Inc 
SPZSpecialized Products Co 
SQISaginaw Industries Co 
SQLL. D. Smith Company Inc 
SQSJohn Stortz & Sons Inc 
SRASperry Rand 
SRBStockwell Rubber Co Inc 
SRCStalwart Rubber Co 
SRDSeirra Army Depot 
SRESpring Engineers 
SRGSt. Regis Paper Company 
SRHCascade Cartridge Inc 
SRISherman & Reilly Inc 
SRLSchliecher & Schuell Co 
SRMSilicone Rubber Right 
SROStandard Railway Fusee Corp 
SRPSilicone Rubber Products Inc 
SRPScrew Machine Prod 
SRRSt. Regis Paper Co Container Div 
SRSStandard Register Co 
SRTSta-rite Ginnie-lou Inc 
SRUStar Paper Tube 
SRVServtronics, Inc 
SRWStandard Iron & Wire Works Inc 
SRYSerley Mfg Co 
SRZSinclair & Rush Inc 
SSASpecialty Steel Components Mfg Inc 
SSBSuperior Steel Ball Co 
SSBStrom Steel Ball Co 
SSCSeegers Instrument Co 
SSDSippican Corp – the Ocean System Div 
SSGSaginaw Steering Gear Div of General Motors Corp 
SSIStm Master Seal Inc 
SSJSsi – Sintered Specialties 
SSMSet Screw Mfg Co 
SSMSaginaw Sheet Metal Parts Corp 
SSPSolar Spring Co 
SSRW.h. Salisbury & Company 
SSSSuperior Slide Stamping 
SSSStandard Steel Spring Co 
SSTSeibert & Sons Inc 
SSVStanley Spring Works Inc 
SSWSwiss Products Inc 
SSYShattuck S.w. Chemical Co 
STAStandard Armament Company 
STAStevens, J Arms Co Div Savage Army Corp 
STBThe Stalwart Rubber Co 
STCSurvival Technology Corp 
STDStanley Aviation Corporation 
STEStandard Container Co 
STFGeneral Time Corp Westclox Div Thomaston Plant 
STGStandard Register Co 
STHStratotech Company 
STHSeattle Hardware Co 
STISaber Tech Corp 
STISterling Mfg Corp 
STKStocker Wood Prod 
STKSafety Step Co 
STLStanley Machining & Tool 
STMStar Machine & Tool Co 
STNScott Aviation – Ca 
STOStandard-coosa Thatcher 
STPStarro Precision Products Inc 
STRStratotech Co 
STSSomers Thin Strip 
STTP Sturtevant Company 
STUStar Paper Tube Co 
STVThe Stevens Band Paper Co Inc 
STWStevens Walden Inc 
STXStanley Industrial Components Div Stanley Works 
STYSti Manufacturing Group Inc 
stylized “S”Shumaker Naval Ammunition DepotCamden AR
STZSpecialized Products Co 
SUUnited States Naval Magazine – Subic Bay 
SUASuprenant Mfg Co 
SUDSioux Army Depot 
SULSuperior Tool & Grinding Co 
SUNSunoco Products Co 
SUPSuperior Tool Co 
SUXGeorge S. Scott Mfg Co Inc 
SVCStevens Co 
SVDService Hard Chromium Co 
SVHService Machine Co Inc 
SVIStevens Industries 
SVNScott Aviation 
SVOSporlan Valve Co 
SVPSpiveco Incorporated 
SVTServtech Plastics Inc 
SVWSwevco Inc 
SVZChicago Quandrill Co 
SWStewart Warner Corp 
SWAH & S Swanson’s Tool Co 
SWCStewart Warner Corp S. Wind Div 
SWCShaw Walker Co 
SWDSimplex Wire & Cable Co 
SWEStringer Weldingand Machining Inc 
SWHScheels, Wm. H. Inc 
SWISwank Inc 
SWJW. J. Schoenberger Company Inc 
SWLStewart Warner Corp 
SWMS. S. White Co Div of Pennsalt Chemical Corp 
SWNS. S. White Company Ind Ind Div 
SWOS. W. Electronics & Mfg Corp 
SWPSmith and Wesson PyrotechnicsJefferson, OH
SWRSmith & Wesson 
SWSStrapex/weld Loc Systems 
SWTSwisstronics Inc 
SWXAstor Wax Corp 
SWXSouthern Wac Co., Inc 
SXCProctor-silex Co 
SXEHunter Mfg Co 
SXMSwiss Master Corp 
SXSS & S Corrugated Paper Machine Co Inc 
SXVStaples Mfg Co 
SYCSycamore Precision 
SYDSanymetal Prod Co 
SYLGte Sylvania Inc 
SYNSyntron Div of Fmc Corp 
SYOSymington of Seattle 
SYPSylvania Elec Prod Inc Buffalo Oper. of Sylvania 
SYTStripmatic Prod Inc 
SYXStanley Spring & Stamping 
SZCSandoz Chemical Corp 
SZEGray Dictation System Div Gray Mfg Co 
SZOSzemco Inc 
SZSSos Industries 
SZZSandoz Chemical Corp 
SZZMartin Marietta Chemical 
TACTalley Ind Inc 
TACTalley Industries Inc.Mesa, AZ
TADTartan Industries 
TAFTaylor Fibre Co 
TAHThomas Arthur H. Company 
TAITriple Machine Shop Inc 
TALTalon Inc 
TAMM.a.t.t. Co 
TANTracor Aerospace Inc 
TAPTape Products Co 
TAQAtlas Safety Equipment Co Inc 
TARTaher Inc 
TASTeledyne Aerospace Div 
TATTatum Auto Parts 
TBThomas & Betts Co Inc 
TBCTaylor Brothers Co 
TBRTabor Burns Co 
TBYTobyhanna Army Depot 
TCTwin Disc Inc 
TCATri-con Mfg Inc 
TCCThomas Co Inc 
TCHThiokol Chemical Corp Huntsville Div 
TCITornomatic Co Inc 
TCLThiokol Corp Ordnance Operations – Longhorn Div 
TCMTexas Container Mfg Co 
TCOTape Con Inc 
TCPTompkins Products 
TCRElectronic Specialty Co Ct Div 
TCSTaylor S.g. Chain Company Inc 
TCTTri-cities Tool & Die 
TCWThomas P.a. Car Works Inc 
TDATd Associates Inc 
TDCThermo-dies Inc 
TDITechni-dyne Inc 
TDSTexas Instruments Inc Defense Supply & Elect Group 
TDYTitan Dynamics 
TEBThe Ensign-bickford Co – Ky 
TECTecstar Inc 
TEFQuadratec Inc 
TEHTechnical Plastics Corp 
TEIT & E Industries Inc 
TEKTextek Plastics 
TELTechnical Plastics Corp 
TEMTeledyne Electro-mechanism 
TENTecnum Corp 
TEOTemco Electronics & Missile Co 
TEPTexas Paper Box Mfg 
TERTechnical Rubber Inc 
TESTexstar Plastics 
TEUTerra-space Inc 
TEXTexas Instrument Inc Semi-conductor Comp Div 
TFTaft-pierce Mfg Co 
TFATrois Fontaines Army Ammunition Depot 
TFCThomas Coupling Div of Rex Chaimbelt Inc 
TFITyco Fastening Products Inc 
TFNTaylor and Fenn Co 
TFOU.s. Army Ammunition Plant – Trois Fontaines 
TFPTaylor Forge & Pipe Works 
TFSTeledyne Firth Sterling 
TFYThe Foundry Inc 
TGITechnical Product Group Inc – Intellitec Div 
TGRTarget Research Inc 
THATamfg Corp 
THCThrush, H.a. & Co 
THDThompson Hayward Co 
THETechnical Sales Inc 
THFAtlantic Ind Inc 
THITally-ho Plastics Inc 
THMTerre Haute Malleable & Mfg Corp 
THOC H Thomas Company Inc 
THPThomas Hayward Chemical 
THRThorson Chemical Corp 
THSThiokol Corp – Aerospace Group 
THTThermotech Div of Menasha Corp 
TITiteflex Div of Atlas Corp 
TIATracor Incorporated 
TICTragacanth Importing Co 
TIIThomson Ind Inc 
TIKTurnmasters Inc 
TIMThomas Instrument and Machine Co., Inc 
TINTemco Inc 
TISTamms Industries Co 
TIVActiv Industries, Inc 
TIYTamms Ind Co 
TJCTrojan Corporation 
TJJTalley Defense Systems – Joliet Aap 
TKTempleton Kenly & Co 
TKBThiokol Chemical Corp – Wasatch Div 
TKCThiokol Chemical Corp – Ga 
TKLThiokol Chemical Corp – Bristol Div 
TKOTechnical Ordnance Inc 
TLATinsley Lab Inc 
TLDTeledyne Place 
TLGTlg Inc 
TLITeldex Industries Inc 
TLLThiokol Corp Ordnance Operation – Louisiana Div 
TLPWhitaker Corp Instrumentation System Div 
TLXTelex Inc 
TMTrippe Mfg Co 
TMATimmerman Corp 
TMCTube Manifold Corp 
TMDTrojan Div Intermineral & Chemical Corp 
TMEThuro Metal Products 
TMGTri-state Mfg Co Inc 
TMITruelove & Maclean Inc 
TMLThermex Metallurgical Inc 
TMMTitan Metal Mfg Co Div of Cerro Corp 
TMPTorr Metal Products 
TMRTool Masters Inc 
TMSTowle Machine Service Inc 
TMTBooth Plastics 
TMWTextile Machine Works 
TNCTracor Aerospace Inc – North Carolina Operation 
TNPTinnerman Prod Inc 
TNSAerojet Ordnance Co 
TNZThe New Zink Co 
TOCJ. W. Devers & Sons Inc 
TODTooele Army Depot 
TOHTohickon Tool & Die Co 
TOOToolcraft Inc 
TOPTopcraft Precision Molders 
TORToro Mfg Corp 
TOSTechnical Ordnance Inc 
TOWTowmotor Corp 
TPThompson Prod Inc 
TPATeledyne Power Alloys 
TPCTool Prod Co 
TPETapemark Co 
TPFMc Donnell Douglas Astronautics 
TPGTitus Packaging 
TPHTpl, Inc 
TPITuscarora Plastics Inc – Il 
TPKTexas Packaging Co Inc 
TPLTuscarora Plastics Inc – Pa 
TPMTechnology Products Mfg Co 
TPPThe Print Shop 
TPRTri-products Inc 
TPSTeer Plating Co 
TQAIci Americas Inc 
TRCTriangle Rubber Co Inc 
TRD3m Decatur Plant 
TRGThe Rubber Group 
TRITrico Prod Corp 
TRLTracor Aerospace Inc – Laredo Operation 
TRMTrue Machine 
TROTro Mfg Co 
TRPTriplex Engineering Oc 
TRSTubular Rivet & Stud Div Townsend Co 
TRTPetro-chem Inc 
TRUAmerican Chain & Cable Co – American Cable Div 
TRWTrw Inc 
TRXTriplex Ind Inc 
TRYAllis Chalmers Mfg Co – Construction Machine Div 
TRZTaas- Israel Industries Ltd 
TSTroy Sunshade Co Div of Hobart Mfg Co 
TSATapeswitch Corp of America 
TSATesting Apparatus Co Inc 
TSCThomas Closure Corp 
TSDGeneral Defense Corp 
TSETool Service Engineering Co 
TSGTony’s Sporting Goods 
TSITechnical Systems Inc 
TSLTechnical Marketing 
TSMThinsheet Metals Co 
TSNTape Specialists Inc 
TSPTriple S Plastics Inc 
TSRThermo-serv Inc 
TSSTeledyne Systems Co 
TSWT.s.w. Industries Inc 
TSYTaylor-smith Inc 
TSZTexas Seal Supply Co Inc 
TTDTipper Tie Inc 
TTLAttleboro Printing Co 
TTPTemtex Prod Inc 
TTSTrenton Textiles Engineering & Mfg Co 
TTTItt Thermotech 
TTTThunderbolt Tool Inc 
TUBTubes and Cores Inc 
TUETurner Engineering Inc 
TULTulsa Screw Prod Co Inc 
TUNTungsten, L.i. 
TUSTuscarora Inc 
TUWTusco Wood Products 
TWTwin Cities Army Ammunition Plant 
TWATeledyne Wah Chang – Albany 
TWATwin Cities Army Ammunition Plant 
TWCTeledyne Wah Chang – Huntsville 
TWHTaylor-wharton Co Div of Harsco Corp 
TWLTwl Industris Inc 
TWMThomas Wire and Manufacturing Corp 
TWNTownsend Co Engineered Fasterners Div 
TWPTechnical Wire Prod Inc 
TWWTwinplex Mfg Co 
TWXTwinplex Mfg Co 
TWYTwin City Automatic Inc 
TXCTexas Crown Chemicals 
TXMTexas Mill Supply Companies 
TXXTexberry Container 
TYTaylor Instrument Co 
TYCTyco Air Specs Div 
TYETyron Engineering 
TYLTaylor Corp 
TZTexas Foundries Inc 
TZIsrael Military Ind – Nazareth Illit, Israel 
TZCTaas Israel Ind Ltd – Chemical Plant, Israel 
TZMTaas Israel Ind Ltd – Tzoref Plant 
TZZTaas Israel Ind Ltd – Yitzhack Ammo, Israel 
UACUnited Ammunition Container Corp 
UAMUniversal Auto Machine Inc 
UAMUnique Art Mfg Co 
UAMCOUniversal Automatic Machine Co.Marshall, TX
UAPUnited Aircraft Prod Inc 
UATUnited Ammunition Container Corp 
UBCUnited Screw & Bolt Corp 
UBTUniversal Brass Turning Co Inc 
UCUnited Carr Fastener Corp 
UCAUnion Canvas Goods Co 
UCBUnion Carbide Corp – Tx 
UCCUnion Container Corp 
UCDUnion Carbide Corp – Specialty Chemicals Div 
UCHUnited Chemical Corp.Lancaster, PA
UCLUnion Camp Corp 
UCMHewitt-robins Inc Div of Litton Ind Inc 
UCNU S Can Corp 
UCPUnion Container Corp 
UCRUnion Carbide Corp Consumer Prod Div – Vt 
UCRUnion Carbide Corp Carbon Prod Div – Ny 
UCSUnion Carbide Corp – Large Scale Pilot Facility 
UDGUnited Dessicants Gates 
UDMUniversal Drafting Machine Corp 
UEEUnlimited Enterprises Export Import Inc 
UEFUnited Engineering & Foundry Co 
UFDUtah Flare Division Thiokol Chemical 
UFEUfe Corp 
UFFUff Machine Co 
UFGUniversal Mfg Co Inc 
UFMU.s. Felt Mfg Co 
UFSUnited States Forgecraft Corp 
UGDUnited States Army Leghorn General Depot 
UHU S M Corp Fastener Div 
UHCUnion Hardware Co 
UICUs Ind Chemical Inc 
UIQU S Industrial Chemical Co Div of Nat’l Dist & Cmt 
ULCUnisol Chemical Corp 
UMCUnited Metal Cabinet Corp Holly Divv 
UMCUnion Mfg Co 
UMHUmc Inc 
UMIUnited Mineral Corp 
UMOUniversal Match Corp.Phoenix, AZ
UMPUmc Ind Inc Unidynamics Phoenix Div – Ca 
UNARaybestos-manhattan Inc 
UNCUnion Camp Corp Harchem Div – Nj 
UNDUndersea Sensor Systems, Inc 
UNIUnion Camp Corp Harchem Div – Fl 
UNLUnited Seal Co 
UNLUniroyal Chemical 
UNMUnity Mfg Co 
UNNUnion Carbide 
UNOUneco Inc 
UNPUniversal Propulsion Company 
UNSUnited States Safety Service Co 
UNTUnited Technologies 
UNVUniversal Match Corp 
UNVUniversal Match CorpPhoenix, AZ
UODUmatilla Ordnance Depot,Hermiston OR
UPCUniversal Welder Corp. 
UPCOUniversal Propulsion CorpFairfield CA
UPDU S Powder Co 
UPHUnidynamics Phoenix Ind 
UPIUnited Plating, Inc 
UPOAliamanu Military Reservation 
UPRUrethane Products 
UPSUniversal – Spc Inc 
UQMUniversal Quality Mfg Co 
USAU.s. Tape & Label Corp 
USBUnited Space Booster Inc 
USBU S Industrial Chemical 
USCU S Stoneware Inc 
USDU S Safety Service 
USEPiper Impact Inc 
USEPiper Industries 
USEU S Electrical Tool Co 
USFSusquehanna Corp Ord Div Flare N. Dept 
USGU S Gauge Div American Machine & Metals Inc 
USHHoffman International Corp 
USIUnited States Industrial Chemical Co 
USIQuantum Chemical Corp/usi Div 
USJUnited Seal & Rubber Co 
USKU S Steel Products Div of U S Steel Corp 
USLUnidynamics – St. Louis Inc 
USMU S Components Corp 
USMU S Motors Corp 
USNU S Products Corp 
USOUnited States Testing Co Inc 
USPUnited States Plywood Corp 
USRUniroyal Inc – Joliet Aap 
USSWestinghouse Air Brake Co Signal & Comm Div 
USTUnited States Time Corp 
USUUnited States Sypsum Co 
USWUs Automatics Inc 
USXUss Chemical 
USYU S Steel Supply 
USZU.s. Connector and Ordnance Inc 
UTCUnited Technoloties Corp/chemical System 
UTDUnion Card Div Utd Corp 
UTIUnitec Inc 
UTPUnited Terex Inc 
UXEUngar Elec Tools Div of Eldon Nd 
UXIUnion Insulating Co 
VARoyal Ind Engineered Prod Div 
VAVardi Inc 
VACVaco Prod Co 
VADVapor Corp 
VAHVoi-shan Mfg Co 
VAIVictor Aviation Industries Inc 
VALAccurate Forming Corp 
VAMVirginia Mfg Co Inc 
VANVal Ind Inc 
VASVersatil Associates Inc 
VATVatronics Inc 
VAVVav Screw & Tool Machine Co Inc 
VBCVan Brode Milling Co 
VBMVapor Blast Mfg Co 
VBOVictory Button Co 
VBRVan Bar 
VBYValley Bolt Co 
VCGVictor Gasket Div of Dana Corp 
VCHVapor Corp 
VCOVan Dee Company 
VCTVector Elect Company Inc 
VDOVedovelli Inc 
VEItt Lamp Div Vulcan Elec Oper 
VECVance Engineering Co Inc 
VELVellumoid Div Federal-mogul Corp 
VENVenus Controls Corp 
VERVerco Ind 
VFIVelcon Filters Inc 
VFPValley Forge Prod 
VGDana Corp Victor Div 
VGAVan Guard Industries Inc – Al 
VGIVan Guard Industries Inc – Pa 
VGTVought Corp Multiple Launch Rkt Sys Div 
VIBVibrationics Laboratories Inc 
VIKViking Tool & Machine Corp 
VILVillaume Box & Lumber Co 
VINVictoreen Instrument Co Inc 
VIPVibration Isolation Prod Inc 
VITVinyl Technology Inc 
VIZCurtis Mfg Co Visioneering-bunnel Div 
VLVlchek Tool Co 
VLAVal Industries 
VLCVoltube Corp 
VLEValcor Engineering Corp 
VLIValimet Inc 
VLLValley Industrial Products 
VLOVar-loc-01d Chem 
VLPVulcan Lead Products 
VLTValentec Product Development Center 
VMAValentec International Corp – Milan Aap 
VMCViking Machine Corp 
VMCVimco Mfg Co 
VMIValentec International Corp – Iowa Aap 
VMKValentec International Corp – Kansas Aap 
VMPValley Metallurgical Proc Co 
VMSValentec International Corp – Mississippi Aap 
VMTMorton International 
VMTMorton Thiokol – Ventron 
VNVan Norman Machine Co 
VNMVanpak Prod Minneapolis Plant 
VNPVan Pack Prod Inc 
VOCVought Corp 
VOGVogel Tool Engineering Inc 
VOLVolunteer Army Ammunition Plant 
VOSVoss Industries 
VPCVac Pac Inc 
VPIVermont Plastics Inc 
VPLValentec Pohlman, Inc 
VPOValentec Pohlman, Inc 
VPPViking Products Inc 
VRVortox Co 
VRCVip Rubber Co 
VREV-r Electronics Inc 
VRNVarian Palo Alto Tube Div 
VROVaro Defense Prod Div Varo Inc 
VRTR.t. Vanderbilt Co Inc 
VSDHughes Missile System Co 
VSIValley Swiss Inc 
VSRValentec Systems Inc C/o Radford Aap 
VSSValentec Systems Inc – Nj 
VTCVoleske Tool Co 
VTIVinyl Technology, Inc 
VTMVictory Manufacturing Co 
VTOValiant Tool Co 
VTRVentron Co Metal Hydrides Div 
VUTVulcan Tech Inc 
VVEVer-val Enterprises, Inc 
VWWhitman & Barnes Div of United & Greenfield Corp 
VWRVan Waters & Rogers 
VWTVan Waters & Rogers 
VXBarnes Drill Co 
VXOVertex Co 
VXPVari Products Company Inc 
VYPulmossan Safety Equipment Co Corp 
VZMViz Mfg Co Inc 
WAArmy Materials & Mech Research Center 
WAAWard Automatics 
WABWabash River Ordnance Works 
WACWindsor Airmotive Corp 
WADTaylor, W & Co 
WAFWeber Aircraft Div of Walter Kidde & Co Inc 
WAGWagner Awning & Mfg Co 
WAIWald Ind Inc 
WALWaldman Corporation 
WAMStandard Screw Co Western Div 
WATWatson Standard Co 
WATWaterbury Tool Div 
WAWWheaton Inc 
WBWest Bend Co 
WBWillard Storage Battery Co 
WBAWest Bend Aluminum Co 
WBCWaterbury Companies Inc 
WBDWaterbury Buckle Co 
WBHWest Bend Co Hartford Div 
WBZWilliams Bowman Rubber Co 
WCWeston Inst Inc Weston Instr Div 
WCATeledyne Wah Change Corp 
WCCOlin Mathieson Chemical Corp Winchester Western Div 
WCCOlin Corp Brass Group & Winchester Div 
WCDWhittaker, Clark & Daniels – Ny 
WCEWaterbury Contract Eyelets & Stamping Inc 
WCIWhittaker, Clark & Daniels Inc – Nj 
WCLGeneral Time Canada Ltd 
WCMWaltham Precision Inst Inc Waltham Div 
WCOWeyerhaeuser Co 
WCSWashington Chemical Sales Inc 
WDAWard-davis Inc 
WDCWise Die Casting Corp 
WDIWoodrow-dare Inc 
WDLWoodland Contractor Co 
WEWestinghouse Elec Corp 
WEWeber Engine 
WEAWarren Elec 
WECWestern Elec Co Inc 
WEDWestinghouse Elec Corp Aerospace Div 
WEEWatlow Elec Co of California 
WEHWestinghouse Elec Corp Ind Plastic Div 
WEIWoerner Engineering Inc 
WEIWebco Industries Inc 
WELWelch Military Pkg Supply 
WEPWright Eng Plastics Inc 
WERWerzburg Brothers Inc 
WESWeco Engineering Supply Co 
WESInland Automatics 
WETWeber Tackle Co 
WFBAcme Stamping & Wire Forming Co 
WFFTextron Inc Waterbury Farrel Div 
WFMWolverine Fabricating & Mfg Co Inc 
WFPWestern Molede Fiber Prod Inc 
WFSFrank W Winne and Son Inc 
WFWWestern Felt Works 
WFYWaltz Furnace Co 
WGWyman Gordon Co 
WGWarner Gear Div 
WGCWagner Castings Co 
WGKElliot Co Wiedepe Plant Div of Carrier Corp 
WGMWest Georgia Mills Inc 
WGNWaggoner, C P Sales Co 
WHWeatherhead Co 
WHIWhitney Metal Tool Co 
WHKWhitehead & Kales Co 
WHMWilson-hurd Mfg Co Inc 
WHNWillow Hill Ind Inc 
WHPH P White Laboratory Inc 
WHXWhirlpool Corp Ordnance Div 
WHZWhitehead Metals Inc 
WIBWilbraham Mfg Corp 
WICWarren Machine Company Inc 
WIEWinchester Elec Div Litton Ind Inc 
WILWil-jo Mfg Co 
WIMWilliamson Inst Mach 
WINWingate Depot Activity 
WIOWest Tool 
WIRWire Products Co., Inc 
WITWittronics Mfg Inc 
WJBKorea-696th Ordnance Co 
WJUSaact6, Korea 
WKKidde Walter & Co Inc 
WKCWisconsin Knitting Co 
WKDKidde Walter Aerospace Div 
WKRKratt William Company 
WKZWalz & Krenzer Inc 
WLDWaldo Mfg Co Inc 
WLEWard Leonard Elec Co 
WLFWilshire Foam Products 
WLLWilliamson Dist Corp 
WLTWeld Tech 
WLWWallace Electronics 
WMWells Marine Inc 
WMCWoodlawn Mfg Co 
WMDWilliam M. Drach 
WMEWeber Machine Corp 
WMFWalker Mach & Foundry Corp 
WMGWorth Mfg Co 
WMIWabash Magnetics 
WMIWinner Mfg Co Inc 
WMJWilliamson Co 
WMKWeber Marking Systems 
WMKWell-met Co 
WMLWalker Machine Products Inc 
WMMWelch Military Packaging Supply 
WMPWarner Machine Prod Inc 
WMSWire Metal Specialties 
WMTWestern Machine Tool Works 
WMWWilliamson Metal Works 
WMZWilkinson Mfg Co Inc 
WNCWayne Novalty Corp 
WOCWitco Chemical 
WODFort Wingate Army Depot 
WOLWallace O Leonard Inc 
WOMWolverine Metal Stampings 
WONWoodlawn Mfg Co 
WOOWoodland Container Co 
WOSWood Shop 
WOWNaval Surface Weapons Center – Silver Spring 
WPWorthington Corp 
WPAWoodside Precisionic Div Penn-akron Corp 
WPAWhitin, Paul Mfg Co 
WPCWarren Packaging Corp 
WPCWayne Pump Co 
WPDWilson Prod Div Elec Storage Battery Co 
WPFChemical Research & Develop Cntr White Phos – Apg 
WPIWire Products Inc 
WPPWilshire Phone Prod Inc 
WPRWynn’s Precision Rubber Inc 
WPSWaltham Precision Instruments 
WPYWorthington Prod Co 
WRAOlin Mathieson Chemical Corp Winchester-western Div 
WRCWestern Rubber Co 
WRIWright Chem Corp 
WRKWire Rope Cord of America Inc 
WRLWestmoreland Metal Mfg Co 
WRNWarren-nicholson Co 
WROWalkerbilt Woodwork Inc 
WRPWright Corp 
WRWWall Rope Work Inc 
WSAThe Wilson Arms Co 
WSCWaltham Screw Co Inc 
WSFWilshire Food Products 
WSIL.w. Schneider Inc 
WSNWheelock Signals Inc 
WSPFairbanks Morse Inc Pump Div 
WSPWestco Works Co 
WSRRoscoe, W.j. 
WSSS S White Industries Div 
WSTWestbrook Co 
WSTJ.d. Winchester Co 
WSVJohn S Wood Company 
WTAWatkins Associates, Inc 
WTDWhitman Tool & Die Co 
WTHWestern Screw Mach Co 
WTPWorcester Taper Pin Co 
WTXWestclox Div General Time Corp 
WVWisconsin Motor Corp 
WVEWavetronics Inc 
WVKWilhelm Von Kinch 
WVTWolverine Tue Div Calument & Hecla Corp 
WWWinter-weiss Co 
WWCWaltham Clock Co Inc Precision Comp Div 
WWEWoerner Engineering Inc 
WWIWentworth & Irwin Inc 
WWMWaltham Clock Co Inc 
WWOWarren Wire Co 
WWPWestern Wire Products Co 
WWXWinslow Filter Corp 
WYBWestberg Mfg Co 
WYCWyomissing Corp 
WYLWyle Laboratories 
WYMWestern Filament 
WZBWurzburg Brothers Inc 
WZLWyle Laboratories 
XACAmerican Plastics Co 
XCCAmerican Cyanamid Co Calco Chemical Div 
XCMCanadian Commercial Corp 
XICX-tyal International Corp 
XMFMartin Machine Works Inc 
XMMMartin Machine Works Inc 
XSMSchiller Mfg Co 
XSTStraza Industries 
XWCWitco Chemical Co Inc 
XWSUnited Wire & Supply Corp 
YALYale Engineering Co 
YCCChamberlain Mfg Corp 
YECYardney Elec Corp 
YHMYankee Hill Machine Co 
YKEYork Eng Corp 
YOUnited States Fleet Activities – Yokosuka, Japan 
YPGYuma Proving Ground 
YPPY P Products Inc 
YRYoung Radiator Co 
YSYost Superior Co 
YSDYoungstown Steel Door Co 
YSEYoungstown Steel Door Co Elmira Div 
YSEYouse, E.s. Co Inc 
YTGmc Truck & Coach Div General Motors 
YTNaval Weapons Station – Yorktown 
YTLYork Tape & Label Corp 
YUFisher Scientific 

A special thanks to: Mr. Bergflak and Mr. Lynn for contributing valuable information to the manufactures list.